Within each of us, there are untapped skills and abilities which can be unleashed. Powers which can help us fight diseases, create our ideal physical and mental self and take us closer to reaching our purpose in life.

All this can be accomplished through DNA activation. It can help you reshape yourself from within. The process will not only influence every cell in your body, but your whole existence.

But there are numerous questions when it comes to this process. It’s the reason why we’re focusing today on answering the top ones.

If you don’t find the answer in the lines bellow, feel free to get in contact with us and let us know your questions and worries.

1. How Does DNA Activation Work?

We know DNA is the information located in each of the cells of our body. Most of us also know that each chromosome has a double-stranded helix form. It’s the same as in the image below:

But there are also 22 etheric strands which have never been active in known history. These contain the biological information to become greater human individuals.

Even scientists say we only use 3% of the overall information found in our “blueprint of life”. DNA activation is the process by which you’ll awaken and actively use a higher percentage of it.

2. How Can There Be “Junk DNA” and Isn’t Our Body Using It All?

Our body uses just a small amount of our DNA information and uses the rest to send the signals. As cells specialize they don’t use the additional information for other functions.

These additional stands which are not used by our body have been named by scientists: “Junk DNA”. Right now, your body is not using this crucial information. But DNA activation can change that.

The contemporary scientific methods cannot detect the whole spectrum of manifestation of the chemical, electrical and elemental components of our blueprint.

Therefore it is not understood that within the double-stranded helix form there are progressively more strands which fuse together and add their operational coding into the active DNA.

With DNA activation, we are using even the information in the so-called “Junk DNA”. This mean will use the full spectrum of the information we have available, to our advantage.

3. How Will I Feel Through the Process?

It all depends on your affinity to the energetic field. Many feel it with great intensity. It comes in the sense of heat in your body or twitches of the muscles.

Other have felt a strong sensation of relaxation and even sleepiness. There is also a tingling sensation around your Crown chakra at the head.

What everyone has experience when doing DNA activation is a physical and emotional healing. This will continue manifesting for weeks and even months after the process.

It will accelerate your own individual journey to your enlightened self. Which means you’ll enjoy a wider range of emotions. You’ll also understand concepts that felt distant to you and have a better grasp of who you are.

4. What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous benefits which will be present in your spiritual journey after DNA Activation. On the emotional, health and spiritual spectrums of life, you will feel you are much closer to your purpose.

The main benefits will be:

  • Finding vitality, clarity and focus
  • Your body will feel and seem younger
  • It will increase your self-worth
  • Raise your spiritual level
  • Improved nerve, blood, skin, respiratory and muscle systems
  • Releasing unconscious patterns into the universe.

These are just a few of the benefits which will last longer than your own existence. They will be passed on to your children and generations to come.


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