Many of us feel there is more to reality than meets the eye. In fact there are countless realities and countless perspectives of each. We create what we imagine and life is a dream. We are one being experiencing many realities at once as illusions of individual perspectives. All is illusion, dream, virtual holographic via focused imagination. We can all create and live our dreams. It is just that we are so fixed in this one reality that we do not realize this.

It is important for us to understand and feel how we can see through all the veils of reality that are used to shield us from life beyond the matrix of illusion. There are various methods and techniques we can utilize and abilities we can develop. Also it is important to know about what lies beyond the matrix.

Is Death a Way Out?


Many may feel that dying will free them from the matrix of control. This is not necessarily the case as the key to dying and transfer of consciousness (subtle mind or soul) is the emotion or feeling and the level of energy manifesting in another reality or transference space (bardo or intermediate state). So if you die with a happy mind you are more likely to experience a happy afterlife and you resonate or bring into being the environment that manifests. There may be several of these as you become used to once again being living energy without a physical body. If you die in confusion or ignorance thinking there is nothing after death, or with a mind of anger or despair, then a less favorable environment will manifest. This is because like energy attracts like and thought forms attract or attach to environments that appear like illusions. Like a fly trapped in amber you may become fixated on what you see and the observer effect makes this more real until it becomes your new reality and you lose touch with your physical life.

Death is the process of leaving this physical reality. A fear of death can be used to help focus your life and your intentions in life. By becoming more familiar with the signs of increasingly subtle perception we can see the way or ways out. Ideally we realize this in this life by remembering we are all the same, equal, and interchangeable. We are light mixing with light (or water mixing with water). Even the atoms in our bodies are empty of substance and are mere projection held together by the illusion of the laws of physics. Without the laws of physics we would not be alive to experience this life.

Today we can also meditate on holographic virtual reality, fractals, structural light, colour geometry, multi-dimensional spaces, sacred geometry, and all sorts of things. Some of these will emanate more and more veils and delusions. Some will appear as Mandela effects that we notice when aware and present, or when we struggle and ‘rattle our invisible chains’. There are numerous ways of remembering and realizing who and what we are and how to transcend all limitations. It starts with a decision that ‘we are enlightened Buddhas’ and are of the same nature as everything and everyone else.

Death Tunnel
Walk into the light

Whatever we imagine becomes our reality when we die. It is like a dream which becomes our experiential reality. When we dream we usually have no control over where we go. The experience is built up of a composite of what is being processed. A similar thing occurs when we die and the chemical DMT is released which facilitates or catalyses the process. We can train our minds to spontaneously spot the energy, feeling, texture or colour of a heavenly reality. Then we visualize it appearing around us during all states of consciousness including sleep. It is then that we can transfer consciousness (soul) successfully at death.

Why Are We in The Matrix?

What appears to us becomes our manifest (illusory physical / etheric) reality. We are in a matrix of our own construction but in recent times it has also been influenced by unsavory elements. There are also other veils or levels of control beyond our physical reality. Our perception of reality can be influenced or tapped into by energies that we attract or which are controlling the matrix itself. These negative forces are known as our own delusions manifesting form – including the demiurge, satan, archons, reptilians or greys, demons or maras. They hack into the matrix at a higher level to access the point of entry into and out of physical reality (the lower astral realms). They cut off the connection with our higher self (our divine self who is one with creation) and project false realities and fake life reviews and judgement to enslave ourselves. They generally appear as only being we may relate to, environments from our beliefs, and persuade us into another crappy rebirth. Like shadow parasites they feed off the energy of the souls or consciousness and the iconic imagine in The Matrix (film) of people farmed through pods and feeder tubes is very strong and apt here.


As we live in a matrix of perception beyond the matrix of physical control, we may feel we are bound by its laws and illusory limitations. This is the matrix within the matrix. The beings/energies controlling us and our society do not want us to know about this. They feed on the fear and repeating our belief patterns and if we transcend these they go hungry. These they channel via low vibration input and feed our negative energies into pocket universes or astral sub-spaces. They do this by widening the portal between their reality and ours. If they succeed their reality will bleed into ours in greater degrees until we are completely enslaved and controlled like robots. This is the reality of the cybermen or borg, the Terminator like AI, the dark magic of power hungry sorcerers, and warlike extraterrestrials. We need to cut off ties and bonds to all these agencies so they cannot feed on us and lose grip on our reality, forgotten in the seas of time and deleted from the storage in the Akashic records.

