Have you experienced a spiritual awakening and journeyed with your Lightbody to other realities? Have you become conscious and aware that you are dreaming when you are dreaming? Or, has your third eye being activated through an amazing DMT experience where you were interacting with machine elves or mushroom deities?

If you have, then you may be well aware of astral beings and the forces of nature that shape the universe beyond physical reality. In this article, you will discover the differences between thought-forms, shadow parasites, and demons, and how you can be free of them forever.

Astral Realms

Astral realms are non-physical realities which run parallel to and influence our own reality. Astral realms that reflect events on the Earth have a higher density than those in the dimensions further away. There is a long history of ancient knowledge about the influence of astral entities on humanity as well as other spiritual beings and extraterrestrial entities including gods and ancient astronauts.

Thoughts, words, and actions of human beings and other creatures all affect the energy on and around Earth. The nearby ‘earthbound’ astral realms include ‘shadow realities’ from wars or from collective emotional trauma. Astral sub-realities are generated and reinforced by a common worldview of many people resonating with that frequency. This may also occur through the collective thoughts of millions of people engaging in the stories of movies or computer games.

out of body experiences and exploring other realms

Astral realms are fluid realities which may ethereally simulate physics but lack the grounding density of worlds like Earth. If you could see these beings, they would appear ghostlike, jellylike, pop-up as luminous ‘elemental masks’, or appear distorted so they look demonic or monstrous in appearance.

Astral pockets are created that are fourth dimensional pockets of unstable parallel ‘shadow realms’. In each of these, time is distorted, and fantasy or memory can feel real and dreamlike at the same time. These regions are unstable and can become dangerous and cause time slips, recurring dreams, and visions, and they can even manifest ghosts.

Beyond the astral realms are other realities, each with its different mix of substances including physical, etheric, astral and spirit matter and energy. Each realm or loka has a range of influence around itself. Being in many realms can influence realms of lower dimension or density. When you consciously connect and interact with a pure land or heaven, all you need to do is ask for are blessings and healing and you will receive it.

What are Demons?

Demons are of three types – inner, outer, and natural. You have your inner demons which keep you in limited 3D awareness and help you get trapped in continuous rebirth with amnesia. The main internal demons are anger, attachment, pride, jealousy, and ignorance of the true nature of reality.  These are the demons that you leave behind every day when you raise your consciousness and engage in spiritual meditation, energy healing, and high vibe living.

demons and psychic protection

Outer demons, or maras, include human beings that are possessed by spiritual entities. These may be beings that you cannot normally see but which influence human history, culture, conflict, and governance. Historically these have included the reptilian bloodlines, the greys, and the Anunnaki. Note that due to biblical era events, the demons of hell remain in hell, and it is only the idea of them which affects us. Also, the Deviputra Mara that plagued the Buddha just before enlightenment with visions of intense pleasure and suffering is a powerful entity from a higher vibration Loka (a god realm) that will test spiritual practitioners to their limits and emanate as your greatest fears as if they are real.

Nature entities or nature spirits are mostly neutral beings of three types – daemons (elementals, ghost-like entities), devas (glowing angelic beings), and asuras (powerful spirits, ancestors, demi-gods, power animals). These are all responsible for the running and stability of the natural world and habitats.

Devas are from the angelic lines and return to God if their habitat is destroyed. Daemons and asuras include nature spirits that work closely with elemental spirits such as dryads, sylphs, undines, and salamanders. When human beings destroy habitats, nature spirits that are limited to their range of operations may become trapped in human environments. These can cause problems, and some even want to seek out revenge on those who destroyed their land or environment.

Nature spirits and human activity harming Earth

Life and the reality around you are a hybrid of everything that you experience. You are enmeshed in a vast complex feedback network with every other living being. Waves of thoughts interact and interfere and thought forms and sub-realms develop where there is a focus on energy such as a war or COVID. So, watch what you think, be careful of what you say, and do things for the greater good of the community and environment. Then your energy ascends, your third eye opens, you spiritually awaken as your DNA is activated, and your heart opens with unconditional love for all living beings.

What are Thought-Forms?

Thought forms are temporary non-physical entities that are created by your imagination, your thoughts, and your emotions. They exist around you at the etheric level of reality and are imbued with astral energies that resonate with the emotions that went into them.

Your thoughts and emotions transform energy into action through focus and intent. Whatever you think with your mind will appear before you! With enough emotion and focus, ‘thought-forms’ may appear that persist and become more powerful when they are fed with more emotions and intentions.

Thought forms, shadow parasites, and phantoms

Mundane thought-forms are energies that hang around your environment. They lack any spirit, mind, or body and most of them will vanish into the aether. If your thoughts and emotions are very powerful, such as anger or jealousy, your thought-forms can become free entities. They will also gain a self-preservation instinct. This kind of artificial intelligence allows them to plague you and induce more of the same thoughts and feelings from you and anyone around you to power them up.

Thought forms can wreak havoc with you and other people around you. They can even communicate with lower astral realms and open portals to pocket realities. These are also known as astral sub-realms. These beings are also called shadow parasites and they affect your physical body, etheric energy field and your Lightbody.

Thought forms are easily cleared by doing an energetic cleanse of your environment regularly several times each day. Pump light and love into your environment with the help of your guides and angels from fifth density and above. This will also clear any astral debris that is left behind.

Your soul and your thought-forms are made of astral and etheric energies. Your soul is a thought form that was created by Spirit before your birth. This allows spirit to interface with your body and the world, and feedback your life experiences to Spirit.

