Humanity lives in a holographic simulation or time-locked energy matrix, or grid, similar to those depicted in various films including The Matrix and Tron.

Matter, energy, space, time and information are all holographic. Our physical universe unfolds according to the arrow of time and it is also physically bound by time. The world we live in functions as a crucible of learning about life, death, energy and enlightenment. It is like a virtual reality training environment that is self-aware and evolves through causes and conditions. In a sense our lives and the world we live in can be pictured as a much more sophisticated variation of the popular SIMS computer game.

Each of us is an avatar with our own perspective of this reality. We collectively reinforce the apparent solidity of our world through focusing our energies on our various everyday dramas and our cultural and beliefs.

Our Reality

We can understand our world through our experience of living and what being alive means. We are born in bodies of flesh and bone that consist of the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether. Between the moment of conception in the womb and birth our higher self or soul decides to enter a physical body to experience life and learn and develop from the unique perspective of life on earth. The program of life runs through each and every one of us through our DNA coding and the unfolding of causes and conditions through time and space.

From an elevated ‘godlike’ perspective that lies beyond space and time we are like mayflies living a moment of physical life in a sea of eternity. Our natural state is a living sentient energy that flows through spiritual dimensions and is connected intimately with the field of love and light that emanates from the Source Creator awareness. When we decide to be born we are agreeing to a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth that appears endless and in which we make progress and develop, rise, fall and rise again.

Matrix Code

We experience life in the here and now. Our minds become attached or immersed in the events, actions, thoughts and emotions of our limited perception. If we could remember all we are through all dimensions or densities of existence we would know everything. However this knowledge and information is many factors of ten more than can be retained and processed in our brains and our energy fields. We remember when we are limitless beings of light not limited in our vessels of flesh and bone.

We are born without memory of where we were before. Sometimes we retain fragments of memories of other lives or modes of existence. These vanish as we become immersed in this reality during childhood. Also, the trauma of the birthing process can make us forget and we become separated, or set adrift, from our higher self (our ‘I AM’ or soul identity).

The ether that surrounds and interpenetrates us is like water and the structures of our physical universe float in this ether like icebergs floating in the sea. The ether is the ‘water’ around us and in us too. The majority of the iceberg is below the surface hidden and unseen. This is like the dark matter our scientists have proved to exist. Matter is dense energy (light and information) and we are conscious avatars. We also interact with other dimensions and realms in sleep and dreams, astral projection, out of body experiences, during meditation and journeying, and sometimes through psychedelics and other chemicals.

What is the Matrix?

The universe is a consciousness hologram and reality is a projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment that was created in linear time to study emotions and evolution of individual and group consciousness. Our hologram is composed of grids or veils created by a source consciousness. It is brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy acting at the physical level. As time is an illusion so is everything else. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid of matrix levels or dimensions that are based on sacred geometry patterns. This hologram has a beginning and an end but can appear to have no beginning and no end because we are trapped inside of it.

Alex Gray Matrix

We entrap ourselves within the matrix of our own creation like flies in amber. We create what we observe each and every time we look outwards or inwards and probe with our science and technology. When more and more of us believe in an idea or an observation this crystallizes into finer and finer details. As a result it becomes more solid and real to us. This is like peering down a microscope expecting a particular observation and then observing what you predict to see. Also, for example, it is when we all follow the news about 9/11 without knowing that it has been staged by those in power to create an atmosphere of fear a reaction to terror.

This ‘observer effect’ can also land us in ‘hot water’ when we follow the various systems and conventions of our modern human society without question, or just because it is the law. Some of the low vibration light codes and sound frequencies used by controlling organisations are designed to dumb us down or make us emotional reactive. We don’t want to be sheep or robots yet our media channels, workplaces and governments often treat us that way. We are free and only illusion separates us from true reality.

There is also influence by negative energies or entities. Some are in human bodies somewhat like the agents in The Matrix. These include but are not limited to negative extraterrestrials, shadow parasites, energy vampires, asuras, or maras/demons. Their methods include the fostering of internal delusions such as anger, lust, greed and ignorance. Their technologies include etheric implants, frequency technologies, sorcery, and Orwellian systems of control including finance, governance, and media. They feed on our despair, anger, lust and fear. They spread misinformation and distrust promoting separation and the need to be a good robot (techno zombie, cyberman). They also hack into the surrounding energy matrix and the afterlife to stop us from escaping or realizing who we truly are. 

Life as a SIMS VR Game


Humanity lives inside a multi-dimensional version of ‘The SIMS’ computer game. This is where you choose an avatar (your features and clothes), statistics (your abilities and inclinations), and then play a game of living one of several lives in a virtual environment simulated with many of the features of this world. You work a job, meet people, play with the layout of your home, look after a family, and organize your day. You also feel off if you neglect things like going to the loo, washing your self, cooking food, or socializing with friends. Then you repeat similar activities each day with some variation. You get older and hopefully wiser as time passes and then you die. It is frighteningly simple to recreate and they have artificial intelligence characters who have some limited ‘thinking’ ability.

