In the article below are some ideas about our creation and ancient evolution. Science says we evolved from apes and they feel it unlikely we were visited by ancient astronauts. Ancient astronaut theories like Erich von Däniken feel that we have been visited many times and that human beings were enslaved by the Annunaki and other negative ET’s. He also feels that we have been guided and much of our culture and technology is not of our own conception or in some cases construction. There are also ideas relating to ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemurian and the role of psychedelics and channeling from divine and cosmic sources. Perhaps all of these play a role in the rich tapestry of our ancient history.

Founders and Prism of Lyra

Before the creation of our universe there is an eternal consciousness that we may refer to source consciousness or unified living energy. A collective of living beings were created by this ‘God’ consciousness and decided to descend from higher to lower density through the Prism of Lyra so they could experience being physical and also the duality of separation from the whole. There were known as The Founders, creator Gods or Elohim by definition, and consisted of an original group consciousness which descended at various levels and sowed the seeds for humanity. They chose to separate from the unity consciousness that passed through the Prism of Lyra. The Founders retained enough of their memory of oneness, why they fragmented, and how to integrate into oneness again.

When they split from the unified whole, The Founders were aware of the divine holographic blueprint. This was chosen for their manifestation in our universe. From this genetic blueprint they knew that children carry the genetic coding of their parents. It was their responsibility to influence the creation and growth of new consciousness. They embodied and lived the intentions of the divine blueprint, understanding and knowing how to generate from code and further fragment into individual soul consciousness on earth and other worlds. They seeded the Lyran, Vegan, Terran, Sirian, and other civilisations. The Founders manifest in an insect-like humanoid form which is tall, graceful, and androgynous.


The Founders began to understand the natural energy patterns and layers of their new polarized reality. They saw clearly that that the newly fragmented group consciousness interfaces with specific realities (dimensional and physical densities) within the bounds of a superposition of pure virtue (positivity), a point of pure evil (negativity), or an integration of the two. This is the most likely probability of the synthesis of the positive (virtue) and negative (non-virtue).  All interactions occur within the lines that connect each point, with very few aspects of consciousness existing within the points of purity. This realization inspired them to understand a paradigm of polarized reality, which was something exciting and new to their understanding. Further details are available from ‘Prism of Lyra’ by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest for details.

History of the Earth

Our universe came into existence as an idea envisaged and manifested by the creating consciousness. It is much older than our scientists think, perhaps fifty trillion years, or without beginning. Our big bang expansion is just one of many cycles and many permutations and time did not always flow in way it does now. For instance there are countless parallel earths with different histories and beings living on her.

Earth is also much older and in most of that time it existed in a gaseous phase. It slowly took shape and formed over billions of years. In the universe, earth is better known as Terra or Gaia. The first alien visitors were reptilian and attracted to earth for its resources and natural diversity. They landed on our planet over a billion years ago and since then many civilizations have risen and fallen and many beings have visited and helped humanity in various ways positively and negatively.

Ancient Earth

Our current global civilization is the third one that has ever existed. The first civilization is Hyperborea which, according to Sheldan Nidle in his book ‘Your First Contact’, was a society of intelligent groups of intelligent reptilian beings, saurian (dinosaurs), and land-based whale like creatures. These three groups of living beings coexisted peacefully for millions of years. This status quo was disrupted by malevolent visitors from the Orion constellation. The resulting conflict ended in a nuclear war around eight million years ago.

The second civilization consisted of Atlantis and Lemuria, also known as Mu. Numerous books have been written about the rise and fall of these civilizations. Also, many people can remember a lot about this period from memories of their past/other lives. Both were technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations, in many ways much higher than our own. Lemuria was established by extra-terrestrials on a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis sprang forth later. There were other civilizations, benefiting from trade and knowledge with Atlantis and Lemuria, in other parts of the world. Both Atlantis and Lemuria were in contact with star nations and lived for hundreds of thousands of years in peace alongside each other.