Demiurge, fallen angels, and Anunnaki

The universal demiurge was created prior to the physical universe. The demiurge is a thought-form imagined by The Creator. This runs like a vast computer program generating the physical universe as you see and experience it. The demiurge’s purpose is to project, shape, and operate the universe. It is also true that temporary thought forms are instances of the Demiurge.

Demons, Thought-Forms, and Shadow Parasites

Shadow parasites come from physical realms and non-physical shadow realms. Shadow parasites may be sent by powerful negative beings that want to control and influence people on Earth. These beings include sorcerers and dark magicians, as well as other realms and beings from other worlds too. Additionally, the thought-forms you create become shadow-parasites if they learn how to feed off your energy or the energy of other people or creatures.

Your demons may also be pissed-off nature spirits who want revenge on the beings who have destroyed their habitats such as dryads with no forests or sylphs who detest the polluted air. When you lie down at night in the dark before sleeping you may pick up an elemental mask ‘checking you out’ or the bright flash of a cosmic ray on your retina.

Your physical body, your aura, and your Lightbody are sensitive to physical and nonphysical influences. Demons can influence the probability of everyday events and trigger you and trigger you more until you react. They may do this through the words and actions of other people that they influence. This constant grinding effect will infect your brain neurons, your DNA, your energy body, and keep your third eye closed.

spiritual awaking and going out of body

When you are positive, such as bathing in a sea of pure love, you will experience degrees of spiritual awakening, third eye activations, and even a real feeling of ascension. When you are negative, these influences can drain you of your energy and block your spiritual awakening and remembrance of ancient knowledge.

Like a vampire, or a succubus or incubus, thought forms can make you think or feel in such a way. This is so they can feed on your energy. This is because you are emanating energy in frequency bands which resonate with these entities. To stop them feeding on you, stop thinking and raise your vibration with meditation, energy healing, and ascension tools. A good start is to clean up your life and your environment and use protective light, love, and geometry.

Thought forms can influence you but they lack the power to possess you. They are not demons but can be used as the tools of demons in a similar way to how shadow parasites are used. They will grow stronger and become more sentient if you let them continually feed on thought trains and emotional rollercoasters.

Why was Humanity Quarantined?

Evolving human beings are contagious and the world is in a protective bubble to protect the Earth from external interference and other beings from human toxicity. Human beings are creator beings with the power to create anything and manifest it into reality. It is the viruses and infections of our thoughts and actions which pollute the universe. Extra-terrestrial and interdimensional beings may use shields and filters to filter out energetic toxins that exist around human beings, cities, and the sites of major disasters and wars.

Physical war, pollution, and suffering are all symptoms of the general herding of the masses by a few who worship war, chaos, and destruction. These are human beings influenced by or possessed by their inner and outer demons. There are also angelic ascended master’s in human bodies that guide and nurture humanity to a more enlightened truth. They will lead you to realise to a deeper level your spiritual awakening and ascension.

There are others who are incarnated on earth through countless rebirths and those on earth for specific reasons. Every living being on earth enters the same way and faces the risk of being trapped in the incarnating wheel of life. We will see through this important veil through spiritual practice, clear insight, clean living, and with guidance and internal realisation.

spiritual awakening and ascension

When you dream, you experience what you imagine. When you die your last thought at death manifest a new reality for your soul. You could enter a calm existence or one that is torturous and repeats. Our heavens and hells are generated by our minds and emotions. The effect on the physical is lowered to protect the world. It takes a lot of focus to meditate clearly enough to influence reality and manifest divinity.

Your emotions affect your reality, and your thoughts affect your DNA. Science fiction movies and TV series like Doctor Who illustrate the use of blood type and DNA manipulation to control people. Emotions affect your health and if the world is more positive then you would feel this too. You can use the power of thought and intention to activate and heal your DNA, and to also repair your telomeres to slow down ageing.

If those in control deem it they could ignite heaven or hell on earth. Human beings are meaning making machines which are easily influenced by the media, peers, and addictions. Many fields and veils of energy are used to keep people under control and ignorant of the truth. Watch what you think and what the scientists are doing. It is those that pay them who have the real power. This was clearly seen in the light of the COVID pandemic, and the drug companies paid by governments who developed the various vaccines.

Living Your Life Responsibly

The world is like a bubble where you affect reality by physical interaction and words that inspire others to do so. Positive thoughts, feelings, and actions elevate your consciousness and resonate with higher frequencies from divine realms and Source.

As you awaken and evolve, your outlook on life will become purer and your dreams of love and oneness will become realised. As you spiritually awaken, evolve, and ascend, you are also more in alignment with more positive realms. Only let in positive emotions like love and compassion and information for the highest good. Tune out the noise of life and dissolve into emptiness everything that you are willing to let go.

Be like Buddha and live life with wisdom and responsibility

This is what Buddha really meant by following the ‘middle way’ between the extremes of order and chaos. You avoid the pitfalls of engaging in the extremes of rigid order and being a sheeple who is also superstitious and fearful. You also avoid the chaos of destruction and debauchery – you don’t go Carte Blanche and live the life of Riley or become like Lucifer.

The middle way is the hardest path, and it is the only one that works. It is the path of self-discovery and practising what you preach, being conscious, self-aware, and responsible for actions of body, speech, and mind. It is the watching your thoughts and feelings and choosing to not be tempted by distractions and addictions. It is loving the process and not resisting their challenges, and taking the initiations offered to you by the agencies of the universe.


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