Did you know that Star Wars is loosely based on ancient galactic wars which lasted for tens of millions of years and ended during biblical times? These events are shrouded in mystery, and vivid stories are painted of ancient astronauts in our religious and mythological texts.

Continue reading this article to discover more about the Lyran wars and how ancient astronauts have influenced humanity.

Galactic history

There have been many epic battles of the gods over millions of years. These were between several extra-terrestrial species within the local part of our galaxy. The main battles were fought in the constellation of Orion, and these wars are known as the Orion Wars. Planet Earth was occupied several times by different extra-terrestrial races long before human history, even dating back to the time of the dinosaurs.

Galactic history, space wars from Orion, and the Lyrans

Over twenty million years ago, in the constellation of Lyra, humanoid races first started exploring the many star systems in their galactic neighbourhood. The ancient Lyrans quickly ventured into colonising the neighbouring planets and they soon ran into other humanoid extra-terrestrial races as well as many non-humanoid races. As the Lyrans colonised more worlds, they attracted the attention of other advanced alien races, and this resulted in conflicts over territory.

Extra-terrestrial Conflict

In our matrix of reality, extra-terrestrial wars started as territorial disputes in the Lyra constellation at the Cradle of Lyra. The Lyrans are highly evolved extra-terrestrials who also created The Elohim. In the Lyran constellation, the first clashes were with the Vegans from Vega. Then the Lyrans and Vegans teamed up together when they encountered aggressive draconian and reptilian civilisations. The disputed territory is the region around what is now the Ring Nebula in Lyra. This region of local extra-terrestrial space has witnessed many intense conflicts between these extra-terrestrial species for millions of years.

Extra-terrestrial ancient astronaut Star Wars

When the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion, it became a war between the false tyrannical ideology of service to self, which is based on fear and domination, against the ideology of service to others which is based on universal love and the Law of One. It is also the seed of the war over consciousnesses between Christ and the Anti-Christ, or between the extremes of order (law) and chaos (anarchy). The warring extra-terrestrial civilisations added their ideologies and agendas to the mix and two main groups of beings emerged. One was a Federation of worlds somewhat like what you see in Star Trek, and the other faction consisted of the Draconian and Orion empires. Their battleground spanned colossal distances across the constellation of Orion.

The Orion Wars

When we tap into the galactic collective consciousness, we remember our ancient galactic heritage, and memories of the galactic wars may come flooding back. These extra-terrestrial conflicts used to consume large sections of the Milky Way for millions of years and are also known as the Orion wars because the main battles were fought in the constellation of Orion. A little over 20 million years ago, the wars started over disputed territory in the constellation of Lyra but soon the galactic war soon spread to Orion. A collective of mainly humanoid races fought a mixed group of other humanoid, draconian, and reptilian races who originated from the constellations of Draco and Orion.

Orion wars and ancient astronauts

Their philosophy of service-to-self meant that by looking after the self then the whole collective is looked after too. However, it was not long until this changed into service to self at the expense of others. This resulted in duality of consciousness and the victim mindset. The Federation saw the emerging Draconian empire as evil (demonic) and in contrast they saw themselves as good (angelic). Thus, these ancient Star Wars became polarised in the field of duality. Also, many extra-terrestrial races devolved from 5th density and above to a denser 3rd and 4th density reality.  Our ancient history contains many examples of conflicts which cannot be resolved because the parties cannot reconcile their different ideals. The Orion wars lasted for aeons without any breakthroughs by either side of ancient astronauts.

Orion star wars and ancient astronauts

In worlds that suffered from Orion and Draconian occupation, there were rebels who wanted to be free from these empires and from the Federation too. Also, more and more factions left the Federation because they were fed up with the expensive and destructive ancient Star Wars.  Thus, a third force emerged to shift the balance of power forever. The Federation and the Draconian and Lyran empires, would not attack the rebels in case the rebels joined up with their enemies forming an unbeatable enemy. However, the rebels failed to make any major breakthroughs in negotiations and a new stalemate was reached where there were now three parties involved.

Enter Merlin, The Cosmic Wizard

During the Orion wars, the divine wizard Merlin made his first appearance. Merlin grew up with the rebels and he demonstrated incredible talents. When he grew up, he taught universal spiritual laws about unconditional love and forgiveness. He saw that all three parties of ancient astronauts were caught in a polarised dualistic perception of reality. This dualistic perception is an illusion, or Maya, and only unconditional love and forgiveness would be able to end the conflict. This philosophy of love and forgiveness was later echoed in the guidance and teachings of Christ, Krishna, and Buddha Shakyamuni.

Merlin the cosmic wizard and ancient extra-terrestrials

Merlin convinced the rebels, the Federation and the Empires to value and respect their differences. There were peace treaties drawn out between all three parties, and this positive shift in ancient extra-terrestrial relationships triggered a massive shift in cosmic and spiritual awareness as well as an elevation in consciousness and vibrational frequency. Over the following millennia, whole populations of people ascended into a higher dimensional reality. Merlin unified these civilisations into aa more peaceful era and a priesthood was formed to share and teach his ideas which still exists today.

Galactic peace failed to reach all corners of the Milky Way galaxy because some extra-terrestrial beings refused to accept the new teachings. Conflicts still occur in some regions of this galaxy, especially where dualism is the dominant mode of society. This is so true with the planet Earth and most people on Earth still believe that living in the illusory veils of duality is the only reality, that there is only the physical universe.

Orion and pillars of creation

Ancient Extra-terrestrial Astronauts on Earth

Advanced extra-terrestrial species have visited Earth on many occasions in the past, during the Orion Wars, and in our recorded history. Thousands of different tribes of humans across the globe have communicated with extra-terrestrials that have visited Earth as well as via spiritual dimensions and the astral plane. Ancient astronauts coming from a diverse range of extra-terrestrial races have helped and guided humanity during biblical times. Some factions of the Annunaki, Draconian and Reptilian species used and abused human beings for their own goals and agendas, or for their fun and amusement.

Our ancient religions thought that the sun, stars, and planets were magical and mystical, and so out of reach for human beings that they must be divine and inhabited by the gods. So, when extra-terrestrials visit tribes and civilisations on Earth, many of them were worshipped over the millennia of the rise and fall of human civilisations. Many ancient people saw the advanced extra-terrestrial technology used by ancient astronauts as magic, and the beings themselves as gods. No wonder when they experience cognitive dissonance in the face of flying saucers from the stars, portals opening where things appear out of nowhere, levitation and invisible control of the elements, and the weird morphology, gadgets, and clothing of man of the visiting ancient aliens.

Our ancestors collected ancient knowledge and wisdom from their many encounters with extra-terrestrials and divine beings from beyond this world. They have helped to shape our modern religions, technology, biology, and human culture. Many beings that humans have worshipped as deities, and many of the stories and myths in religious and creative texts, are of events that happened. Some of the events in the ancestral memories of shamans, and in the minds of spiritually evolved star seeds, occurred in different dimensional planes that were holographically superimposed upon this reality. This means that some, if not most, events that appear as miracles in the bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc., are of other realities that are holographically mixed with our own. You too can experience an overlap of realities through meditation, natural psychedelics, hypnagogic and lucid dreaming experiences, spiritual journeying, and energy healing too.


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