As we ascend and our light levels increase our internal and external outlook widens in spectrum and focus. We see through things, we see the holographic veils and the consequences of out thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. We naturally choose to ignore the mass driven funnels through the media and cultural conditioning that lead to more negative realms of experience. Instead we will  head for blissful positive ones with love and compassion. Once we connect with our higher self and the divine oneness of all we can really progress forward. Once connected to our higher self and our guides we also are in contact with all enlightened beings, including Buddhas, higher dimensional extraterrestrials, ascended beings, and can visit places like temples and other worlds for relearning and remembering our true nature, the love within, and our spiritual power.


By going inwards and emptying your mind you touch the void. We a laser focused concentration on the emptiness within, your wave-function collapses and you escape. Let go of everything and free all entanglements. Then you escape. You can also overload the matrix (The Grid) through over-taxing its processing using your imagination. You can also patch in the unfiltered streams of information attainable with psychedelics and advanced meditations.

Another way which is preferred by many is to work with living energies (beings) outside of the matrix who are here to help us such as the Lyrans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lemurians, etc. That is unless they are all part of it as well. In fact we could live in a matrix within a matrix within a matrix all within a fractal hologram in multiple dimensions. The rabbit hole gets as deep as the imagination flows. There are countless astral realms and realities beyond and likely these are holograms or conscious energy fields projecting substantial realities with different physical laws (or none) and dimensional spaces.

Ways to Escape the Matrix

A field of information pervades all realities and dimensions. This is also known as the Akashic field or the ether. This is a void teeming with information such as light codes and energy. We remember we have access to all this information that is also emptiness. It is the information that stores and renders everything. Successfully meditating on the feeling of a friction-less superconducting super-fluid that lacks form, space or time, will help. Alternatively you can use any person, mind or object and use techniques described for millennia in many non-dual spiritual paths such as Vedanta and Dharma.

The conventional or physical reality is our relative experience which we use to learn, experience, and help others. The ultimate or absolute reality is that which is beyond space, time, limitation, or dimension. Once detached or disentangled from our dimension, the astral dimensions, the mental realms, and all other higher and lower planes of existence, we are free to experience nirvana and return to help others. Nirvana is the experience of everlasting love, peace and calm within, and its reflection as pure bodies, environments and energies.

Matrix ether

Everything appears to change because we live in an illusion. This illusion runs in an unseen dimension of time. Our collective perceptions maintain a density and solidity of this holographic virtual reality that we live in. As we awaken we reinforce a new collective reality of a purer ascended world. There we are all in love and at peace and in harmony with all creation. Together we create a rich tapestry of ascension and transmit to the masses and people like Donald Trump via dreams and through media channels.

To escape the matrix of samsara we clear our mind of all thoughts and meditate on the lack of independent existence of each and every thing. Realizing this we also realize that each and every thing whether illusion, delusion, physical or non-physical, depends on everything else to appear to exist. We also realize entanglement or interconnection like a web and also the field of energy from which all that we describe as our reality is a manifestation. In fact anything that overloads or jams the matrix or which gains momentum for more people to use certain techniques will help us all awaken and escape.

Ramp up the logical and the creative and synthesize the fusion of the two when looking at things from several perspectives simultaneously. This invokes links to parallel dimensions, guides, and energies and also overloads the matrix. It creates a quantum paradox when observing a process, experiment, or phenomenon from several angles at once. Looped into the simulation is every possibly imaginable reality that may potentially appear. If too much appears the matrix breaks down. It overloads and short-circuits.

If several observers see the same thing in different ways then it may appear different to new observers too. Conflicting information can be rendered and experienced in a state of flux or being in more than once place at the same time. This can be used to move things around, change shapes and teleport. The human matrix is easiest to lift but when nature shifts you feel it like Carlos Castaneda, time slips or reality changes such as deja-vu and Mandela effects.

Let go and embrace this life. Live it and triumph knowing it is a collective holographic projection. This world which is a collective holographic illusion projected by our collective consciousness with that of nature. You re-tune your frequency and vibration by shifting your assemblage point. This is the point that turns light into matter. It sits in your aura around the upper back and projects and stabilizes your light field into physical and aura vibrations. Once you can shift this point then many feats become attainable with practice.

Meditate single pointedly on universal love and compassion at your heart continuously abiding in the pure light of bliss through the portal of emptiness. The heart chakra is where the spiritual energy from source meets the elemental energy from earth, where the male meets and female and where you pulse with love to the tune of the divine cosmos. You resonate at the Schumann frequency of the divine cosmos which is much higher than earth and the earth’s frequency rises too.

