All living beings have their own light codes. However, most people have lost contact with their souls’ memory and cannot access their light codes. Light codes help you to awaken and expand your consciousness. They also connect you with divine love and increase your understanding about yourself, nature, and reality.

Light codes and light language help you with your physical and emotional healing. They also deepen your connection with spirit. Continue reading to discover how you can use extra-terrestrial light codes and light language for your spiritual awakening, holistic healing, and ascension.

Light Codes and Light Language

Light Language is the language of the soul, the universe, the language of God. Light codes are an expression of pure love when they are channelled authentically through your heart. Light Language is a great tool to use on your spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Light codes help you shift your energy to a higher vibration and frequency. You will be able to access huge volumes of information when you open your heart and soul to the ancient extra-terrestrial wisdom that light codes and light language contain.

Light codes and light language

Light Codes are symbols that carry the essence of light language, and light language is a flowing sequence of light codes. Light language can be written, drawn, sung, or spoken. Light codes work like keys which open portals and stargates to access multidimensional information. When you receive light codes, they will encourage you to expand your consciousness and guide you to a greater awareness of extra-terrestrial, divine, infinite, and eternal realms. Extra-terrestrial light Codes can help you discover your true destiny and assist you with understanding yourself and the mysterious universe which lies beyond the veils of illusion.

It is important to awaken, remember, and become aware of your greater purpose. You came to this life to live a unique experience of physical life on planet Earth in physical form. The information contained in light language gives you the roadmap, the clues, to how you can embrace your gifts and talents. Light codes also have activation keys which help you remember your true purpose so you can evolve and ascend in this lifetime.

How to Receive Light Codes

It is essential during your ascension process that you open your heart and soul to receive new light codes. Light codes come from many different sources and directions, and they are ultimately patterns of energy that are emitted directly by Source, God, and all of creation. Encoded energy is contained within a light language transmission. This is in the form of images, videos, timelines, and energy healing activations.

Receiving light codes and pineal gland activation

You receive light codes when you open your heart in meditation, dreaming, or when you journey with your mind. To receive light codes, meditate in a quiet place, with gentle soothing meditation music if you prefer, and remain completely relaxed without any thoughts (thinking distracts you and thoughts can also steal energy away from you). Then the universe will reveal geometric symbols and words to you for your healing and spiritual ascension. These include messages, shapes, colours, and sounds. You may receive a stream of light codes in a sequence of light language or even see the being(s) transmitting the light codes.

Writing and Drawing Light Codes

You can channel spiritual information in many creative ways. With a pen in your hand, let go, and let the universe guide you with automatic writing in code and symbols. With a blank canvas, let go and draw or paint light symbols or language. Let your hand be guided by your soul when creating art.

Divine and extra-terrestrial light codes are often channelled through you as symbols, light language art, energy healing codes, and DNA activation codes. Most people who channel light codes and light language will use these symbols, shapes, and geometric codes for energy healing and creative expression.

Light codes and light language as sacred geometry

Light codes are also healing codes of energy, geometry, and mathematics. When you connect with your guides, your angels, your extra-terrestrial teacher guides, and the patterns of energy emanating from Source, you will receive many light codes and light language transmissions for energy healing and DNA activation.

Speaking Light Language

Light language is expressed through drumming, sign language, body movement and dancing, toning, singing, and speaking. You can express a light code, for example, when you gaze into another person’s eyes, when you pray or bless another person, and when you facilitate energy healing for another person. Light language transmissions and energy healing activations will open your crown, third eye, and palm chakras. These energy centres allow the divine reception of light codes to flow through your energy body to help others.

Intention is king when you speak or sing light language to yourself or to an audience at a venue or online. When you are fully present with a clear mind, set your intention for peace, love, joy, or a specific activation focus. When you begin to speak or sing your light language, allow it to flow through you. Continue until you feel that the stream of light codes has finished. Light codes will flow without effort if you keep your thoughts and ego quiet. If you are plagued by thoughts and feelings, check internally, and ask if you have a clear intention. Then focus on your heart and take a deep breath before trying again.

Speaking light language

Preparing Yourself for Receiving and Transmitting Light Codes

It is important to prepare yourself before receiving or transmitting light codes and light language. Anyone can work with light codes and light language but the purer your intention and the clearer your perception, the greater will be your capacity for love and light. Also, you will have a greater capacity as your heart opens wider and wider, and your third eye becomes more sensitive to the light codes that you are receiving.

Avoid being attached to outcomes by detaching from your old limiting beliefs, habits, thoughts, and reactions. These may weight you down and keep you stuck in denser energies and disturbing thoughts. Clear your mind, be in your heart and act with discernment. It is easier to receive and transmit light codes when your energy is lighter and resonating at a high frequency or vibration.

To find your peaceful centre, your inner Zen state, begin by relaxing your body and your mind with breathing and meditation.  Enter a centred and receptive state and receive only the light codes that are meant for you. Focus on your breathing to enter a meditative state and visualise healing and activating light codes travelling through your light body and physical body.

It is important to love everything and have gratitude for all the things in your life and all your relationships. Be thankful for what you have and for the people and situations you encounter in your life. Having a positive perspective and loving yourself unconditionally will align with lighter frequencies which will help you with receiving light codes and light language transmissions.

Spiritual keys for receiving and transmitting light codes

Your Keys to Freedom

Humanity is currently experiencing a huge energetic shift on planet Earth from 3D to 5D. We are moving away from old masculine energies and are entering a new era, the birth of the new Earth, which follows more feminine principles. Since this process began in recent years, new light codes have rained upon the Earth. When you open yourself to the full potential of your soul, your DNA will activate and acclimatise you to these new higher frequencies. Memories of your multidimensional existence, of your higher self, become available through spiritual energy healing and activation of your dormant DNA.

Light codes are your keys to freedom in this world and the worlds beyond. Light codes and light language allow you to see your problems from different perspectives. When you are dancing on the dancefloor of life, you have no perspective on what is happening in your life. When you elevate and rise above this dancefloor, beyond normal 3D thinking, you access subtler ways to communicate which help you to gain a vaster perspective. Then you will know how your soul’s gifts can be used to help other people and the planet.


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