You may intuitively know that something is not quite right about the feel of reality. Modern science is agreeing more and more with ancient knowledge. It is rediscovering that everything in our reality is energy. This energy is never destroyed. It transforms from one form to another. Energy is used in thoughts, words, and actions leading to the creation of information and technology.

Quantum science has proven that reality is an illusion and also that everything is energy. This article will take you further down the rabbit hole of the nature of consciousness and reality. Read on to rediscover our ancient knowledge about the universe.

Everything Is Energy

Everything is energy even matter and thoughts

In the last century, scientists have probed into the smaller and smaller scales of reality. They have searched for a single particle upon which all of reality is built. As they probed deeper all they could find is energy. Even the quarks inside the atoms which make up your body lack any substance. As we delve deeper there is only energy seen by observation.

A photon has no internal structure or physical size. Also, photons are observed as particles and as waves of light at the same time. This is wave-particle duality means that a photon can be in countless places simultaneously.  This means that all photons, and also quarks and electrons are pure energy. You will find no photon if you try to measure it and there is only energy in the form of light.

Quantum reality and entanglement of atomic spins

Reality is much weirder than you may think. Your experience of reality shows that everything is energy and energy is everything. Energy is always conserved. This includes information, matter, and consciousness. One form of energy transforms into another such as the heat and light that is generated when a lightbulb is switched on. When you observe something, the action of your conscious observation will collapse the quantum wave-function of a wave into a fixed particle.

Objective v Subjective

When you zoom into the quantum realm, observation and conscious interaction will affect and shape experimental outcomes. This may sound like magic and fantasy. Actually, magic is defined as the art and science of using your conscious will to influence reality. You consciously experiment with and shape an outcome. That is exactly what science is showing to be possible!

Einstein quote that all is energy

In quantum mechanics, according to the Copenhagen Interpretation, an observation is required for your world to exist in a physical manner. When unobserved, particles are waves of energy. A particle, such as an atom, will appear in one position when you observe it. Observation occurs when your senses record information. This is also true when scientists use their scientific instruments to probe deeper into the subatomic structure of reality. Reality as you experience it is a reflection of your consciousness interacting with the quantum realm.

Your brain interprets all of the information that is provided by your senses and translates the information into a picture of reality. You never experience reality directly as your brain is always locked in darkness and never touches anything outside your body. Your brain tries to make sense of all the sensory information it receives by interpreting the signals into sounds, sights, smells, tastes, etc. Normally your brain tunes out the extra information in order to create a solid coherent picture of reality. For example, a photograph contains information about the scene that was photographed. This is in the form of pixels interpreting colour, brightness, etc. This information is decoded into forms that make sense to your brain. The same is true of all reality.

A Matrix of Energetic Reality

You live with all other living creatures in an information-rich matrix of energetic phenomena. All particles, objects, and the complex life that has evolved on Earth are all connected by an unseen force. This can also be described as a field, web, or an ether that permeates everything. Entanglement occurs between the particles, atoms, and cells in your body. They can be entangled with each other with particles at the other end of the entire universe. For example, if the spin of an electron in your body flips, then the spin of another particle that it is entangled with will spontaneously flip too.

Matrix of reality and soul to soul telepathy

Quantum entanglement allows living cells can talk to each other instantly. This is true even when they are separated by a considerable distance. You can separate a batch of cells into two sub-batches and apply a low-voltage current to one half of the cells. Instantly, you will notice that the other half of cells will react instantly in an equal manner. It is as if the cells are connected to each other by invisible threads of energy. Physics is showing us that particles talk to each other at large distances. Also, psychic phenomena such as telepathy and remote viewing are examples of synchronization and resonance. With telepathy, two brains may be located many miles apart and hear each other when they both resonate with the same frequency.

The Planck Scale

The Planck scale is much smaller than the quantum scale. It is also known as the sub-quantum realm. This is the minimum scale of space and time where the resolution of space-time is pixelated like the pixels you see when you zoom into an image.  The Planck scale is the abstract realm of pure information and mathematical geometry. At the Planck scale, geometric information is embedded in a non-localized holographic way. All information is everywhere, and it may be possible to access it by tuning into the right frequencies.

According to Sir Roger Penrose, the entire universe is pure abstract information when you go down to the Planck scale in the sub-quantum realm. The Planck scale is the minimum scale of space and time that we know about. Like normal pixels, Planck pixels infer a resolution limit to the physical universe. At the Planck scale, mathematical geometry forms the foundation for our physical world. Geometric information is embedded in the fabric of space-time. This implies that information of all types and varieties is located everywhere and may indeed by holographic.

Quantum foam at the Planck scale

Everything that exists contains the information of everything else that exists. Material bodies and forces are shapes with gravity that create curvature and variation in the structure of space. The entire universe is holographic and self-similar at the larger scales. The universal blueprint is encoded and stamped on each and every cell of your body. It switches on when your DNA is activated and then you are conscious of a greater reality.

Invisible and powerful energies arise from beyond the physical universe. It is these unseen forces and energies which connect and penetrate all life. Your soul reflects the intelligence, information, energy, and life of God, Spirit and The Universe. Listen within and beyond your senses and your mind to know your true self. Within the stillness, or emptiness of reality, you experience a flickering candlelight within your heart. It is then that you connect with your soul.

Redefining Reality

Physical reality only contains information which is energy. The universe runs like an advanced quantum computer. It is optimised for intelligent life to evolve and observe it. Algorithms are based on higher-dimensional light codes of information. These light codes and sacred geometry allow the laws of nature of the universe to function. The universe evolves through a collective and co-conscious process of evolution.

Physical reality is energy. Also, information is energy. It appears that our universe operates like a vast quantum computer. This is optimised for life to evolve and develop intelligence. In the greater universe, higher-dimensional light codes of information are coded to release complexity from simplicity. These light codes, light language, and sacred geometry facilitate the operation of the laws of nature with conscious evolution feeding back into the environment and enrichening the universe.

Universe as a vast quantum computer

You have never touched anything in your whole life. This is because of the electron repulsion between your fingertips. This forms a barrier between your body and the world around you. It prevents you from directly touching anything. Physical things are appearances of universal energy. Ask yourself and meditate on the nature of the universe and feel the love of the universe.

Listen to the universe and learn to expand your consciousness. Know that everything is energy and also that nothing is tangible. Reality is an emanation or projection of universal energy. Each and very part of reality is connected with the whole. It contains an imprint, or seed, of the whole. Ancient cultures knew this and as a result they lived their lives in alignment with each other, the Earth, and the cosmos.


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