Astral projection, also known as an out-of-body experience (OBE), happens when consciousness separates from the physical body and travels in a non-physical realm or astral plane. Astral projection practitioners of have gained many healing benefits from astral projection, and it is a good way to focus your mind and your energy healing too. Read on to discover more.

What is Astral Projection?

An astral projection occurs when you feel a separation of consciousness from your physical body. You may perceive yourself floating or moving outside of your physical form, observing your surroundings from a different perspective. During an out of body experience, it is common to feel a distinct sense of separation from your physical body.

Astral projection is a very individual experience, and it requires patience, practice, and an open mind. Out of body experiences can occur spontaneously such as during sleep or under extreme stress, but you can induce them through meditation or by employing other techniques. When you have an OBE, you will retain your consciousness and your awareness, even though you may perceive yourself outside of your physical body.

When an astral projection is successful you will likely feel an experience of being outside your body, interacting with the physical environment or encountering other entities or beings. Experiences vary widely and it is entirely possible to experience pleasant, deeply healing, and transformative experiences on one out of body trip and have an unpleasant experience the next time you go on an astral voyage.

Key Astral Projection Techniques

Here are a few methods that you can use for astral projecting. Begin by being in a quiet and comfortable space. and close your eyes. Then focus on your breathing. As you relax, visualize yourself floating above your physical body. Imagine every detail, sensation, and movement. Stay mindful and patient, allowing the experience to unfold.

When relaxed you can scan your body from your head to toes, heart to fingers. You can do this sitting or lying down and progressively relax each muscle group in your body, starting from your toes and moving upward. When relaxed, imagine gently floating or rising out of your body. Pay attention to each part of your body.  Once you’re fully relaxed, shift your focus to the sensation of floating or rising above your physical form.

Astral Projecting when you are asleep or when you are about to fall to sleep is like lucid dreaming. As with dream recall practice, you can perform reality checks in the day (such as checking the time, touching objects, flipping light switches) and ask yourself if you’re dreaming. Eventually, you’ll do the same in a dream and realize you’re in a dream state. This lucidity leads to a conscious control of your dream, and you can then direct your dream experience into an astral journey experience.

Alternatively, when you are about to fall asleep, you can maintain a high level of awareness while allowing your body to relax. Then focus on your breathing, a slowly spinning blue or purple light, or a specific image or scene that appears just before you fall asleep. As you enter the dream state, you’ll remain conscious, and you can guide the dream towards an astral projection.

Five Tips for Astral Projection

Tip 1: Before attempting astral projection, set a clear intention to have a conscious out-of-body experience. Affirm your intention repeatedly.

Tip 2: Try astral projection during periods when your mind is naturally more alert, such as early morning or after a short nap.

Tip 3: Sleep paralysis is a natural phenomenon that occurs during REM sleep. If you experience it, remain calm and focus on your intention to project. Use it as a launchpad for your astral journey.

Tip 4: Astral travel aids such as using crystals, binaural beats, or specific meditation music help induce an altered state conducive to astral projection.

Tips 5: Keep a dream and astral projection journal to track your experiences, patterns, and progress.

Astral projection requires practice and dedication. It’s normal to have varying levels of success, and patience is key. Approach the practice with a positive and open mindset and prioritize your safety and well-being throughout the process.

Astral Realms and Dimensions

There are many different realms or dimensions that are associated with dreamtime and astral projection.  The physical realm is the familiar world that you experience in your waking state. It is the dimension of everyday reality governed by the laws of physics and the material world. Dreams are experiences that occur during sleep in the realm of the subconscious mind. The dream realm can encompass a wide range of experiences, from mundane scenarios to vivid or surreal landscapes and rich symbolism.

The astral world is often described as an intermediary realm between the physical and spiritual worlds. During astral projection, your conscious light body leaves your physical body and travels in this non-physical realm. The astral world is a realm of mostly higher vibration where spiritual beings, guides, and other astral travelers can meet up and communicate. Within the astral plane there are various levels or sub-planes.

The higher astral plane is associated with more spiritually evolved entities, powerful guides and teachers, ascended extraterrestrials, advanced knowledge, and heightened states of consciousness. The lower astral plane is believed to be inhabited by entities with lower vibrational energies. It is often associated with negative or mischievous beings, and there is a lower astral realm, the underworld, where lost souls, soul fragments, and past life trauma can be accessed and healed.

The mental realm is a dimension of consciousness where thoughts, ideas, and mental constructs exist. During astral projection, you can explore this realm and gain insights into the nature of your mind and its creative powers. You can download light codes and activate and enhance your higher functioning capabilities.

The causal realm is often regarded as a higher spiritual dimension beyond the astral plane. In this realm, the essence of karmic causes and effects are believed to reside, influencing the events and experiences in the lower realms. Energy healing is very powerful at the causal level because you can heal and release many lifetimes of past life trauma and clear your karmic balance.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of collective consciousness like a super-advanced multi-dimensional Cloud or Nebula where all knowledge, experiences, and events throughout time are believed to be stored. During astral projection or deep meditation, you can access these records for insight, healing, and understanding.

Exploration of these dimensions through dreams or astral projection can be a profound and enlightening journey providing unique insights into your soul and the nature of reality. Always approach these practices with unconditional love for yourself and others, discernment, and a focus on your personal growth, energy healing, and inner wisdom.

The Benefits of Astral Projection Techniques

Astral projection provides you with consciousness expansion beyond physical limitation. With an open mind this can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your health, and your souls’ connection with the universe. Also, through astral projection, you may encounter spiritual beings, healing and teaching guides, and enlightened entities. These encounters offer insights, guidance, and lessons that contribute to your personal growth and enlightenment.

Astral projection is often used as a tool for your energy healing and energy work because the astral projection process often involves deep relaxation, meditation, and energy healing techniques. Regular astral journeying may help reduce stress and anxiety and promote healing and your overall well-being. By exploring the astral plane, you can identify and address energetic imbalances, trauma, or blockages, and employ energy healing techniques that your spiritual guides have shown you.  Also, astral projection may sharpen your intuition and creativity by tapping into higher states of consciousness and gaining access to deeper realms of healing knowledge and inspiration.

Astral projection can also offer unique spiritual insights and revelations about your soul purpose, life path, and spiritual journey. By exploring different planes of existence, you open your mind to the idea of multidimensionality beyond the physical world. Also, you experience life outside of your physical body which is spiritually healing because it helps you become less fearful of death, through a firsthand understanding of consciousness existing beyond the physical form. The true benefits of astral projection will lie in the growth, understanding, spiritual healing, DNA activations, and insights which you gain on your unique spiritual journey.


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