DNA is a molecule which contains instructions on how our organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. It also tells each cell what role they should play in the body.

Thanks to DNA activation, you can achieve your highest potential and accelerate your psychic senses.

The DNA has some dormant parts which is why it’s important to activate it and continue the evolution process and reach the next level of your human consciousness.

Ascension is a similar process and it refers to aligning with higher consciousness and with the divine. It won’t happen in an instant, but it’s rather something which occurs as we become more aware and connected to our inner voice.

After the ascension, you will witness total transformation. It will change your spiritual, mental and physical being, as well as the way you perceive and relate to the world around you.

Now that I’ve defined both of these terms, I want to tell you how ascension is similar to DNA activation.

How Is Ascension Connected to DNA Activation

First of all, they are both conscious efforts we’re making to expand our awareness, step into a higher level of light and experience unconditional love.

If you want to be brought closer to a higher spiritual vibration, then you need to take advantage of DNA activation. Similarly, ascension is the process through which we elevate our vibration little by little, every single day.

In human dimensionality, we have only two DNA strands you can see. But there are also ten other strands you can’t see.

During the process, the ten strands of DNA are connected to our brain and body. Because your vibration will be elevated, you will notice that fear will be diminished, you will release pain and guilt and you will experience more joy, creativity and self-expression.

Ascension and DNA activation will happen as we constantly increase our presence and become more aware of the level of consciousness.


Aside from awareness, ascension is also related to integration. It’s about the fact we’re not separated from one another, we are one, we are the source of light.

Most importantly, our cellular genetic make-up contains encodements and each and every one of our cells has its consciousness.

We are completely responsible for altering the structure of our DNA which can be done through changing our emotions and thoughts. These changes will alter the biochemistry and brain chemistry and will lead to cellular transformation due to the vibration of the entire body.

Ascension and DNA Activation Are Available to All of Us

Both of these take commitment and self-responsibility because you’ll need to battle with old habits and patterns to evolve, ascend and go into the light.

Luckily. I’ve started to notice more people and more are starting to wake up and realize their fullest human potential is yet to be discovered and DNA activation and ascension will lead them there.


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