Your light body is made out of various structures of light and it brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Light body activation occurs when infusions of light make an impact on our bodies and changes happen in our physiology. Certain cells are being activated, which leads to reorganizing the molecular structure and to allow our body to express itself freely.

During the activation, we may experience certain shifts, such as changes in our physical well-being, the emotional state, behaviours, core beliefs and thoughts.

Light body activation is all about moving towards love, opening our heart and essentially finding the answer to this question: What does your soul seek?

I believe that ultimately, we all want to find out the truth, but we have to be willing to accept it.

Let’s find out how activating your light body will transform your life.

light body activation

How Light Body Activation Can Change Your Life

  • You will develop your intuition. This also means you will become more connected to what’s going on in your heart.
  • Your meditations sessions will become deeper. If in the beginning, it was hard for you to concentrate during meditation, now you find it easy to shut your mind and do it for a longer period of time without interruption.
  • You will unlock the power of your Third Eye. If you couldn’t see with your Third Eye before, after the light body activation, you will be able to do so and use it to interpret the energy which is around you.
  • You will improve your creative abilities. Your mind will have this need of creating constantly like you’ve never done this before.
  • You will become more aware of your purpose. In return, this will bring you so much joy because people who haven’t found their purpose yet are not living the life they want and so they can’t be happy.
  • You will release toxic emotions. Repressed or unresolved emotions are damaging your spirit and body. By releasing them, you will eliminate suffering from your life.
  • You will undergo permanent relief. Negative emotions can manifest themselves as physical illnesses and so after light body activation, you may even experience permanent relief.
  • You will refresh your thoughts and belief system. Your brain will go through a detox, if you will. You will change your belief system and your thoughts and it will become aligned with your purpose in life you’ve just found.
  • You will attract people of similar frequencies. If before the activation you couldn’t quite connect with the people you wanted to, now you will attract individuals who are similar to you and with whom you share the same traits.
  • You will improve your manifestation abilities. You can shape your own reality because your mind is like a mirror. You can manifest whatever you want in your life to uplift your consciousness.

light body activation

Transform Your Life. Heal Your Soul

After all this time, humanity is starting to wake up.

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