A well-known saying goes ‘There’s more than meets the eye’ and it’s universally acknowledged that these words are true.

Even with objective facts there are several perspectives we can see them from. So it’s understandable why ethereal entities like cosmic beings are significantly harder to apprehend.

Because people are usually just scrapping the surface when it comes to the hidden truths of the Universe. And when they do find the truth, they get scared and back off.

That being said, this article seeks to prepare you for receiving these truths with open arms. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the cosmic beings?


Situated within the constellation of Taurus, the Pleiades cluster is host to the Pleiadian beings of light.

cosmic beings

This evolved species carries information regarding the future stages of humankind and the Universe and is able to transfer it at high frequencies. Contact with the Pleiadians can bring humans closer to the purest origins of light and unabridged wisdom.


Coming from an energy gateway called Arcturus, Arcturians are an ancient civilization of extraterrestrial entities.

Their main scope as an advanced extraterrestrial people is to bring and maintain peace across galaxies, mainly through healing and spiritual ascension. Their chosen medium for spreading healing energies is represented by healing crystals placed in spiritually-charged places across the earth.

Celestial Beings

Also known as angels or angelic beings, these entities are incarnations of purity and goodwill, as well as intermediaries between heaven and earth.

cosmic beings

Because they are universal representations of light, many spiritual movements have given them various interpretations and visual/symbolistic representations.

Regardless of these representations, individuals all across the world have got into contact with these cosmic beings who revealed themselves in visions. Their purpose is to protect and warn certain enlightened people of particularly dangerous occurrences.

Crystal Children

Known under the name of Indigo Children, these cosmic beings are actually human beings endowed with superior gifts of capturing high frequencies. 

More often than not, they are providential catalysers who power up their fellow humans, enable revolutions and evolution of humankind and operate shifts in consciousness.

Star seeds

Although they live on our planet in human form, star seeds are actually coming from different planets, universes and  existential dimensions.

They are inter-dimensional souls which have been reincarnated into human form, without possessing any remembrance of their past experience or wisdom.

However, these will manifest throughout their lives at a subconscious level, guiding their existence by powerful intuitive instincts.

Where can you find these beings? Truth is, each one of us is a star seed, we just need to unearth our light in order to realize that.

Are Cosmic Beings Part of Your Universe?

If you’ve ever experienced unexplainable events or visions, you are among the fortunate humans who have been contacted by superior celestial entities.

Have you listened to them? Have you looked further into your soul after these experiences?

If so, you’re on your path to rediscovering your star seed nature and extra-sensory gifts.

If not, it’s time that you start listening to your inner voice so as to allow cosmic beings be a part of your spiritual revival.

Maybe you don’t know how to initiate this journey and to connect with the ethereal entities. In which case, it’s good to know that you can start with energy healing and meditation sessions.

Stay tuned for more posts wherein such enlightening insights will be revealed.


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