Archeology is discovering more and more about the ancient astronauts who ruled in Samaria millennia ago. Read on to discover how our ancient history and knowledge were influenced by ancient astronauts known as the Anunnaki during biblical times.

Ancient Sumerian Stories

In 1896 Nathaniel Schmidt whilst reading ancient texts written in Babylonian, Sumerian, and Assyrian languages, spotted that the incredible stories were very similar to all the stories at beginnings of the Bible. The stories were about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the flood, the limiting of human life, and the event at the Tower of Babel. Schmidt showed that the ancient Sumerian accounts from nearly 6,000 years ago were very likely doctored or translated into familiar biblical stories. This idea was deemed heresy in the 1890’s.

It is the story of Abraham and Sarah which forms the roots of Christianity and Judaism. When Abraham and Sarah emigrated from the Chaldees, they took their stories which they had grown up with and shared them. These stories became the foundation of their culture and religion and the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian texts also became important bible stories.

Ancient Astronauts, Not God

The stories in the ancient Sumerian tablets are not stories about gods. The original Sumerian versions of these stories does not speak about God at all.  Instead, these are stories of how our ancestors contacted ancient astronauts called the Anunnaki. The stories of God in Judaism and Christianity are a retelling of our ancestors’ close encounters with ancient extraterrestrials.  Over the decades that followed some 200,000 cuneiform clay tablets were found.

The cuneiform tablets have strange edgings or glyphs. In 1835 Henry Rawlinson found the Behistun inscription in Iran. This was an ancient royal scripture carved into a cliff face written in Persian, Elamite, and Arcadian. This inscription expressed all three languages in cuneiform script. The Behistun inscription was the translation key for decoding ancient cuneiform tablets. These tablets contained banking records, business agreements, recipes, inventories, shopping lists, and ancient narratives which recalled many of the familiar Bible stories.

Our earliest civilizations had prehistoric contact with the Anunnaki. According to Zecharia Sitchin, the word ‘Annunaki’ contains the syllables ‘Anu’ meaning ‘heavens’, and ‘Ki’ which means ‘those who came from the heavens to the earth’. These Anunnaki are ancient extraterrestrial astronauts from the heavens. After arriving on Earth, the Anunnaki used sequences of their own genetic code to create a more intelligent human form existing hominid species.

Also, the Annunnaki ruled human society for millennia in ancient Samaria and Egypt and then handed over control to human governors or kings. The Anunnaki were ruled themselves by Anu who sent Enlil and Enki to monitor and shape the progress of humanity.

Ancient Sumerian Kings, Elohim, and the Tower of Babel

King Saul was the first human king in Samaria according to the Bible. The Sumerian cuneiform named their first human King Gilgamesh who was a hybrid of human and Anunnaki. His name appears on the Sumerian succession of kings list including a dynasty that lasted over 24510 years divided across only 23 kings. This means that the average reign is over 1000 years for each king. The dynasty before the great flood lasted 241000 years shared by only eight kings giving an average reign of 30000 years. The cuneiform tablets show extraterrestrial ancient astronauts having reigns of up to 36000 years whilst more recent human kings reigned for only 6 to 36 years.

Genesis uses the words Elohim and Yahweh (Jehovah) for God. Yahweh is the name for God that was given to Moses a long time after the events of the stories of beginnings. Where ‘Yahweh’ appears in older stories indicates that these bible stories are not original and are being retold after the time of Moses. The modern version of the Old Testament was redacted to remove or hide sensitive information in the sixth century BCE. ‘Yahweh’ was also added to older stories turning them into God’s stories. Originally, they were Elohim stories about ‘the powerful ones’ who were Anunnaki ancient astronauts. Elohim can mean God, but it can also mean false gods, demons, angels, chiefs, and land barons.

The ancient Sumerian texts also describe the Tower of Babel as a stargate providing rapid access to space as well as a communications centre. The tower was manned by around 50 technicians using extraterrestrial technology that was hidden to human being to send 300 observers to the stars.  The Tower of Babal also used technology to telepathically translate all languages so that the people could understand each other.

Is There Evidence of This?

Our ancient archaeological sites show a greater range and diversity of ancient people. It was thought that Gilgamesh was a human Anunnaki hybrid. DNA testing was proposed on his remains in the royal tomb, but the archaeologists decided not to investigate any further. Similarly in 1927 Leonard Woolley discovered the remains of Queen Pubis, a Sumerian leader who lived at around 2500 BCE. Instead of doing DNA testing, they too decided to not to investigate any further. This speaks of a cover up, and it is easy to imagine ‘men in black’ or Anunnaki descendants preventing their existence on Earth from becoming publicly known.

The Anunnaki ancient astronauts taught humanity many things including mathematics, technology, and banking. It appears also that the Anunnaki took over several colonies of humans, altered them and put them to work. They took the profits and natural resources enjoying all the benefits of sitting at the top of the economic tree with a powerful visible presence to keep control. They then withdrew from Earth after handing over control to selected human leaders who could govern the population.

We may be a lot like the Anunnaki, and we may still contain some of their DNA hidden in our genes.  Our ancestors were engineered to be more effective workers or slaves. The Anunnaki were also looking for minerals and they had an interest in the Earth and human development. Also, native American and Zulu ancestral memory describes extraterrestrial ancient astronauts nurturing our early human society.

Anunnaki Manipulation of Humans

Mythological stories across the world indicate that there was a great conflict between the Anunnaki leaders, Enlil, and Enki. They could not agree on how conscious and intelligent they wanted human beings to be. This led to lowering of human lifespan, the great flood, brain manipulation to dumb us down, and violent events to destroy or hide traces of ancient alien technology. They also used neurological and genetic alteration to reduce our sensory perception and cognitive abilities.

In the Sumerian stories, Enlil is the senior Anunnaki, and he actions the agendas which lead to harming human beings.  Enki is the leader of the earth project, but he is Enlil’s junior brother. Humanity finds itself stuck in the middle of this conflict and some people are oppressed and enslaved whilst other people are helped and nurtured by ancient astronauts This is described in many creation myths across the world about how ancient astronauts came to save humanity from a devastated and flooded planet.

There’s a conflict between Enlil and Enki over the future of humanity. Enki wanted to upgrade human beings for a more enjoyable, more conscious kind of life, and Enlil does not want that. Impatient with his brother, Enki goes behind Enlil’s back to upgrade humans via genetic engineering. Enlil finds out and wants to destroy the human experiment. Enki then finds Noah and gives him instructions on how to make an ark, a watertight refuge, for his family and the creatures of Earth so that life can reappear again after the Great Flood.

Unlocking Our Heritage and DNA

These ancestral narratives talk about higher consciousness being downgraded in our prehistoric past. This means that our cognitive abilities can be upgraded, and our consciousness can be heightened. We also may be able to expand our perception and overcome our programming to please superiors. Then we could work together as one global society and engineer all our neurological slave settings. Then we can be truly free and operate through life guided by love and not fear.

To awaken us, there are spiritual ceremonies across the globe. These ancient rituals are designed to help us remember and raise our consciousness through spiritual activities including stillness and conscious breathing. Meditation and yoga do expand our consciousness and raise our frequency gives us a greater insight into reality and heightening our abilities for a better human experience.

Today, more and more extraterrestrial and UFO reports indicate that the Anunnaki may have never left Earth and that there are a great range of extraterrestrial agendas for humanity and Earth. The Anunnaki stories represent our true ancient origins and indicate that we may be hybrids of beings from earth and the stars.  As our modern science and technology advances, we will be able to unlock our hidden potential and ancient genetic memories and become a wise mature species who are peaceful and ready to explore the stars.


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