Light is energy. Light is the dance of electricity and magnetism working together. The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the continuum of EM waves used as carriers of the energy and information that travels and spreads outwards. Electromagnetic waves come in many flavours. These include visible light, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma radiation. They are all of the same nature so it is correct albeit misleading to say that all electromagnetic waves are light.  They are produced by different processes and are detected in different ways but they are not fundamentally different.

Electromagnetic radiation is the stream of massless waves, or particles, of energy called photons. Each photon travels in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light. Each photon contains an amount of energy and information. Remember that information is energy. Radio waves have photons of low energies and with long wavelengths. They vibrate with a low frequency. Microwave photons have a little more energy. Infrared photons have still more energy, then visible, ultraviolet, X-rays, and then the highly energetic gamma-rays and cosmic rays which have a high frequency and a very short wavelength.

The visible light we see is a small part of the EM spectrum. Light carries, holds, stores and transfers information. The protons, electrons and neutrons which make up the atom also hold, store, and transfer information. Photons of light and atoms have a degree of intelligence and display complex behaviour.  They can be imagined as tiny living beings existing at a microscopic level.

When you look up into the night sky you are looking back at light years to stars and galaxies. You are in fact seeing years of information with which to connect with and digest.

Bioenergetics and Information

Bioenergetics is the scientific study of the transformation of energy in living organisms. Biology confirms that we absorb, process, and emit information as energy.When we are exposed to natural light like that from the sun, moon and stars we absorb light codes of information. It is important for you to spend time out in the sun and in balance with your chakras. These things help you to absorb information from the light codes and ascension frequencies beamed in from the stars and higher dimensions.

The suns in different parts of the galaxy and other galaxies beyond our own hold different frequencies of information. Our sun is intelligent and radio signals carry sound messages from it. Also, each constellation and star has unique information that you can receive. There are many extra-terrestrial light beings that are willing to help and guide us in their activation and use. Just as your mobile phone receives wireless information through an electric current we receive light codes from the cosmos through our nervous system.

Sacred sites, ley lines, and the geographical location of where you are contain unique information. You can tap into those light codes too. You receive information through light in a similar way to a computer downloading information from the internet. Your brain and energetic system can download information from just being at a specific location on the earth at a specific time.

Around 98% of DNA is known as ‘junk DNA’ which is asleep, locked, or in stasis. Just like plants wake up or activate in the spring sun after long winter hibernation, our dormant DNA activates when it receives light encoded information of certain frequency and vibration.

Once light penetrates the retina of your eye it is immediately processed and analysed by the pineal gland which controls your central nervous system. Light as energy is distributed throughout our body and ingested by your DNA. Your DNA then begins to wake up and becomes alive in different spectrums of light. Dormant DNA responds to light and is awakened by light codes within the light.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius the rays of light emanating from the constellations of stars all around us in our galaxy is changing. The light codes within these stars are now reaching earth and are powerful enough to awaken our dormant DNA. Drop down to your heart and tune in to connect with these energies.

DNA Phantom Effect

Light holds information. This is proven by science through the DNA phantom effect. Scientists took some DNA from a frog and exposed it a concentrated laser beam of photons. The photons immediately took the shape of the frog DNA and retained the information in the shape when removed from the machine. They put the photons into another machine and beamed them onto salamander eggs which immediately turned into frog eggs.

The photons that were in contact with the frog eggs were intelligent. They held on to the information from the frog DNA. They also absorbed and contained it within the magnetism of the spectrum of light and transferred this information to the salamander egg DNA. This literally manipulated the electromagnetic (biomorphic) field to convert the DNA to become that which it previously was in contact with.

Light transforms DNA through the transfer of information and memory. In particle physics light converts one particle to another by releasing or absorbing energy. Virtual particles pop into and out of existence as manifestations of the quanta of energy carried by the photons. The ability of photons to store and transfer information and create change has already been used effectively in many of our emerging technologies. These include optical electronics and quantum computing.

The Aquarian age brings light to all parts of the earth. Due to its frequency is re-vibrating our bodies into a new molecular form. We can now download information purely from light as light codes and be able to exist in this new frequency of information. The sun governs your thoughts and feelings and your body is connected to the sun. It is the energy that powers our body. Everything is light coded in the ethereal plane.

Electrical charge is being transferred through the ether in and out of your hands and also through your aura. Close your eyes and after a few moments you will be able to feel the energy coming through and even see a glow. The ethereal plane is invisible and can be tapped into to manipulate physical reality. If you are sensitive enough you can actually feel it.  The more electrical charge you are conducting, by being more alkaline, the more power you can channel. This facilitates interaction with the electromagnetic grid of all processes and objects. Each object or living thing has its own field of energy and you can tap into it and react with it.

Watch What You Eat

It is important to alkalize your body as this is like watering a plant. Then you sun gaze to receive cosmic information directly and let the cosmos unlock and activate the dormant DNA in your genes via a transfer of light codes into your energy field.

Change your diet so that you eat naturally. This gives your body all the opportunities to absorb and process light and light codes from the sun, stars and the moon. Become a human plant, and absorb the frequencies of the sun and light codes to upgrade.  Your body absorbs information for your soul as well as nutrients and elements from the food you eat. When your DNA is fully activated you remember how to life on water, sunlight and oxygen. Then you will not feel the need to eat food again.

Become alkaline and perform human photosynthesis. Your body becomes electrically charged by being alkaline. You become spiritually sensitive to light to absorb photons and light codes directly from the sun without having to eat. Drink water for electrons and food for photons but if you are alkaline enough you will only need water and sunlight. We digest information in the day (serotonin release) and process information during the night (melatonin release) and live along with nature’s cycles.

Whoever controls imagery and sound controls the psychology of the brain. Whoever controls the food controls the health and development of who intakes the food. You are what you eat. You bio-electrically respond to the information in light codes through sunlight.

Picture yourself as a walking transmitting radio that processes information.Live your life in a way that always caters to how much signal you process and you vibrate higher. This is how you develop the energy for ascension and receive more and more cosmic information.


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