Epigenetics looks at how your DNA is shaped, nurtured, and activated by the environment and your life decisions in addition to your genetic ancestry. Read on to discover more about how the new science of epigenetics is linked to DNA activation and energy healing.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics looks at the stable alterations in the healthy function of human cells that occur without changing the DNA sequence of the nucleotides inside the genes. Epigenetics looks at the changes in DNA heredity and how they affect DNA activation, gene expression, and cellular division. Your physiology, environment, and development all affect cell division, and some epigenetic modifications are inherited by daughter cells.

Proteins and DNA nucleotides interact and activate DNA through chemical transformers. These chemicals change how certain genes are activated and which are not activated. DNA itself is composed of four nucleotides known as adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). Chemical bonds known as base pairs are formed when nucleotides are combined with each other into two DNA strands.

The Role of Environment and Stress

Positive and negative life experiences, including the effect of stress and toxic elements, affect your epigenome. This in turn changes how your body reads a DNA sequence and how genes are activated or deactivated. Your DNA is affected by your mindset, behaviours, and your environment including your diet, fitness, and lifestyle. Epigenetic changes can be reversed, and they don’t alter or activate your DNA sequence.

Genetic changes alter which proteins are made. Epigenetic changes affect your gene expression which describes how proteins are created from genetic code. There is a clear connection between the health of your genes and your behaviour and environment. For example, living a healthy life that is active with a calm mind goes a long way to maximise the full functioning of your DNA.

Nature versus Nurture

The question of whether your personality and development has been shaped more by nature or more by nurture has been explored throughout time by ancient cultures and philosophers.  Being shaped by nature refers to how your activated DNA influences your personality This includes genes that you were born with, and genetic code activations in your DNA which were inherited from your ancestors, including genetic diseases. The resulting pattern of DNA activations shape how your personality is formed and influence your physical development from a child to an adult including the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin.

Nurture refers to how your environment, relationships, and experiences impact your development into who you are now. Key DNA activating and triggering experiences occur from your early childhood experiences and how you were raised by your parents as well as your culture and social relationships with other people. For example, as a child you may have learnt from observing others to be kind and giving, and another child may become aggressive and violent after seeing older children bullying other kids in the playground.

Descartes, Plato, and other philosophers and scientists think that all your characteristics and behaviours are the result of evolution. Here, the genetic traits that make you unique are handed down from your parents’ DNA. Other philosophers, including John Locke, believe that your mind starts as a blank slate. From this blank slate, all that you are is a direct result of your experiences.

The Entanglement of Nature and Nurture

Your active DNA is shaped by your genetics and your environment. Your genes and your environment always interact with each other. For example, a child may be born with the genes to grow tall but if they live in a poor environment without good nourishment then they may not grow as tall as their genes allow. Also, life expectancy possesses has a strong biological component, but it is also influenced by your lifestyle and environment.

Modern scientists see the critical role that nature and nurture play in who you were, who you are now, and who you will become in the future. Also, the processes of nature and nurture interact with each other in intimate and complex ways throughout your life. In modern genetic research, scientists look at how DNA activations in genes interact with environmental influences and how your environment affects the health, healing, and activation of your DNA.

It is difficult to separate out the role of genetic and epigenetic activations and influences in shaping your life. There are countless environmental and genetic factors that have led to who you are now. The different forms of DNA activation become entangled with the multi-dimensional dance and magic of your human development and healing when you tap into your own DNA to heal and activate it.

The Epigenome and Childhood Development

Your DNA contains chemical markers or codes, known as the epigenome, from the moment you were born.  These determine the degree of genetic activation for each gene. The epigenome accumulates more chemical codes as you get older. Each child has these epigenetic marks in different arrangements and determines the degree to which the information in parts of the DNA is activated. Some of the DNA will be activated differently. Thus, genetically identical twins will develop different abilities, health conditions and achievements in life.

Your epigenome is affected by positive experiences including harmonious relationships and healthy living, or negative experiences including stress, toxins, and poverty. All these experiences leave a unique epigenetic signature on your DNA. There may be ways to reverse negative changes such as regular meditation, energy healing, and light code DNA activations to restore or elevate the functioning of your body and mind. It is important that stress is kept low, and relationships are harmonious and supportive for a healthy mind to develop.

Positive epigenetic adaptations are very important in very early life when the brain is rapidly developing. These will influence how and when some genes are activated and the DNA releases instructions, for example, for good health, useful skills, and faster healing. This is why supportive and nurturing experiences are essential for young children from the moment of birth onwards. Creating supportive relationships and powerful learning experiences will activate DNA and unleash your child’s positive epigenetic chemical codes.

Energy Healing is Epigenetics

Every time you meditate, or when receive an energy healing or a light language transmission, you are communicating with your body and with your intelligent DNA.  You will upgrade your epigenome every time you meditate, do breathwork, engage in energy healing, or bathe in the healing sea of universal love. Every time you shift or transform negative energy from trauma, from past lives, from imprints in your genetic code, you are healing your epigenome.

You can also prolong your life and your quality of life by living a clean life away from chemical and technological toxins, and you also free up more energy which you can repurpose for your own health and healing. This is all epigenetics. You are also healing yourself when you are in flow with nature’s cycles, when you eat raw and healthy foods, when you keep yourself fit and active, when you drink lots of water, and when you soak in the rays of the rising or setting sun. These are all foundation stones of star magic energy healing.


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