Have you ever felt that you are ascending? Or that you have reached a certain level of enlightenment? These are quite different spiritual ideas and there is overlap between the two. This article will help you to demystify the meaning and the process of ascension and enlightenment.

What Really is Spiritual Ascension?

Ascension is the realization of your divine nature. Ascending literally means moving upwards with motion. Travelling towards something to discover your ascension will separate you and creates a distance between you and your object of desire, which is ascension itself. Feeling a need to move or search for spiritual breakthroughs of any kind will take you away from the here and now.

Ascension is the process of soul evolution. Experiencing life on Earth is part of the process of ascension. When you awaken the physical dimension of Earth loses its feeling of depth and reality. You are awakening from a dream of living in a virtual reality believing that it is real. Once you awaken from your dream of limited existence, you will experience everything in your life illuminated in a new light. The world and universe will feel hollow, transparent, holographic, or two dimensional, like flatland. You also see, feel and experience the eternal love of the universe beyond.

spiritual awakening and meditation on chakras

Ascension cannot be achieved by following specific practices, rituals, disciplines, or certain beliefs. Ascension is not something you can get or win like an object or possession. Also, spiritual ascension is not awarded as a prize for being a good person, teetotal, vegan, or spiritual.

Ascension is the complete realisation and feeling that you are love and that there is only love in the Universe. Spiritual awakening is the start of this process and involves remembering past lives, energy body activation, and connection with other souls. Ascension is the non-dual acceptance of being one with all-that-is. This is a oneness or merging with the creator, an intimate relationship of being the creator and the creation.

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Spiritual enlightenment is a part of the spiritual ascension process. Souls who remember their enlightenment may not recognise their own path of ascension. Enlightenment happens when your heart is illuminated by the light within as you realise that all is illusion, or Maya. This is remembering that you are the creator of all that you experience.

Enlightenment includes a realisation that your physical body does not actually exist. Nor do space, time, and money. All things are devoid of independence and all atoms exist as a single vibrating energy field that lacks substance. You are here because you are here. You are always here in this moment. This is your only truth.

Buddha and spiritual enlightenment

In Buddhism, enlightenment is seen as the highest spiritual goal. After the Buddha became enlightened, many people tried to follow his example. They would crave or desire a similar enlightenment experience. Most religious practitioners including many Buddhists will willingly follow others and give their energy away to them. Their spiritual path is made more difficult if they see Buddha as being separate from them. They may also get attached, or hooked, on the promise of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is seeing that all things lack any true existence. Thus, I wouldn’t know if there is such a thing as you. You are like me, an entity that also creates everything seen around you. You will continue to live your life in the world around you with a multi-dimensional perspective. You remain inside a human body living everyday life without taking it seriously.

Your soul remembers its enlightenment when you realise the existence of the self. Then the unreality of human life unravels in front of you. You see through the SIMS-like quality of the daily grind. You let go of all tensions, pain, and your suffering vanishes. Also, you feel like you are guided and driven in everything that you say and do.

The Differences Between Ascension and Enlightenment

Ascension recognizes divinity as a creative source of creation of everything that is. It is your unique experience of what some call ‘God’, ‘The Universe’, or ‘Source’. You understand and feel that the physical experience of life on Earth emanates from human souls. A collective belief in a solid-fixed physical reality reinforces its illusion of a fixed unmovable reality.

Enlightenment is an eternal awareness of ‘the light’. It does not require a God or any type of creator being. Actual enlightenment may be the last refuge for your ego. Reaching the ‘egoless’ state may cut you off from activating and experience your spiritual ascension process. Also, you may be connected to something other than Source.

Love accelerates spiritual ascension and enlightenment

You are incarnated on Earth to learn and to heal your relationships with yourself, with others, with God, and with Spirit. When you are unsure, ask for support from your guides, angels, and the Universe, and align with the truth of your reality. Reconnect with your divinity. You see the divinity everywhere in everything you experience.

Personal Ascension and God

Most people who believe in God do not believe in enlightenment. Also, people who believe in enlightenment may not believe in God. You may find it difficult to love unconditionally without a connection to the source of creation. Until you have surrendered completely to ‘all that is’ you will still hear the voice of your ego inside the void of emptiness or the clear light of bliss.

Ascension requires a belief in a Creator, a god, or a divine architect of creation. Spiritual awakening and ascension involve an unfolding of self-development, Lightbody activations, and divine revelation. This process never ends. When you remember your enlightenment don’t think it is the end of your spiritual evolution. This belief could hamper your ability to enter nirvana (heaven) when you die.

Ascension and being one with God

Bodhisattvas choose to stay behind to help to guides others to enlightenment. They will reincarnate as teachers and guides with the purpose of serving others. What you see in others is a reflection of yourself and this is all that you can affect.

The ascended masters know that their realization of divinity is the reason for their physical experience. Their ascension is the greatest gift they can offer to others in supporting their spiritual development. You shine like a bright lighthouse when you ascend and share your progress with others. This raises the vibration of all beings when you shine your light upon their souls.

Your Spiritual Path of Ascension

Life is a persistent dream with tasks, missions, and challenges. When you awaken you being to actively engage in your path of ascension. Then you realise that you fell asleep deliberately for your own soul’s spiritual development. This is achieved by improving all aspects of your being in practice, through your actions of body, speech, and mind.

Spiritual path of energy healing and ascension

Ascension may describe a specific event during the ascension process such as with the ascension of Christ. This is when the spirit voluntarily leaves the body before physical death. This only happens when your soul’s development has reached a point where physical incarnation on Earth is no longer required. However, this is not required, and you can stay with your physical body until natural death occurs.

The process of ascension is a story that does not end. There are many levels to the story of life. According to the Kabbalah and the Arcturians, there are 352 levels of initiation to complete. These levels will include spiritual transformation through energy healing and light body activations. Then you will return to Source and become one with the Creator at the top of creation. The ultimate goal of the ascension process is for every soul to reach the perfection of God and Spirit. You are not separate from the rest of creation or from the Creator.

You may wonder why you incarnate into a physical body. This is to purify the aspects of yourself that need development. You zoom into this reality and like a microscope you zoom into your negative aspects. To do this you must temporarily forget your divine nature. This may cause you much pain, but it makes self-development more efficient. Also, the price you pay in forgetting your divine nature is that you forget what you came to Earth to accomplish.

Parallel realities and Earth's ascension

Purification is part of the path of spiritual awakening and liberation. This is also part of the path of becoming a Buddha. Personal liberation results from the elimination of your own suffering. You let go of your suffering and accept your reality of worldly existence. Spiritual liberation means that you are not compelled to be reborn in a physical body again. You are aware of your own negative aspects and transcend them. As you release your negativity, your vibrations will increase. Then your life will become less stressful and more peaceful.

Self-purification starts with a deep knowing that nobody is perfect. Just about everyone pretends to be perfect. They will put on a mask to hide their true feelings and pretend to look good or feel good. When someone is triggered and feels overwhelmed, they may become angry or be possessed by their emotions. They will not be able to contain themselves and vent or show their emotions to others. They behave unpredictably, may say hurtful words, or react by throwing a temper tantrum.

Learn to accept yourself fully as you live without any shame or judgement. This is not an easy thing to do and can take a while to accomplish. This is a necessary step towards self-healing and purification. Remember your process of self-discovery is a never-ending story. The process of purification is started once you awaken and put work into your path of ascension.


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