This is the story of how ancient astronauts have influenced human history how this relates to our spiritual awakening, global ascension, and current world events.

Read on to find out how the Anunnaki ancient astronauts have infiltrated humanity and the spiritual war that is happening behind the scenes.

The Fallen Elohim & The Anunnaki

During the Lyran wars, some of the Elohim beings wanted to gain control through power and manipulation.  To enforce their agenda, the fallen Elohim, including the Benei Elohim and the extra-terrestrial fallen angels known as the Annunaki, blew up stargate 11 in the Lyran system followed by stargate 12 to disconnect our holographic matrix from the Andromeda galaxy and stop humanity becoming powerful angelic humans that would oppose and stop them. This loss of both stargates caused our matrix was disconnected from the Andromeda galaxy like a broken circuit. Energy could still flow down from the primary light and sound fields of source energy to hold the matrix in place. However, the beings that were here in the matrix could not leave.

Annunaki DNA Manipulation on human evolution and Earth's stargates.

The Annunaki fallen angels wanted to dumb us down so we would not remember our power, but they knew that they had to keep us here on 3D Earth to keep the stargate system alive. Over many years, these misguided ancient astronauts have genetically raped, pillaged, spliced, and cloned our DNA. Today, our original 12 strand DNA template has been reduced to a double helix with only two strands plus a whole load of ‘junk DNA’.

Ancient Annunaki Astronauts

It is ancient knowledge that Maldek was a small planet, about the size of Mars, that orbited between Mars and Jupiter in our ancient history. Maldek was inhabited by the Annunaki, who colonised it from Nibiru with a level of technology comparable to 21st century Earth. They explored the sciences and developed AI and robotics as well as interplanetary space technology. They were very self-centred, greedy, and power hungry and were also responsible for the destruction of another world, Tiamat.

The fallen angels and the Annunaki

Maldek experienced environmental collapse and the world became uninhabitable. This led to a global nuclear war between different nation states. Nuclear weapons were placed at volcanos and fault lines, which led to catastrophic tectonic activity which resulted in Maldek exploding in all directions with much of that world vaporised and scattered throughout space. Most of the debris was flung out of the solar system and the rest became the asteroid belt.

Some of the Anunnaki reptilian and draconian races who caused the catastrophe fled to Mars and to a colony in Atlantis on Earth. Our ancient mythologies and stories across the world and ancient astronaut evidence in ancient sites have recently revealed more evidence of catastrophic events that destroyed earlier human civilisations. These include an environmental incident that caused Atlantis to sink and the Great Flood. These events are backed up with the ancient knowledge contained within the events in The Bible and other religious texts.

Ancient Anunnaki Gold & The Human Slave Race

The Anunnaki have messed up Earth because they cut the Earth off from the rest of the stargate system. They have finite energy and steal our gold to create white gold powder which they eat that. The Anunnaki came to earth as ancient astronauts to mine the gold and they created a slave race of humans to mine the gold for them. They then used that gold to repair their atmosphere so they can prolong their lives and put of death for centuries or millennia.

Annunaki DNA Manipulation on human evolution and Earth's stargates.

The white gold powder keeps their frequency in an artificially blissful state. It is like they must keep topping up from the fountain of youth to keep going. They are also addicted to the white powder like a drug addict is addicted to heroin or crack. They are not eternal beings and will die eventually. It is the clones and descendants of the original Anunnaki and their allied species that we deal with today. These clones and descendants carry the memories and imprints of the original Anunnaki.

Guardians of the Stargates

Human beings are the guardians of earth. We are the guardians of the 12 primary stargates and 12 secondary stargates. Stargates offer interdimensional and multi-dimensional travel and humans carry the crystal keys that enable us to access the stargates. If humans were not here, the stargates would close permanently and no other beings would be able to visit or leave planet earth. The Earth was originally intended to be a living crystal library and a central hub for extra-terrestrials to explore our galaxy using the global stargate network. We are not an insignificant solar system in an insignificant part of the galaxy. Contrary to what many believe, Earth is an important world for millions of planets and countless extra-terrestrial species.

