Reiki and energy healing may at the first sight appear to be the same. In both energy is channelled from a higher source for self-healing and for healing others. Energy healing uses channelled spiritual energy and Reiki healing also uses symbols.

Read on to discover more about the similarities and differences between Reiki and spiritual energy healing.

The Origins of Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Since ancient times, human tribes and civilisations across the world have used some form of energy healing for thousands of years. Then a new wave of spiritual healing and spiritualism arrived at the time of the industrial revolution. This became popular through Victorian spiritualist churches in the 19th century with seances, psychic readings, and channelling of the dead. These churches were Christian churches and most spiritual healers were channelling healing energy through specific guides and beings related to the Christian faith. These entities include angels, ascended masters, Jesus Christ, and the Christian God. This form of traditional spiritual healing is still offered at some churches today.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing originated from Japan where mystical Buddhism, alternative medicine, and energy healing were already popular. Mikao Usui, born in 1865, is seen as the founding father of Reiki, an alternative healing therapy for physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Usui starved himself for 21 days before he was shown how subtle energy flows through the human body and how to clear blockages with energy. Usui was also shown the symbols and techniques of Reiki.

Connecting with Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy healers and mediums develop over time as they refine the art of connecting with and trusting their spiritual healing guides and the healing energies that they use for channelling.  They channel healing energy directly from their sources and channels and trust at all levels that the healing will work. Some intuitive healers, empaths, and psychics had practised spiritual healing since their childhood, and others undergo years of esoteric training courses and initiations over several months or years.

A Reiki healer will either place their hands above or lay hands gently on a client’s body and channel healing energy to heal a client. They may send healing remotely with symbols after receiving the Reiki 2 attunement. Reiki healers connect with their healing guides, ascended masters and to spirit through a ritual process. Thus, they experience a powerful and reliable connection to source energy from day one. So instead of organically learning the ropes over time being unsure of which guides to trust, Reiki healers will use a few practices and techniques that open their channels so they can receive spiritual healing energy. They act like a conduit or a facilitator of healing energy allowing the healing to take place for their clients.

Reiki healing hands

In Reiki attunements, rituals are conducted by a Reiki master with their students. There are different Reiki attunements available including Reiki 1, 2, 3, Reiki master, angelic Reiki, dolphin Reiki, etc. Reiki attunements originate from the ideas of mystical or tantric Buddhism also known as Vajrayana.

A Reiki student can channel qi/chi energy once they are attuned to Reiki energy. They may already be able to do this, and Reiki will ensure a powerful stable connection with source energy. Following an attunement your connection with source energy is maintained in meditation or through qigong exercises and breathwork. These boost your physical, energetic, and spiritual channels and aid in your spiritual ascension.

Spiritual Healing and Psychic Protection

Many spiritual healers, especially those who are emotionally sensitive or unconfident, feel that they are vulnerable to astral plane entities and psychic attacks. This can become a reality and an obsession for many mediums and psychics. They employ psychic protection techniques, often out of fear, such as closing their chakras following a healing, pulling their aura tight around their bodies, having a physical guard for their psychic security, and visualising protective bubbles of healing energy and light surrounding them.

Meditation in bubble of light

On the other hand, Reiki practitioners and most energy healing practitioners today will use more powerful ‘tried and tested’ practical methods. These include geometric gridding of the environment, light language, or clearing their environment with smudging, singing bowls, toning, or gongs, to purify and elevate their environment and themselves. Also, Reiki energy is a very protective energy so many people don’t feel that they need to protect themselves. Some reiki teachers who began their training in spiritual healing may transfer their beliefs and rules to Reiki and other forms of energy healing.

It is wise to use psychic protection to prevent you from ‘catching’ the problems of your clients. Hands-on therapists in the fields of aromatherapy, massage, and reflexology may experience this issue but not Reiki practitioners.  Reiki appears to have psychic protection hardwired in its technology so there is no need to do anything. Reiki also helps to prevent energy healers from feeling ‘drained’ at the end of a healing session.

Spiritual Healing versus Reiki Healing

Spiritual healers will often use a hands-off approach, favouring treating the aura of people who are seated. Reiki healers treat people who are lying down on a healing bed, and they will use a hands-on approach. There appears to be an emphasis on self-treating within Reiki too, and after receiving the Reiki 2 attunement, healers can send healing remotely at a distance without their client being physically present.

Reiki symbols

The use of specific symbols is an integral part of the Reiki system, in Reiki attunements and when treating clients. Reiki symbols allow the healer to use a visual focus and gain more conscious control of the channelled Reiki energy. However, it is advisable that the Reiki symbols should be used intuitively from the heart and not mechanically from the brain.

Spiritual energy healing does require the use of symbols. Instead, it uses healing energy which is channelled through the ether from the healer’s guides and angels which they should trust 100%. Today spiritual healing and energy medicine have countless varieties. Many use methods from traditional spiritual healing and others use code or symbols for healing. Healing tools such as mandalas, light codes, shamanic rituals, and a toolkit of other approaches as part of the healing process.

Reiki or Intuitive Energy Healing

Reiki acts as a template for channelled energy healing. It is healing that is one regular size which fits all people. Also, Reiki healing will support more advanced or tailored forms of energy healing or medicine. Reiki healing helps to release tension in your body, and it can help with headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms by releasing tension and allowing the body time to heal. Reiki is also helpful with ongoing sleep problems including restlessness, acute insomnia, painful or stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Meditation and healing

For chronic issues such as insomnia and sleep paralysis, intuitive energy healing will be a better option. It consists of advanced energy healing techniques including such as deep emotional energy healing of old emotional wounds and blocks. This facilitates the release from the body of suppressed emotions so. Suppressed emotions and trauma from past lives can affect the subconscious and manifest as physical illness and pain.

Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Reiki allows healing energy to flow through to the client from the healer to heal them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Your body naturally heals with universal life force energy or prana. This surrounds all human beings. Also, the recipient of this healing energy needs to be willing to receive Reiki.

Shamanic drum healing

Shamanic healing is a 3-way partnership between the client, the shamanic practitioner, and the healing guides.  In shamanic healing you also explore and gain a greater understanding of health issues by asking relevant questions. Shamans also use sacred tools such as a drum or rattle, and their voice and breath may be used to help with healing.  In shamanic healing, toxic energy is replaced by healthy energy and the ancient deep intuitive healing conducted by shamans today can transform you and reach the depths of your soul.


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