Have you ever experienced a spiritual awakening following a near-death experience (NDE) or had your third eye blown open by DMT? Have you ever wondered if life continues after death? Or do you believe your brain is just electromagnetic signals creating these experiences?

During an NDE your mind experiences a reality that can be positive and blissful in the face of a lack of oxygen and complete loss of blood flow. When this happens to your body, your mind prepares you, the soul, for the afterlife. Read on to discover more about NDE’s, the role of DMT, and how your light-body and your consciousness changes during such experiences.

Tunnel of light near death experience

NDE Research

In his book, ‘Life after Life’, published in 1975, the famous psychologist and philosopher Raymond Moody coined the phrase Near Death Experience (NDE) He studied a group of fifty people who were revived in controlled medical conditions following clinical death. In his ground-breaking study, many of his subjects experienced seeing a bright light and felt bodily detachment or dissociation. They had feelings of security and warmth and reported encounters with angels, ascended masters, and other spiritual beings.

Moody spotted many similarities in his reports coming from people with diverse cultural, social, and religious backgrounds. He was surprised by the results of his research. They gave him belief and confidence that there is indeed an afterlife following death.

Light at the end of the tunnel during an NDE

Since then, the study of brain activity during the death process has evolved. Many research findings indicate that anomalous biological processes may take place when the brain is starved of oxygen during the death process. Various researchers spotted a large spike in the amount of the spirit molecule Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the body and brain. This is many times more than what is produced when you die or when you dream during sleep.

NDE Experiences

Near-death experiences can be triggered in many ways. They occur during life-threatening circumstances including heart attacks, injuries, and shock. There are many common characteristics of an NDE including a feeling of freedom from pain and seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel. Additionally, many experiences include clear visions of flying or floating above your body, and a feeling of separation of your Lightbody from your physical body.

Angelic pillars of heaven and white light

In a sample of over 150 volunteers, the sequence of events of a near-death experience has been shown to vary during the NDE experience. One person may experience an NDE with phenomena ordered differently. Also, some subjects have longer near-death experiences than others. There are some common features including seeing a bright light, being out of their body, feeling of peace and bliss, and meeting familiar people, spirit beings, angels, and other divine beings. Also, the content of NDE experiences was shown to vary depending on different cultural backgrounds and environments.

DMT Research

The experiences of people who have taken DMT trips or the shamanic psychedelic Ayahuasca are in many ways like those experienced during an NDE. Scientists have also discovered that DMT release in the pineal gland can create similar experiences to near-death experiences. Near-death experiences occur during the death process. DMT experiences often have an element of ego death. This is interpreted by your brain and consciousness in a similar way. If your body is shutting down it tends to release a large amount of DMT, so you do not feel fear during death and so your soul, if it is ready, let’s go of your body to transition to the afterlife.

Shamanic Ayahuasca vine for deep DMT medicine

DMT is a potent psychedelic that is found in some plants and animals, and it is also the major psychoactive compound in ayahuasca. This is the psychedelic brew which is prepared from vines and leaves and used in shamanic ceremonies. DMT is produced by the pineal gland inside the human brain in minute amounts when awake and when asleep and dreaming. The effect of DMT on the human brain has been poorly researched. This is because governments in their infinite wisdom, so that can more easily control the population, have made DMT and all other psychedelics illegal. Running controlled human trials with illegal substances requires Home Office approval and a lot jumping of hoops.

DMT is the most powerful natural psychedelic, and it is often linked with the spiritual awakening process, third-eye activations, and communication with extra-terrestrial beings and ancestor spirits. During DMT experiences your third eye is activated, and you may experience a spiritual wakening, and many other experiences. These include out of body experiences, visiting other worlds, travelling through tunnels or wormholes, meeting beings from other dimensions such as machine elves, and a deep inner peace.

Recent Research at Imperial College

Imperial College has a Psychedelic Research Group which uses modern brain mapping technologies including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). This research group believed that psychological shock causes the “Oh My God, I AM Dying” response. Also, they noted the similarities with the theme of death and breakthrough psychedelic experiences.