‘Reality’ is similar to ‘free will’ because it is typically defined in terms of what it is not, rather than what it is. Reality is what is left, once all illusions, wrong awareness’s (phantasms), and delusions (such as anger, ignorance and attachment), are removed. One challenge is having some means of knowing when all traces and imprints of the above have been removed.  For example, in ‘The Matrix’, Neo did not know if he had ever actually been removed from the matrix.

When you dream how can you tell if you are dreaming a dream within a dream until you wake up and realize that you are not? Life is a dream. We are actually in the middle of an unlocking of 3D to 5D transition where we elevate or ascend the earth and use methods like Morpheus channeling to wake everyone up from the matrix. This is sending awakening codes through the higher self network (the hierarchy) into the higher selves of everyone. They then have the choice to remember and wake up like taking the red pill (for truth of reality, knowledge and freedom), or they can stay in the blissful ignorance of illusion and security (the blue pill). We all deserve to make this choice with all information available and presented. Dreams are ideal for this as is the internet and some media channels. We can also channel Morpheus during lucid dreaming to gather energies and send dreams to Donald Trump and to the masses.


Emptiness from stillness, stillness from emptiness. You can set your intention to dissolve all phenomena individually and together into emptiness. Then meditate regularly and daily, perhaps over many years. Stillness is easier for people to understand and emptiness is reached non-conceptually through stillness. Contemplation can be simple and intuitive, or complex and analytical. It is what suits the individual emanation of the Divine. If you google ‘stillness emptiness’ and then read about the difference between the two. They are related to levels of awareness which are also empty of non-entangled existence.

Imagine everything is holographic and connected and run pure divine healing energy channeled through ascended masters and enlightened beings. Also set your intention to purify all variations in all dimensional hierarchies. These run from 0 to 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and the 9th dimensional fractal web-like ‘neural’ network. These fold into the 10 dimensional point of awareness that lies within and without. Repeat for all sub-realities and harmonics. This is the emptiness of all dimensions and is synonymous with the emptiness of Indra’s Net. This is the recursive infinity hyper-tunnel reflecting all realities countless times including shadow realities spiraling from a unique but still countless set of true real ones.

Rebooting your Life

What does all this mean in terms of the way you live your life here on Earth? If you believe the universe really is a grand simulation created by a higher power then it forces you to rethink your philosophy on the purpose of life. For a start we agree to a precious human life to grow as souls through the experience of being physical. Our universe is a serious test of spiritual strength and not a childish playground or a library of intellectual information.

Earth grid

Don’t chase material things that aren’t even real in the first place. You are living in a simulation that’s as real as The Sims. Focusing on collecting money and wealth in this world is about as foolish as collecting gold coins in a role-playing computer game. They are tokens with no true value. The same is true of personal possessions, worldly power and attachments.

Live your life to win the simulation. Winning means continuously working to transcend temptations and attachments and demonstrate love. Help to awaken others. Work to excel in virtue by awakening others through acts of love and compassion and by sharing information through authentic channeling sources. Rack up your karma points and focus on empowering yourself to empower others from your heart. Then your mind becomes lighter and cleaner and you naturally ascend.

Your thoughts, emotions, words and actions are continuously watched and recorded. There are ultimately no secrets. You will in time face the consequences of your actions. So keep your internal world as pure as possible and strive to improve in every moment. An entire civilization of advanced creators may review your actions with you to help you/ Remember they are also you and know in your heart if the feedback is authentic. If not then question it. In face question and investigate everything in your experience before death so you intuitively know what is true and what is not. Your actions are recorded as imprints or light codes on your soul and stored eternally in the Akashic records. So make them count. Refrain from actions your soul or higher self would not do.

Death is not final. What matters mostly is living your life with principle. Your decisions and the way you live your life, and your morals and ethics, survive your human life.  I would rather die defending my principles of universal love, compassion, and enlightenment than compromise those principles to save my own skin. Life is fleeting but the record of your morals and behaviors last forever. Yes, you can cleanse karma and purify these but it is far better to not let poor behaviour manifest in the first place. Control your mind with your heart and feel open and discerning.

Realize your consciousness is eternal and you almost certainly agreed to come here and experience this life as a spiritual test. So do your best to achieve success within by embodying high spiritual principles. Embody your precious human life and become superhuman in your outlook and ability to discern and learn from authentic experiences.


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