Influence of Venus and Mars

Venus Mars

Some scientists who theorized that Venus may have in the past possessed an atmosphere like Earth has today before global warming led to a runaway greenhouse effect which greatly changed the atmosphere and raised temperatures on the surface. Many ancient civilizations left written records clearly stating that they were in contact with visitors from Venus. These include the Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis and peoples of ancient India and Tibet. They all claimed that they were taught how to build their civilizations from people from the stars and also gods who visited earth in flying machines from Venus.

At the annual Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Florence, compelling evidence was presented that life on Earth was kick-started by a meteorite from Mars containing simple, RNA-based organisms billions of years ago. This research also indicates that the ancient, primordial surface of Earth was inhospitable to the formation of the building blocks of life (RNA, DNA, and proteins). So the only way that life could’ve begun more than three billion years ago is if it arrived here from space and a meteorite from Mars is the most likely scenario.

Face on Mars

Intelligent warlike beings lived on Mars millions of years ago. They destroyed their planet and went to earth during the time of Atlantis and also to Venus which was occupied at the time. There is evidence of statues, pyramids and other features such as the face on Mars. Dr John Brandenburg says that ancient civilizations on Mars were destroyed by a nuclear attack from another alien race. Also he says that ancient Martians known as Cydonians and Utopians were massacred in the attack. Scientific analysis shows that the Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium from a ‘hot spot’ on Mars. This evidence indicates a catastrophic nuclear apocalypse on Mars in the past.

The Legend of Atlantis

Plato, at about 360 BC, described the founders of Atlantis as demigods (half-god and half-human). They created a Utopian civilization and became a great naval power. Also, their home was made up of concentric islands separated by wide moats and linked by a canal linking the islands to the centre. The islands were green and fertile and contained precious metals including gold and silver. They also supported an abundance of rare, exotic wildlife. There was a great capital city on the central island. Plato said Atlantis existed about 9,000 years before his own time.

Atlantis is a legend about a moral spiritual people who lived in a highly advanced Utopian civilization. Over time some of them became greedy, petty, and morally bankrupt in a similar way to the controlling elite in today’s age. It is said the gods became angry because the people had lost their way and turned to immoral pursuits. Atlantis sank into the sea as a result of the combination of conflict with other beings then known as gods but were actually extraterrestrials, specifically Annunaki from Mars.

Atlantis and Lemuria came into conflict with each other at the end of the last 26,000 year cycle. Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis at the end of this war. Atlantis also perished at the end of the last 11,500 year cycle. They became greedy and careless with physical technology including the use of lasers and particle acceleration to manipulate the earth’s energy field via geometry and resonance. In the resulting period of unprecedented natural disasters, including a rift in the Earth’s crust and a tipping of the Earth’s axis, Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea in a great flood and much of the empire lost to memory.


The surviving population had no option but to abandon Atlantis. They formed the foundations for the development of advanced ancient civilizations including those in South America and ancient Egypt. Many Lemurians and Atlanteans fled underground during these turbulent periods. Their descendants still live there today as the subterranean civilization of the Agarthans. Others fled across the oceans to Greece, Egypt, India, South America and many other parts of the ancient world.

Researchers have made many attempts to locate Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, on islands and even in Europe. Nothing has been confirmed physically. Atlantis was a continent about the size of Asia and also contained many islands. It is speculated that the continent lies beyond the pillars of Heracles indicating that it is likely at or near South America. Timaus and Critias also described South American topography as the description of Atlantis.

The Annunaki

There are numerous archaeological discoveries of artifacts, records, and monuments. It is believed that the Anunnaki played a key role in our human origins and history of our cultures. Annunaki are defined by the Sumerians as ‘those who came down from the heavens’. They are an extremely advanced civilization from another planet in our solar system, likely Mars or Nibiru (a Sirian world). They first arrived in the Persian Gulf around 430,000 years ago.

In 1976, author Zecharina Sitchin published his personal translations of the Sumerian texts. According to Sitchin (author of The Earth Chronicles), the clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki, who came to Earth to mine gold. Sitchin suggests that extra-terrestrials visited earth in the past because their home-planet needed gold to survive.


According to Sitchin, approximately some 250,000 years ago the ancient Anunnaki merged their Alien genes with that of Homo Erectus and created a species known as Homo Sapiens, obtaining a genetically bicameral species. However these human hybrids could not procreate.