Ascension Stargate

All our ancient and modern wars are not fought over religion, oil, gold, money, or religion. They are battles fought over control of the planetary architecture and stargates. Stargate 10 is in Iraq, and there are also stargates in Iran as well as many war-torn places. We are aware of some of these stargates whilst others are hidden or embedded in natural formations or underneath the sea. Also, many primary stargates are underground with military bases around them, a little like Stargate SG-1.

The planetary architecture and stargate structure of Earth is important because it acts as a main hub allowing travel through 4D interstellar and 5D intergalactic networks. When repaired, Earth’s stargates will allow us to travel to any other planet with a stargate without having to go from planet to planet to get to where we want to go to. On some extra-terrestrial worlds you may need to go from one planet to another to get to a third world. With the planetary stargate system on earth you can get pretty much anywhere in one jump. This makes Earth and the solar system very important and strategically significant for many extra-terrestrial and interdimensional beings.

DNA Activation & Human Awakening

We are here on planet earth to awaken dormant genetic DNA codes and activate our full crystalline blueprint. Our divine blueprint will allow us to connect to the Krystal core where 12-dimensional currents will enable our full potential to return. When we fully awaken in large numbers, the negative beings will be scared because they have got a finite amount of energy and they use human beings to collect energy. Human souls are the seeds of creator beings and if we remember our ancient origins then we would become more powerful than the ET’s who are controlling and manipulating us.

Human DNA activation from 2 strand to 12 strand

The current war which Vladimir Putin has waged on Ukraine is a continuation of the ancient Star Wars controlled by the descendants of ancient astronauts. Their agenda is to destabilise the world by choking our resources and energy supply and to gain control of the stargates. Star Wars are still being played out on other planets throughout the galaxy and beyond. We are not the only planet where there are ancient Star Wars where ancient astronauts, also known as Nephilim or Anunnaki, have tried to control history.

If you look at many ancient and religious sites, they are all built on ley line structures. The Reptilian Anunnaki channel ‘fear’ energy through the ley lines and collect it in crystals around the planet to feed their own finite matrix of energy. Like vampires, they are feeding from energy of specific frequencies, and they don’t care how much they rape and pillage us. They keep us dumb and docile like cattle or sheep to stop us from remembering our ancient heritage. If we remember the truth of our own divine potential, then we will also see them clearly for what they are and stop them in their tracks.

The spiritual war, Extra-terrestrials and human ascension

We are in a spiritual war. It is a game of energy. As global consciousness expands, humanity is remembering the truth that we are divine angelic humans with so much potential. The fallen beings do not want us to remember that because once we remember it is like opening Pandora’s Box. Their game is over once we regain all our abilities and skills, and they want to keep us locked in this illusion, locked into the mainstream media, locked into external thinking and the things like cars and watches that distract us and temporarily feed our egos. When we dive deep into our hearts, we reconnect with divine love and our divine potential.

Stargate Activations & Immortal Human DNA 

We are not meant to die, and we are certainly not meant to go ill, get old, deteriorate, or die in a few decades. We have the potential within our own DNA to become eternal beings, once we can convert our physical bodies into light and regenerate like Doctor Who. We are immortal and eternal and can take these bodies through the stargates, through different multidimensional realities, to explore different places throughout the multiverse. Unless your body is tuned in to the right vibration, and your DNA is fully activated, you are never going to be able to use the stargate or travel anywhere. When you activate your DNA and raise your vibration, you will start to sense these things as you explore the planet. When you visit high energy zones, you can feel the vortexes and the portals around you.

Spiritual ascension and human evolution

Stargates are not open all the time. They open and close and many have been closed for a long time. We are now witnessing more and more stargates starting to open again. That is the real reason why everything is heating up on the planet right now including the recent pandemic and the current war where Putin is being controlled by negative entities and has lost his mind.

Mother earth is our home and we’re here to work with her to help her ascend and for us to ascend too. The Star Magic team and many other spiritual groups on Earth are repairing and activating the stargates so we can all escape the prison matrix. There are places around the world that you can access with stargates, as well as visit other worlds, when your frequency and DNA are activated and attuned to resonate correctly.


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