Much of our knowledge about our ancient history was lost when the bible was edited in 325AD. This ancient knowledge has since been found inside the Gospel of St Thomas. Read on to discover what this ancient knowledge and wisdom is and how we can apply it in our lives today.

Ancient Knowledge Lost & Gained

Many indigenous peoples knew about nature, the energy body, spirituality, and the universal love field all around them. They knew that your body is the vessel that your soul uses to gain true knowledge and wisdom for your ascension. Today there are huge gaps in our knowledge and history of ancient cultures. We lost the information that tells us everything is connected and the language that speaks to this field.

In 325AD emperor Constantine ordered that the biblical texts should be edited resulting in at least 45 books being completely removed or very heavily doctored (redacted). These texts have been edited out of the bible including many sacred truths that were intended to be passed into the hands of people. This ancient knowledge was subsequently reserved for a privileged few and included hidden ancient teachings that explained manifestation, consciousness, and oneness. The ancient wisdom in the Gospel of Thomas is powerful because this gospel has the actual words of Jesus when teaching those around him about how to use the power of human emotion.

Your Power is Inside You

You will know your true power when you have supreme reign over your life. Then all the things that you experience in your life will feel like heaven on earth. If you believe that power is outside of you with someone or something else, then you have given your power away to them. This means that the desire, person, or belief that you revere, or worship will control and influence your life. When you truly realise that all power comes from within you, and all beings are of one consciousness, then you will live a rich and meaningful life. This is when know your mind, feel with your heart, and resonate with your soul. It is when you understand that the kingdom of heaven is inside of you.

It has always been true that we can connect with our inner power, but humanity has lost sight of this because the ancient teachings were lost or hidden from us. Being in your power is not something that you have to wait to experience. This higher consciousness has always been a part of all things as it always will be. It is oneness expressed in every variation as the people and things you experience in life.

Universal Consciousness and Oneness

In the Gospel of St Thomas, verse 77 illustrates in the words of Jesus that only one consciousness lives within everything. We are all connected to this one source. What lives in Jesus also lives within all other things including me and you. The light that manifests as all living beings is all that exists. The consciousness of each person manifests as a physical being. Each individual consciousness lives and experiences life through awareness and action.

Today we are learning and remembering the ancient knowledge and wisdom of what Jesus and the great ascended masters have taught. The message is the same whether you’re a Buddhist or Hindu or Christian. Our ancient knowledge from pre-Christian traditions tells us that there is a universal field of energy, and we all have the language to communicate and perhaps influence this primal energy field.

Manifestation of the Future in the Now

According to our ancient knowledge you must feel as if your wishes and prayers have already been answered. The Egyptian mystery schools also had hidden teachings for explaining manifestation, consciousness, and oneness.

Verse 106 of the Lost Gospel of Thomas says that when you make thought and emotion one you will say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away.  This means that by marrying your thought in your emotion, like water mixing with water, you will have the power within for the world to listen to you when you speak. If your thoughts and emotions make peace with each other and become one, then look what happens when you say to the mountain move away. Then the mountain will move away. It is in your heart when your thoughts and feelings become one. You create the feelings in your body when thought and emotion become one.

It is not normal language that you speak. Instead, you must speak to the quantum field, to the divine matrix, in the language that the field recognizes. This is the language of light and of love that is meaningful. The quantum field doesn’t recognize your voice, it recognizes the power of your heart.

The Power of Your Heart

Your heart creates electrical and magnetic waves.  That is the language the universal field recognizes. When you create the feeling of pure love in your heart it is as if your prayer is already answered.  To do this you go beyond the good and bad, right, and wrong, and all polarities. Just ask with your heart what is meaningful to you and feel as if your answer has already happened. This could be for the perfect relationship in your life or for the healing of the bodies of your loved ones.

Feel the feeling inside of your heart of what it is like if it has already happened. You channel your desire, your thought in your emotion, until they become one. Then you feel the love of that thought. They become one and that is the language that this field recognizes.

Naval Ravikant said the same thing in the 20th century. He said that you must make your future dream a present fact now by the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from where it has already happened. There is also a similar idea in Tibetan tantric Buddhism where you meditate on ‘full enlightenment’ as a fully enlightened (ascended) being as if you are already enlightened.

Ancient Technique for Energy Healing

There are hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation, consciousness, and oneness. In energy healing you never judge that, for example, cancer is wrong or bad or right or good. There was no judgment, and you accept that the tumour as a possibility. It is one of many possibilities because in the quantum world all things are possible.

Without any hidden motive, without judgment, you choose a new reality by feeling assuming the feeling as if the healing has already happened. Feel the feeling as if it is fully healed, fully enabled, fully capacitated, fully activation, or already happened.  It’s something that happens in your heart, not in your mind. Feel as if the wish or prayer is already answered.

Energy Healing Training

Have No Judgement and No Ego

When you do any spiritual work including energy healing, always have no judgment and no ego and feel from the result as if it’s already happened. This is what the ancient teachings and mystery schools were preaching. For example, martial artists when they break a concrete block will focus on what happens after their hand has passed through the block. This is as if it has already happened. They will focus on a place below the block, and it will feel as if their hand is already in that place. This is like using the power of emotion and feeling as if the experience has already happened.

The Gospel of St. Thomas represents your connection to your consciousness and all that is. it is the ancient knowledge and wisdom that liberates you. If you do not experience this higher consciousness then you may believe that you are separate, alone, and a victim of your life. So, to break free from any manifested reality that does not serve you, what you do is to replace the false image of the self with the true knowledge of who and what you are, who and what everyone and everything else is, and the true power that we possess.


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