They found out that DMT is a potent psychedelic. It is produced by the pineal gland, or the third eye, and the chemical even in small amounts can transform human brain activity. DMT alters brain activity in a similar way to a near-death experience and both can induce deep and profound spiritual awakening and DNA activation experiences. The Imperial Group’s findings revealed a huge overlap between the experiences of people who had NDE experiences when compared with the reports of healthy volunteers who were given controlled doses of dimethyltryptamine.

Alex Grey sea of eyes visualisation with DMT

The researchers compared the experiences of their test subjects with those who had actual NDEs via a questionnaire. In total sixteen questions were asked including ‘Did you see or feel surrounded by a brilliant light?’ and ‘Did scenes from your past come back to you?’ Following each dose of DMT, the thirteen healthy volunteers filled out the same questionnaire. This is to find out what sort of experiences they had whilst on DMT and how this compares with the NDE group of subjects. All of the volunteers scored above a given threshold for determining an NDE. This research shows that DMT can mimic actual near-death experiences in terms of content, quality, and intensity.

NDE’s occur because of significant changes in the way the brain is working. This can be seen in the brain chemistry itself. DMT is a remarkable tool that helps scientists study the psychology and biology of dying. Prof David Nutt at Imperial says that the life altering effects of the experiences of DMT and NDE’s may follow similar neurological processes.

DMT, the spirit molecule

DMT experiences often contain feelings of entering an unearthly realm. In contrast, near-death experiences have powerful feelings of reaching a point of no return. The research team explained that this may be down to being in a safe clinical environment. This is because DMT and NDE experiences are easily affected by your emotions and your surroundings. The experience would be completely different from taking Ayahuasca in the jungle compared to the experience in a clinical setting. There may be some common threads to the experience but the details would be different.

Meditation, Death & DMT

There is also a link between advanced meditation techniques, near death experiences, and the release of DMT. Yogis in deep meditation attain very subtle blissful states. These mimic the human brain when it shuts down or dies. In meditation practice, they remain conscious, and many gurus use specific tantric practises. These involve the non-dual frictionless mixing of a very subtle conscious mind with the appearance of very refined lights, colours, sounds, and imagery. They believed that they could attain nirvana by connecting with pure realms and transforming into specific high vibration deities. They believe in the repetition and familiarity in these practices will lead them to generate another world. This world, or pure land, they enter during tantric meditation. This is all in preparation for the death process.

Meditation lineages gained a deeper insight into death and the afterlife through refinement over thousands of years. The Tibetan book of the Dead is a prime example of this. Even with precise meditation techniques, it is not guaranteed that the visualisations remain past the point of death or that they act like a key unlocking the matrix. It is unclear whether they are born into an enlightened realm rather than another physical world. Their descriptions of other realities and the visions that they experience often match other spiritual traditions, NDE’s, and psychedelic drug use.

Spiritual beings and teachers from other dimensions

The spiritual teachings warn that imperfect practice could lead to rebirth into the wrong realm. You are attracted to something like a moth to a flame and you are trapped once again in the 4D matrix of rebirth and suffering. Advanced meditation schools have emphasized a very diligent intensive meditation practice. When practised daily over years, it provides a certain recipe to enter nirvana or a pure land (heaven). They are also trained to avoid the pitfalls of rebirth into samsara, also known as the sea of suffering.

You attract a similar energy to what you project into your environment. In the moment of death your soul’s vibration resonates with and reflects your last state of mind. A stable and subtle experience of blissful ‘clear light’ will generate a pure world. This is entered beyond the veil of emptiness which is the subtlest quantum field. Experienced meditators can turn DMT release on and off like a tap. They can taper the flow of DMT release for their subtle experiences of clear liquid light.

psychedelic visions with DMT and fractals to activate third eye

Life is a Journey

Most people cling to the idea that the ego consciousness can survive after death. Whilst this disappears at death, you may live on as a living Akashic record, return as a spirit guide, or live as a divine soul in heaven. The world keeps on running after you die as it did before you were born. This beautiful Earth is for everyone and everything.

Life is a journey. It is a learning experience for your soul and preparation for your death. You are born, you live, and you die. It is what you do between birth and death that counts. Eliminate your fears and worry and embrace your divine soul. Shine like the brightest star and be a beacon for humanity.


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