In this article we will look at some hidden knowledge from the ancient mystery schools that will accelerate your awakening and ascension. You will also discover how to harness your inner energy to activate you all levels of your being. Read on to discover more.

Ancient Mystery School Teachings

The ancient mystery schools of many cultures worked with secret ancient knowledge and soul technology. In the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, the priests never betrayed their mysteries to the public including the healing power of their own bodily energy and sacred geometry which the ancient Egyptian priests saw as the key to unlocking everything at all scales of reality through patterns and cycles which interact all the time. When you are aware of this you see through your own unhealthy patterns and know how to transform them.


Much ancient secret knowledge and wisdom was also taught in the Himalayas. People believed in the idea of male (Shiva) and female (Shakti) energy.  Shiva is ultimate consciousness and creates an immovable centre. Around this centre dances the feminine Shakti who represents the ultimate energy. Shakti is the Mater in the Matrix.  The ancient texts say that everything appears from Shakti’s womb which gives birth to the universe. Shakti weaves through all of creation and around all consciousness in the centre of creation.

Balancing Your entire Being

The ancient mystery schools say that it is very important to be in balance your entire being and follow a balanced spiritual practice that works at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being. The ancient mystery schools explain that if you do this then your physical vessel will hold contain more light and it is also easier to develop all your energy centres as you remember more ancient truth.  Your physical and energetic bodies work together in harmony and disease arises where there is disharmony.

Ancient knowledge says that you cannot stably develop your consciousness and soul awareness without a strong physical foundation and energy body to support it. Your body is like the base of a pyramid with consciousness as the capstone. If you lack a solid strong foundation, then the whole thing will disintegrate. Also, your long-term health and longevity will increase when you work on your body, mind, and soul together.

Consciousness and Energy

In the centre of your physical body lies a column of vital energy. This runs from the top of your crown to the bottom of your perineum. There is a strong vital force which you nurture and strengthen through the food you eat, breathing practices, exercise, and a whole variety of other things. This energy channel was used in Chinese Taoism and Kashmiri Shaivism for inner energy work. Your energy body has a central energy axis that connects and nourishes everything else in your body. Note that this is not the Kundalini Channel going up the spine which is connected to your back channel.

If you develop your physical body and your energy body equally to their fullest extent, then your long-term survival is increased through the strengthening of your subtle energy network. When you die, you leave your body and your waking ego behind. Ancient knowledge from many traditions agrees that when you die only your subtle consciousness, or soul transfers to the afterlife. If you develop your ability to perceive non-physical worlds in this lifetime, then you will not be blind to what lies beyond physical reality.

Quantum Energy and Your Toroidal Field

Ancient wisdom says that your subtle body has many levels of structure all the way from the unified quantum field of oneness with divinity and all of creation, down many intermediate levels, all the way down to the physical plane. Your energy body a wave that collapses or crystallizes into the form and structure of your physical body. This is also encoded in your DNA and unfolds over time from birth to death.

The central axis in of your body exists as an energy circuit in your body. It is a key component of your toroidal field. Around this energetic structure your physical body forms and grows. Every cell communicates and every atom in your body responds through the quantum field and your intention. A strong powerful body and well-developed spiritual mindset will allow everything to communicate instantly and then you heal quickly.

You understand things conceptually at the mental plane and this energy forms the structure of your emotional body which dictates your behaviour. Then you have the chi (ki, prana) vital life force which is the nucleus of pure energy providing the structure for physical matter to condense and crystallise to form the physical body. Then once done, the energy of creation, which has been going faster than light, decays below the speed of light and becomes the electromagnetic spectrum.

Ancient Mystery Schools & Hidden Energy Channels

The ancient mystery schools of Egypt, the Himalayas, and the Chinese Taoists give different pieces of the puzzle. The ancients know that the Sushumna channel, the main energy channel of the subtle body, moves the energy up the channel. There’s another channel of energy that runs inside the long interior of the spine, another one that runs on the outside of the spine going up. There are also channels running up both sides of your spine, the hidden Pingala channels. These channels cross over to form a caduceus pattern going up the spine. This is all connected to the subtle energy structure of your body.

There is an energy channel running from your crown to your perineum. This is the core energy channel of your body. Many ancient traditions have identified the absolute centre channel of the human body. This is known as the thrusting channel or Taiji pole in Taoist yoga. It is also used in the Indian Hindu traditions where Hindus develop their energy body using chakras, nadis, and channels. Taoism uses the same concepts of the energy body. So, it is important to integrate our knowledge and understanding from these ancient traditions and practices.

Patterns and Energy

Since ancient times it has been known that all things have a pattern and there’s a pattern behind everything. when you awaken, you will begin to see your past patterns of behaviour emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All physical structure comes from a thought form in the mind of ‘God’ from that original unity field. There are patterns to how living beings at different levels of spiritual development live, work, and die.

Papyrus pictures in the Egyptian Book of the Dead show a hunched over initiate. There is a guide, stood straight, who holds his hand and leads him through worlds that he’s not able to understand himself. In this picture, the ancient Egyptians are graphically showing what happens to every human being during death who has not awoken and gained an understanding of the soul, spirit, and the subtle states of awareness.

Your soul and your subtle consciousness journey through repeating cycles. Your physical lifetime is a microcosmic representation of the same pattern as the journey of living through multiple lifetimes. When you have a healthy emotional body, you will experience an emotionally rich and fun life that is joyous. You will also control your own mind, so your mind doesn’t destroy your life. Instead, your mind becomes a superpower that you can call upon or direct with your will, the will of divine love consciousness.

Unity, Polarity, and Healing

All ancient traditions agree that everything originated from unity. This is known as the singularity, the source of all creation before the big bang, where there is no polarity. There is no duality, and no time, and everything is unified in this quantum field of oneness. Then the unified field whole splits into two, into polarity. This leads to our universe and our world being based on polarity. In a polarised universe there are positive and negative charges or energies. Polarity has space for time, dynamic flow, and evolution. In polarity, everything appears to be separate whilst in fact all things are entangled and interact with each other.

You are sent from spirit to be born and live in a polarized world as a spiritual being can only learn in a physical body in the physical plane. When you suffer it helps to return your mind to the blissful unity state that you came from. This is the reality that you know exists subconsciously. You may have a subconscious yearning for it and that yearning can be addictive. Having a strong desire to return to source can derail a human life.

You are on the physical plane to learn from the polarized world, without getting distracted by its wonders, and develop to a higher level. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and most of our ancient cultures and shamanic traditions knew this. Also, there are specific energy bands and frequencies, and patterns of sacred geometry that are used in energy healing using the universal harmonizing energy from the original unity state. Healing occurs deep in this unity consciousness.


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