Light codes are streams of information transmitted throughout the universe. They carry information from the sun, moon, stars, and from other dimensions. Light codes are also in your DNA, your physical body, and your human energy field (aura). They work at any and all levels of your being. When you see through the physical you realise that we are all energy and are affected by light and sound codes travelling through the ether.

Higher vibration natural light codes are beamed to you to awaken your dormant DNA and activate and accelerate your ascension. They are felt at your heart and seen and heard as light language, extra-terrestrial codes of consciousness, diamond light, angelic light, and in many other forms. They appear as patterns of energy, sacred geometries, colours, multidimensional light and sound waves, light patterns, and frequencies of information.

Light codes help us access multiple dimensions and assist us in remembering that we are divine spiritual beings having a physical human experience that we call life on earth. For much of recorded history we have been brought up to believe only what we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell and sense in our physical reality. This over emphasis on the physical has been reinforced by our modern culture, our education and also through our consumer science and technology.

Light codes operate like Stargate addresses. In the popular science fiction series the explorers dial up a series of codes to activate the Stargate and open a wormhole to other worlds that are vast distances away. In a similar way light codes are packets of information which activate and open our chakras which are our internal stargates. They give you information to connect with, transmit, receive and channel information, and also to travel to other worlds and dimensions at the speed of thought.

You open doors to other worlds and dimensions when you connect to the universe beyond the veils of illusion. This is achieved in many ways through meditation, dreams and through creative activities including poetry, dancing, singing and art.

Light codes activate dormant processes in your DNA, pineal gland, heart and your aura (human energy field).They also heal and help you connect with your higher self and spiritual guides. Receiving higher vibrational light codes assist you with becoming more aware of your aura. You feel your own energy, the energy of others and that of the natural environment all around you.

Light and sound codes of consciousness rain down from the heavens. When you tune in you may see or hear brilliant flashes of light, symbols, mantras, information streams, energy grids and/or colours flowing into and out of invisible points. These encourage you to remember what you already know that has been hidden from you in this current lifetime. They help your veil of amnesia to lift. Also the light codes will prepare you for your own and earth’s ascension into higher consciousness and the new Aquarian age.

Each light code contains multi-faceted information including stellar and planetary coordinates and maps of where the recall is to take place. So when specific codes are received and activated you can effortlessly travel in meditation or via rituals, dancing or dreaming to other worlds and other dimensions. Some light codes upgrade aspects of your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There are also light codes in crystals, sacred sites such as the pyramids and ley lines, and other power objects and locations. Some are programmed into geometrical patterns, angelic music, and visionary art. These are activated when you meditate or connect in specific ways you remember through channelling, creative experimentation or through workshops and guided meditations.

You can also set your intention to channel or create light codes with your guides. You can use light codes to empower aspects of your higher self and program amulets, crystals, technology and many other things. For maximum transmission of light codes into objects and for healing remember to always be in your heart centre when working with them.

Some codes of light such as the light codes of consciousness used in Star Magic energy healing have the power to trigger and influence healing at all levels of our being. This happens through information transfer. Be in a place of love and stillness in your heart and set your intention. Then allow the healing to occur throughout your entire being or for healing others, society or the earth.

The idea of light codes may make no sense to the rational left-brain. Light codes are perceived, understood, and acknowledged by the creative right-brain. This is in conjunction with your heart and by connecting with your higher self. This triggers or activates your subconscious which will subliminally lead you to understanding and wisdom as well as accessing higher dimensional, ultra-terrestrial, and extra-terrestrial realms.

We carry light codes from higher realms or galactic origins and can activate them in others. Each extra-terrestrial race has light codes that have a unique vibration, frequency, and function. You are encouraged to remember how to use them intuitively with love at your heart.

Anyone can activate their light codes. If you are starting out or feel you need physical guidance and advice you can use an experienced light codes practitioner to get the ball rolling.  The process of remembering is similar to that experienced during soul retrieval where you recall or reclaim soul aspects and bring them home. This is achieved through recalling ancient memories so you can operate in this physical plane with a greater awareness of your true self and the greater reality beyond.


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