Have you wanted to journey to and explore another world? Or become your dream superhero or a God? You may be in luck as there is a recent popular trend known as reality shifting which is popular on TikTok and Reddit. On TikTok the shifting realities hashtag has been viewed over 1.4 billion times.

What is Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting allows you to escape reality for a few minutes or longer by shifting your consciousness to your desired reality. This means you become whoever you focus on being. You could be anyone including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Shiva. Your desired reality can be anything you want including Hogwarts, Atlantis, and alien worlds. Reality Shifting is also known as dimension jumping or quantum leaping.

Many claim it is easy to reality shift but to do it effectively requires practise as well as focussed intention and attention. This is true for reaching spiritual worlds, or for escapism into modern sci-fi or fantasy worlds.

Astral projection and visiting other worlds/realities

The processes used for reality shifting range from rituals outlined in ancient mystery schools and it involves a lot of meditation. Shamans visit other realities effortlessly via their age-old shamanic journeying techniques. Shamanic journeying can feel like an out of body experience or an astral projection where you leave your body behind to live another life in another world.

Anyone can fantasize and dream. Reality shifters stress that what they experience as reality shifting is more intense and realistic than dreams and astral projection experiences. Yes, the experiences can be as realistic as you can imagine. It can become a hyper-real DMT-like experience or a near-death experience where you think you experience physical death, or it may feel like being in a virtual reality game where you are your main character ad your game world is your world.

Reality shifting is for those who want to make psychedelic journeys without psychedelics. Hence its recent popularity with teens and science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts.


Today we have the internet and social media to share our experiences of other worlds. In the past the ancient mystery schools used ancient knowledge to decipher codes and information which empowered them to communicate with beings from other worlds and dimensions. They would create a holographic insert, or a projected image from a magic card or mirror and then transport themselves effortlessly to magical realms untouched by science.

Scripting techniques for astral journeying

The idea of scripting itself comes from the mid-1900s from author Neville Lancelot Goddard who wrote several books about the subject. A classic extra-terrestrial reality shift can be found in Olaf Stapledon’s novel entitled “Starmaker” from 1937. The shifter writes out a detailed script of their desired reality and the people populating it. This includes who they are in the desired reality. This is like a fantasy role player getting into their character for a game.

How To Reality Shift

The key is to plan out your desired reality in as much detail as possible in any one or multiple media channels. Most use scripts and these can include a story, poem, mantra, song, or a picture of your reality to focus on. You focus on this and memorise details with a strong intention that you will enter this new reality as that dream being. Then for a few minutes relax, clear your thoughts, and fall into a meditative state.

How to reality shift and spiritually ascend

Next you focus on the mantra, story, face, or environment with your third eye. This is seated inside your pineal gland in the middle of your forehead. It is where your natural DMT is produced which allows you to visit other worlds. Then you effortlessly enter your desired reality from your current reality. You can hop into a TARDIS or travel through stargates to anywhere in space and time and escape the hall of mirrors of your mind.

Psychic Protection for Reality Shifting

Reality shifting happens when you are in a relaxed or meditative state. If done correctly there will not be any problems. Essentially, reality shifting is a blend of journeying and astral travel. It is beyond escapism and lets people transport themselves to other worlds.

Reality shifting, like virtual reality holidays, allows you to take a vacation from the stress of reality. Whilst shifting seems to be mostly harmless it can lead to addiction as severe as a gambling or drug addiction. For example, you may want to visit your soulmate in another dimension and spend all your time there. This would impact your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Reality shifting happens when you move your consciousness from one reality to another. This leaves your physical body unprotected. So, to avoid mischievous elves going for a joyride with your body, ensure your body and environment are energy cleansed and protected with divine light and Krystal geometry.  Invite your guides and angels to protect your body as you explore other realms. You may also want to do this when you dream, take psychedelics, or meditate.

Powerful Techniques to Shift Reality

There are many ways that you can try out to practice reality shifting.  At the core of all the techniques is meditation in a quiet environment. This approach helps with concentration and inner focus.

The first method utilises the hypnagogic or superluminal state between waking and sleeping. Relax into a deep meditative state by counting your breaths. You can focus on the sensation of your breath at the tips of your nostrils or count down from 100 to 1. The objective is to clear your mind from all thoughts and start from a blank canvas. Then you paint your desired reality on your blank canvas in vivid detail and focus on this as you half close your eyes and almost doze off. Then let your guide come in. If done properly you may feel a pull out of this reality and be in another one for some time fully aware but not dreaming. You observe your new body and mind in detail and explore your environment. You can also imagine other people or beings and interact with them.

Techniques to shift reality including parallel universes

The second method is using vivid journeying to travel into another world. With a clear intention of visiting your desired reality, you go through a wormhole, or down the rabbit hole. Then you enter your desired reality and explore like you would in a computer game. The word respawning is also used here so for example, you may imagine dying or going into a teleporter and then appearing as your desired character.

Using Spiritual Techniques

You can also employ techniques from experienced meditators and ancient mystery schools to access deeper realms or self-generate as deities and other beings or visit nirvana. These goals involve much more work and use rituals and scripts to generate subtle minds. They also open the door of your heart to experience true authentic unconditional love. This trumps any fantasy adventure no matter how real it feels to you.

For example, you can journey through your third eye and activate deeper layers of your soul. When you relax and focus on your third eye let any colours and lights appear without thinking and then guide your awareness to an expansive playground with elf-like neon-glow shape-shifting elves. Essentially this is an interface for communicating with other beings, and for learning or transitioning into and out of a physical life. The beings you see, hear, and feel may appear as multiple-form machine entities. They will teach you things like how to interpret dimensional colours and sounds, and how to understand light languages. They are extra-terrestrial children who want to teach you about reality, interpret languages, and play games with you.

Spiritual techniques including stargate travel

Remember that it is fun to explore the potential of reality shifting. You can meditate to hypnotic music and let the lyrics guide you to another world. Or connect with or channel different divine lights and energies that facilitate transfer between worlds, and reality shifting as a deity in a superhuman body attuned to the energy pattern of all universes. Then you can choose to observe anything with a God’s eye view and then zoom into the reality you desire and explore in first person.


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