As the demand for humans as workers became greater the ancient Anunnaki once again manipulated ancient mankind so they could reproduce on their own. The genetically altered humanoid beings spread on Earth and were used as slaves for the construction of megalithic buildings. They were very tall, strong and psychically powerful because of genetic engineering techniques.

Key Biblical Events

Whilst many things happened in the last few thousand years the main biblical events where ancient aliens (ancient astronauts) are suspected to have a role are summarized below:

  • Some 8000 years ago, a second genesis takes place. This is the one described in the bible in which the Elohim (Anu, Enlil, etc.) create man from its own genes by cloning in their image and likeness.
  • Enki together with his subordinates, the Nephilim (the fallen angels), took as their wives the daughters of men and conceived giants.
  • Anu (Yahweh) convened a meeting of gods on Nibiru (Eris) and decided to destroy the monstrous creatures. The messenger between Enki (Azazel) and Anu was Enoch who arrived on Nibiru.
  • The universal cataclysm known as ‘The Flood’ happened. This is when Yahweh saved Noah and his family inside a vessel of 180 metres in length.
  • The isolation into the empty interior of the Earth of the Anunnaki led by Enki. They were not allowed anymore on Nibiru and were given the possibility to act only on Earth following directions received from Yahweh.
  • After the people who were created in the image of the Anunnaki started to multiply around the ‘Babel Tower’ they have been spread all around the world with the Elohim’s spaceships among the indigenous more primitive population that had evolved from the apes.

In Hindu mythology the gods and their avatars traveled from place to place in flying vehicles known as vimana and merkaba. There are many mentions of these flying machines in the Ramayana which dates to the 5th or 4th century BC. It is possible that these beings visited other parts of the world and were referred to by different names and legends and mistaken for some of the beings described in other popular religious texts.

Channeling, ET’s, and Human Creativity

Ancient civilizations may have developed advanced cultures and technology through their ability to channel information from other dimensions. They also received assistance from visiting extraterrestrials and were as a result more organised and advanced than many people think from the circumstantial archaeological evidence. It is entirely possible that the actual construction of structures and monuments dedicated to their ‘gods’ was achieved by human beings supervised by more advanced humanoid beings from space (ancient astronauts) or via astral communication. This supervision may not have been done physically, rather from visions, dreams and channeling through sensitives including shamans and oracles.

Throughout our cultural history psychedelics have molded our beliefs, culture, and society. Regular ingestion of psychoactive compounds from plants may have helped drive our early cultures to connect with the energy from the stars, the earth, the divine realms, and also several factions of extraterrestrials. It may have been our ancient shamans that connected with other dimensions and astral realms. Some of those beings may have visited earth from non-physical realms outside of space and time as a result of this instantaneous mode of communication thus cutting out all light speed restrictions. Also psychedelic use and development of tribes as well as inventing fire and cooking food have triggered a rapid brain growth plus subsequent development of advanced consciousness, and also our science, art, cultures, and belief systems.

Psychedelic Shamans

Cultures across the world in ancient times communicated through trade and travel. Also there is a telepathic resonance between diverse cultures across the planet. This may help to explain why there are similar artifacts, ideas and a convergence of structures such as pyramids and megaliths of extraterrestrials and gods.

Ancient starseeds reincarnated as humans to guide humanity with some memory of divine or other spiritual realms. These extraterrestrial souls in human form may have also been perceived as gods in ancient times and shared extraterrestrial knowledge with human civilizations. Atlantis, Lemuria and other lost civilizations are ideas across cultures over time and these legends and myths indicate portals or cross-dimensional communication. Whilst these physically existed on earth much of the information we have has been channeled through other dimensions.

Beings from other worlds and other dimensions including parallel earths and spirit guides are there to help and guide us. We still need to make the ideas and light transmissions real by engaging in grounded activities in the physical world, aligning and harmonizing our society towards unity. This process is not new. In fact it is a primal reason why we develop advanced civilizations with rich cultures and diverse technology. Also, human beings can collectively create and invent most things we imagine through experimentation and experience.


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