Light language is the language of your soul. It is pure love flowing through you as you become more open to the embrace of the divine. Open your heart and soul to the love of the universe and the phenomenal healing power of light language.

Continue reading this article discover how you can use light language as part of your energy healing toolkit for healing, DNA activation, soul reconnection, past life work, Earth healing, and so much more.

How Energy Healing Works

Ancient knowledge contained in the records of past great human civilisations in Egypt, South America, India and elsewhere show that energy healing was fully adopted as medicine alongside other healing techniques, including ancient light languages, to promote and maintain health and wellbeing. This is achieved by allowing divine healing energy to flow into the subtle energy networks and light body of a patient and let the healing do its work. You trust the healing energy with your heart and soul whilst having a pure intention.

Your human body is a holistic system of energy interacting with energy. Your energy field is intelligent, and it communicates with light codes and light language that regulate your health, healing, and wellbeing. If you suffer from a physical disease, then this will be reflected in the health of your electromagnetic energy field as well as your emotional and mental makeup. When your energy field is balanced and your light body is healthy you will experience great health, increased vitality, and guided thoughts, words, and actions.

How Light Language Works

Light language begins with the point of creation, the zero point. In the beginning there was sound and energy in motion dancing the rhythm of space (a stage), time (motion), and evolution (change). As the universe unfolded, it communicates with different parts of itself in a higher dimension beyond the physical. This dance of the universe evolves into light language and more and more complex processes appear as the universe ages and evolves. Light language is the original language of oneness now expressing the countless variations of existence all connected to the source.

Human languages only capture a fraction of the majesty of your soul. Modern languages like English and French only express a single frequency of your soul. They are quite limited and fail to fully express your multi-faceted soul. Even the more advanced languages of music, mathematics, and science only convey two or three dimensions of your soul. To fully express your soul you can speak, write, and draw using your soul language, the light language of your soul. Then you are aligned with your soul and the universe. Now let the love, power, and healing flow through you.

Every human being can channel from spirit. We all have the potential to speak and understand light language. It is the powerful high vibration, high frequency language of the universe and of your guides, angels, and extra-terrestrial healers. You are an eternal divine being awakening to your soul’s purpose from the sleep of amnesia. Go deep within and explore your sovereign truth. Then you will create a new life that is aligned with your soul frequency. When you do this, you will also unlock or remember your soul’s light languages.

Everyone has different spirit guides and angels helping them so the light language of each soul will be different. You will speak, sing, and write in many light languages when you connect with different guides, angels, and healing energies. When you become a channel for light language, allow the energy to flow and express itself and your divine healers will do the rest.

Light Codes and Light Language for Healing

You can experience energy healing in many ways. These include sound, touch, and visually with light codes, geometry, and mathematics. This becomes light language when you express it verbally, in writing, or by using sign language with your hands. Your DNA, heart and soul completely understand the ancient knowledge and wisdom that you are receiving or transmitting. So, you don’t need to know or understand the meaning behind the symbols, sounds, gestures, and dances that you experience when transmitting or receiving light language.

When using light language with energy healing, you may speak a variety of light languages with alien sounding words, songs, chants, pulses, tones, and clicks. You may also be aware of the content or meaning within the light language, or picture specific light codes that you can write or draw, but you may not be consciousness of this when your light language stops. You let go without thinking or analysing, and merely observe the stream of light and information. Without interrupting this flow of light, you can take mental pictures and create artwork after the light language transmission ends.

Energy Healing Techniques using Light Language

You can be your own healer by taking charge of your healing. Write down or say out loud what your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs are. Repeat the process of setting your intention until your intention is crystal clear and focussed like a laser. Then connect with your soul and feel pure love in your heart. Then ask your guides and the universe to channel the healing light codes and language frequencies into your energy field for the purpose of your greatest healing.

You can even set your intention to deepen your experience of energy healing, light language, and light codes. You may want to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding through the information returned to you in the form of light language. You may ask about light language activations, your guardian angels, past lives, different spiritual worlds, different types of divine beings, connecting with different beings and dimensions, integrating light language into your life, synthesizing energy healing with multiple streams of codes, etc.

When working with a client for energy healing and light language activations, always ask them to set their intention for their healing. If you are offering light language healings and activations for other souls, you should always offer a consultation before a light language transmission followed by a review or summary of what came through.

It is important when working with clients that you remain recharged when you work with light language, energy healing, or any form of psychic work. Meditation and energy work such as yoga and qigong will charge you beforehand, and you can also recharge by focusing on light codes that energise and activate you ready for healing. It may also help you to prepare by practicing speaking or singing light language when you are relaxed to open your voice and allow light language to flow through without straining your voice box when.

Light Language for Healing the World

You can also set your intention for healing the world, the natural and human population, a specific community, or a part of the world that needs healing. You open your heart and soul and allow the energy and light codes to flow through. Many people join groups online or in a local spiritual community for the purpose of meditating, channelling light language and sending energy healing to the world. This is very common in Reiki share sessions too. There are many group healings for planet Earth available online that you can join. Many are free on YouTube and social media groups.

You are phenomenal. You are unique and possess an incredible amount of light, energy, light, and power which is waiting to be unleashed in the world. Your light language is a unique gift to the world. Once you tap into the universal language of light, your energy healing will accelerate, your DNA will be activated and upgraded by many levels, you will have experiences that are actual experiences which defy logical reality, and your dreams, visions, and psychic abilities will also level-up many times. So, shine your light unto this world, beautiful soul. and express your heart and soul, and turn you dreams into reality. Mother Earth needs souls like you fully awakened and fully present to repair and activate her grid network and elevate her ascension frequency as well as your own.


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