We can also see the game of life run like a role playing game. This is one in which we are spiritual beings playing avatars in hard-light holographic bodies. Within our bodies we have a more limited local awareness and beyond our bodies we have a limitless energy awareness. When living life we mostly or totally related to our limited physical self. During moments of insight, intuition or where the ego surrenders its hold to the higher self of love then miracles may happen and the magic flows. Time may slow down or stop and you may find yourself in another dimension in the company of angels or other beings of light.

There has lately been a trend for people to play computer games wearing virtual reality headgear. They play games immersed in a man-made computer world, like a primitive Tron, and play violent and educational games whilst shut off from this world. Thus their reality shifts to the avatar in the virtual world and they for a time become someone else like an actor on stage. Well this is odd really that we are seeking escapism in such a way when we are indeed avatars in virtual bodies. The difference is this is life and the computer world is pixels and data. Well hold on a minute. There is no difference in this respect. We have the Planck resolution of space and time, the boundary of the speed of light and the fact we are living energy from another dimension inside bodies that we do not own.

Virtual Reality

Imagine that when we die we all wake up to our true self in a mother ship in an incubator, and all of this was just a training game, and we return to our normal life. Then we would see our last human life as a learning experience and perhaps as entertainment. It would be one memory of many and aspects of our personality will remain. Then we would engage in our present life in whichever dimension or world we live in. The energy reality is a little like that with the difference that we are shared energy so information from each life is available to all via the records of storage, the Akashic records. This is where you get many of your ‘training programs’ from.

Samsara and Nirvana

Samsara means cyclic existence. It is the holographic matrix, or gird, that humanity lives in and the dimensions of the gods and other realms. It is the cycle of continuous suffering with the perception of endless rebirth. Its features are amnesia, karma and interdependence (entanglement). It is the sea of illusion from which everything appears according to causes and conditions, where change is the only constant, and suffering is a feature of the series on ‘uncontrolled’ rebirths ranging from the lowest hell to the highest god realm. We are entangled in everything we think, say and do and live in ignorance because we are not taught any other way or decide to ignore our experiences, dreams and visions.

Recycle life

Nirvana is the forever lasting freedom from the matrix and all of its levels of suffering. To escape we go within and meditate, overload it with recurring information with fractal variation (imagination limitless), or/and rely on energies within your heart (soul) and those beyond the matrix (ET’s, Buddha, etc.). Focus single pointedly on a particle or object and at the same time focus on the energy of the object/particle in all of space. This means we observe and become the local object (particle) and the non-localized ‘invisible’ wave at the same time.

Samsara Wheel

Buddha shared with us, a few thousand years ago, that we live in a simulation of character birth, death, and re-birth that we call reincarnation. He taught his disciples to keep meditating until they see the ultimate truth of emptiness. When his disciples asked him what it was he told them not to ponder on it too much, and that they would recognize it when they are bodhisattvas. Well in those times he could even begin to describe to people and his disciples that we were all living in one giant computer SIMS matrix. He didn’t even understand what he saw as he mastered his meditation techniques or maybe he did and saw great confusion in his followers. He saw some kind of digital matrix and called it the ultimate truth. He encouraged them to meditate and focus on emptying their minds and focusing on the lack of independent existence of anything and everything (emptiness field or the code of the matrix of all samsara). This is so as to extinguish their desires for things in this material world, end their cycle of death and rebirth, and achieve their ultimate state of nirvana bliss abiding in emptiness.

Tron Grid

You chose to be in this frequency it’s not like someone trapped you. It is because we are all more than human beings, maybe not the same species but we are all here together because we wanted to get the knowledge of knowing nothing. We are endless energy, and we can have anything, we are everything so we chose this game (this life) so we could experience what it is to know nothing. All you are doing in this life is getting info you are teaching yourself all the time every second of your life, because it is the purpose of life to show you what means to be dumb to know nothing, so you have to get information.

However, in one life you can’t achieve all that so we have lived a lot of lives before this one, but this life seems strange to some people because in fact it is strange, we are living this life but its repeating itself a couple of times, because a lot of species didn’t finish their game of life and they want to stay more time here that is why we think we are trapped and someone is using us. It’s just them trying to slow down the process of awakening or better the process of changing frequency.

The real you is you in the form of everything. There is no heaven and hell and when you are free of the body you are practically limitless. So you must choose another life to get to the end of it. Light codes are the keys that help us realize our true selves and escape the matrix and our suffering of samsara within it.


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