Epigenetics studies change in how genes function without a change in the actual DNA structure. These modifications happen during our lifetime and can be transmitted hereditarily.

Even though epigenetic changes occur naturally and regularly, they can also be influenced by certain factors, such as age, environment, lifestyle and illnesses.

Before I get into why epigenetics can help you change the quality of life, I want to talk more about this field of study.

A Brief History of Epigenetics

The term was coined in 1942 by Conrad H. Waddington, who was a biologist, paleontologist, geneticist, embryologist and philosopher.

Thanks to the renewed interested in epigenetics, scientists were able to find a relationship between these changes and illnesses, such as cancers, mental retardation associated disorders, immune disorders, neuropsychiatric and pediatric disorders.

It is not a secret anymore that the food we eat, the air we breathe, where we live can turn on and off the expression of our genes.

Aside from these, our perception of the world, our thoughts and our beliefs can cause changes in our brain.

Let’s see how exactly epigenetics can change the quality of life.

Change the Quality of Life with Epigenetics

Epigenetics proves we can change our lives through conscious intention, even though we’ve been handed certain dispositions from the other generations.

It is an individual choice which is influenced at large by our degree of consciousness.

We should all stop believing we can’t escape a predetermined genetic code. The way we perceive the outer and inner environment is what will help us master our own life, rewrite the rules, fight disease and aim for wellbeing.

Even though epigenetic changes occur in the womb, they also happen over the course of our life. The good news is these changes can be reversed.

For example, scientists have found that air pollution could alter methyl tags in DNA, which could lead to neurodegenerative disease. At the same time, studies have shown that B vitamins could combat the harmful effects of air pollution.

This shows that whatever environment we lived in, we can always change the quality of life.

Another good example is one about diet. As you probably already know, the food we eat can influence our health and wellbeing. Some studies have shown that a high fat, low carb diet could potentially boost our mental function.

Healing and improving the quality of life is actually possible through raising our vibration and changing our beliefs and intention.

To be able to heal, you need to elevate your vibration and use conscious intention to influence our health and our wellbeing.

If you need more abundance in your life, be full of vitality and be in harmonious relationships, you need to commit to meditating regularly, as well.

That way, you will open the door to the inner wisdom of your soul and experience real transformation.


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