Many people are fascinated by ancient Egypt. It is one of our oldest civilisations and archaeologists are discovering more and more ancient knowledge and evidence of ancient technology and ancient astronauts. The Egyptian civilisation spanned three millennia from 3100BCE to 332BCE.

Ancient Egyptian culture, its spiritual practices, and its technology evolved over time. Their civilisation originated along the Nile River, and it is recognised as one of the major ancient human civilisations. The ancient Egyptians developed a unique language with over 700 symbols in their hieroglyphic alphabet.  Archaeologists have also discovered that the ancient Egyptians invented many tools which we take for granted today including keys, pens, paper, and toothpaste.

Hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian knowledge

Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools

The people of ancient Egypt were entranced by death, magical practices and the mystical arts. Many believe that they were helped by extra-terrestrials, also know as ancient astronauts or Annunaki, and that their ritual practices and encoded language held true power and wisdom.

Ancient mystery schools were set up to train and educate acolytes into the practices and rituals associated with eternal knowledge and wisdom from the stars, from the divine realms, and from many sources in other dimensions. The Mystery Schools of Egypt are located in secret temples where priests would train initiates into the mystical arts. Also, magical artifacts were created and concealed behind the veil of hieroglyphics, mysticism, and symbolism.

Initiates find mystery schools tough. They are specially selected when they are ready for the ordeals they will face. Initiates will let go of leading a normal life to experience the extremes of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges and initiations. During an initiation, initiates receive ancient light code transmissions and activations. Also, they gain valuable insights into ancient knowledge, magic, and wisdom.

Mystery school initiates will be changed at all levels of their being and their light bodes are upgraded ready for ascension. They will experience secret teachings from the realms beyond space and time as a reward for all their hard work, dedication, and hardship. They will also experience other realities, other times, and other worlds as well as continuing illumination and guidance for their continuing spiritual development.

Mystery school are tough and the initiates are specially selected when they are ready for the ordeals they will face. Initiates let go of leading a normal life to experience the extremes of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges and initiations. During an initiation, initiates receive activations, ancient light code transmissions, and they also gain valuable insights into ancient knowledge and wisdom. They will be changed at all levels of their being including physical, emotional, and spiritual vessels. As a reward for their many years of hard work, dedication, and austerity, they will experience the secret teachings from realms beyond time and space. They will also experience other times, other worlds, and what they need to do to continue on their path of mastery and spiritual ascension.

Ancient knowledge and wisdom from ancient astronauts

When initiates have completely transcended the limitations of their body, soul, and spirit, they could see deeply into a greater reality. Also, they could correctly discern the paths or routes that their soul takes in the afterlife. Freedom or liberation is reached when initiates accept everything in their path and their minds are free of ego and clear of thoughts and feelings. Then the initiates become masters and become true seers and magicians.

Mystical secrets were often encrypted or encoded in hieroglyphs. These were carved into the walls and pillars of temples, tombs, and other locations. Often, the meaning contained with Egyptian hieroglyphics was deeply concealed and enshrined behind a veil of symbolism. This was done to stop untrained eyes from misinterpreting or misusing the knowledge. Also, each temple has its own unique harmonic frequency and resonance. This is utilized only by initiates and masters of the mystery school who are sensitive to these frequencies.

Hermes-Trismegistus (Toth/Thoth)

Hermes, Toth/Thoth in ancient Egyptian deity folklore

Thoth is known as the scribe of the gods credited with many thing including the  Egyptian alphabet and hieroglyphics. He is also known as the Egyptian god of wisdom, communication, and learning. The Ancient Greeks knew Hermes-Trismegistus simply as Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Thoth was a ‘polymath’ who authored thousands of groundbreaking texts enrichening just about every field of knowledge that was known at the time.

The title ‘Hermes-Toth’ describes Toth as a man, an avatar, and a god at the same time. As a man, he is the creator and pioneer of a powerful system of knowledge, magic, and spiritual technology. As an avatar, he is a role model for the priesthood. Thoth was also seen as the god of many things including a moon god, and a god of sacred texts, mathematics, science, and magic.

Ancient Egyptian emerald tablet

Thoth wrote the famous Emerald Tablet and also the Corpus Hermeticum, upon which the Hermetic mystery sciences, including freemasonry, were founded. Thoth was often shown in hieroglyphs in the form of an ibis, a type of bird. Thoth’s Egyptian name Djehuty means ‘he who is like the Ibis’.

Death and the Afterlife

Egyptians spent their whole lives planning for their death and making preparations for the afterlife. They believed all human beings have a body, a name, a soul, and life-sustaining energy. They also recognized the heart as the seat of all thoughts and emotions. They saw the union of spirit with the body, surrounded by light as represented by the Merkaba where Mer is light, Ka is spirit, and Ba is the body.

death and the afterlife

The ancient Egyptians believed in an eternal afterlife. They thought that the soul and spirit leave your body after death and ascend to heaven. They developed elaborate rituals and processes such as mummification to preserve their physical remains. These would often be kept inside a tomb or inside a statue, pyramid or other monument.

Some of the pharaohs were obsessed with the afterlife and preparing for it. The Egyptians preserved the bodies of pharaohs and other important people using the process of mummification. They constructed special tombs for them which were filled with their possessions and also with treasure. The pharaohs ordered vast teams of their subjects and slaves to build tombs in the shapes of giant pyramids, elaborate tombs, and temples dedicated to their memory and worship.

The Ancient Pyramids

So far, more than 118 pyramids have been discovered that date from ancient Egypt. The pyramids were originally built as tombs for pharaohs and their families. The pyramids were accurately aligned with the stars and the seasons of the year. The Giza Pyramid of Khufu and the other pyramids that lie on the Giza plateau are aligned with Orion. There are 3 stars in Orion’s Belt and the pyramids were aligned with them as the stars appeared in 10,000 BCE.

Ancient pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

The ancient Egyptian civilization believed that the shape of a pyramid represents the primordial Earth. The pyramid captures and focuses the descending rays of the sun onto the Earth. The faces on a pyramid were embellished with highly reflective white limestone. This was used to give the pyramid bright shiny appearance when seen from afar.

The Egyptians believed that, after death, the pyramids magically guided the pharaoh’s soul directly into the realm of the gods. They believed that the spaces between some of the stars in the heavens were actual physical portals or stargates into the heavens. This is borne out in the design of the Great Pyramid where a very long narrow shaft from the main burial chamber points directly towards a part of the sky which was originally aligned with the constellation of Orion.


Egyptian hieroglyphics are one of the earliest writing systems in the world. The earliest hieroglyphs date from the bronze age. In total, approximately 800 hieroglyphs were used in Egypt spanning the 2000 years between the ancient and new kingdoms of Egypt. Hieroglyphics are pictures or glyphs of objects which are often used in daily life as well as illustrations of living creatures mixed with abstract symbols containing a deeper meaning.

Hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian knowledge and art

Ancient Greek text to decipher the codes, decoding them and translating them into other languages. Pictographs can represent alphabetical and numerical symbols as well as syllabic sounds. Some of the hieroglyphs depict images of actual objects from which a sound or spoken word is crafted to illustrate more fully what the symbols represent.

The Ancient Egyptians saw hieroglyphs as the words of God. They focused much time and energy to create a variety of techniques to embed activations and convey meaning. Hieroglyphs are read left to right or from right to left in blocks ascending through rows or columns. Most pictographs are symbols for the object they represent.


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