Energy healing is a huge market. Today you can choose one of countless energy healers online. Or you can find one locally at one of the many mind, body, and spirit centres. Many have had a positive experience of energy healing but what does science has to say about energy healing, Reiki, quantum healing, sound healing, and bio-photons?

Continue reading this article to discover how energy healing benefits you. Learn about the science behind energy healing and the likely future developments in energy medicine and alternative therapies.

Ancient and Modern Energy Healing

Your cells emit and receive energy and electromagnetic information in the form of biophotons and chemical codes. All parts of your body operate together as a seamless being of energy. Your organs, tissues, hormones, bones, muscles, hormones, bones, tendons, skin, and your consciousness work together as one organism.

What affects one part of you, whether an illness felt in one part of your body or a disturbance in your mind, will impact the rest of you. Holistic medicine can be used to treat, heal, and balance your entire body, mind, and spirit. Energy healing comes in many shapes and forms. These include energy healing, light and sound therapy, Reiki, Star Magic energy healing, and acupuncture.

Energy healing is not new. Many ancient energy medicines are being freely shared across cultures around the world. This is all thanks to social media and the internet. Millions of people are already tuning into the energy healing and healthy living revolution.

Since our ancient origins, shamanic medicine healers have used energy healing techniques. These energy healing tools include the use of ritual, dance, song, mantras, and prayers. They have done so for thousands of years and it is very likely that most major ancient cultures and civilisations did so too.

Modern medicine is beginning to rediscover the power of our ancient energy healing techniques. Many of these methods are highly effective when used together with traditional medicine.

Ancient and modern energy healing

Energy Healing in 2022

Our expectations of modern medical science have led to many losing touch with ancient healing techniques and energy medicine. They often see energy healing as quackery and woo despite more and more research indicating otherwise. Many would rather take to piles of pills and moan and complain about their aches and pains. It is a sign of resignation by a modern society that has lost touch with their roots in nature.

Despite our amazing medical technology, Western medicine has recently fought an uphill struggle. It took many months for medical researchers to find an effective vaccine for COVID-19. In that time doctors and nurses have witnessed much horrific human suffering and death. Following the COVID pandemic, more people are considering alternative therapies for their healing and recovery.

Scientific trials show that placebos are as affective as the drugs they were testing. The trick is to believe that you can be healed with your heart, mind, and soul. You don’t need to know about the complexities of chakras, meridians, channels, winds, and drops. The magic of healing happens when you believe in healing and trust in the healing process. If you believe that a drug will heal you then you will be healed. This is true even if it is a placebo.

Energy healing and spiritual awakening

Energy healing works without needing to see a doctor or energy healer. It can be done in person or remotely via distant healing which is very safe. There are few, if any, side-effects.  You can receive energy healing anywhere at any time, even whilst you go about your normal day. You may be sitting at home, walking in the park, or doing yoga at the gym. Energy healing is not invasive and can be done either hands-on or remotely from anywhere.

More people are rediscovering the energy healing secrets of ancient energy medicine. A greater number of medical doctors and researchers are discovering the possibility of electromagnetic healing.  Also, medical insurance companies are starting to include a menu of spiritual energy healing modalities and techniques in their policies.

How Energy Healing Works

Ayurvedic and shamanic healing techniques when used with modern medicine will combine the best of both worlds. There is much we can learn from the study and practice of energy healing. Western medicine has embraced the purely physical aspect of the human body. Reductionist thinking has separated the human body into anatomical and biochemical processes. This approach has been highly successful for surgery and treatments for many diseases.

Indigenous people in different parts of the world and at different times in history have used the human energy field for healing their people with energy, light, and sound. They believe that each soul as a vital energy, known as Qi or prana. This energy is what controls and influences the healthy operation of a human being. They use energy healing techniques to manipulate the flow of energy which runs through our bodies. These locations many be at specific channels, chakras, nadis, and meridians. This energy healing approach balances the body and the surrounding energy field, or aura.

how energy healing works, bioelectricity and biophotons

Cells use bioelectricity and biophotons to communicate with each other. Biophotons are particles of light which are emitted from all living cells. They transfer information between cells, one cell to another, with great precision. All living cells and tissues have a bioelectric potential on each cells’ interior and exterior. It is this bioelectric potential that allows cells to talk with one other. When they interact, biophotons resonate and form networks of light. The collection of cells becomes a lot more than the parts.

Energy healing techniques employ either hands-on approaches or are conducted from a distance. For example, acupuncture uses needles to unblock the stuck energy using advanced ancient knowledge. Reiki and pranic healing work by channelling and moving or clearing energy throughout the body. Reiki operates by touch and works at a distance, and pranic healing is sent remotely.

You can also heal yourself through meditation and being open to receiving energy healing. This can be through shamanic journeys, connecting with nature, or with the use of meditation music. You let go and allow the healing to work its magic.

Chakras, meditation, and energy healing

Future Energy Healing Medicine

Science will continue to research alternative approaches for health and healing for a long time yet. As more researchers awaken, they will rediscover ancient healing technology that will enlighten and enrichen modern medicine.

Medical science is now showing that you are a complex electromagnetic field which interacts with other complex fields of energy that are around you. Scientists are discovering that your body contains many electromagnetic frequencies used by your cells for communication. Bio-photons are electromagnetic waves of energy. These transmit information and regulate the functioning of your entire being.

The world is always changing with the march of time. In today’s fast culture there are more electromagnetic frequencies in the air than ever. You are surrounded by natural and artificial frequencies, some of which are very toxic for you. These electromagnetic frequencies have the power to alter your cells as well as your chemical makeup. This happens via the exchange of information between biophotons.

The use of light, sound, and electromagnetic treatments can prevent illnesses and boost your health. The scientific community is now taking seriously the potential of ancient energy medicine in modern treatments. When they endorse some of these therapies and treatments, the world will wake up and energy healing will become a natural part of everyone’s life.

The bio-electric language of cells will transform the whole discipline of medicine. Many new technologies that influence the electromagnetic fields around the human body will appear. Energy healing combined with scientifically researched frequency therapy, and sound and light therapies, will become very popular. These may also be combined with meditation techniques, healing journeys, and brainwave entrainment.

Future of spiritual energy healing medicine

Global Healing in Cities

Our cities are so busy and hectic today. Every citizen is being pommelled by artificial electromagnetic frequencies as well as cosmic rays from space. Energy pollution is starting to become a huge problem for people living in cities. Entrepreneurs are already devising new solutions that protect us from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Energy healing centres will pop up in towns and cities once science has proven and tested the effectiveness of energy healing techniques. Energy healing centres will spring up everywhere like mushrooms. They may offer healing holidays that combine advanced medical technology with ancient medicine.

We will all work together to create a better world as more people take energy healing more seriously. They will be empowered to heal, repair, and upgrade themselves.  This in turn will heal our collective bodies, minds, and our light bodies too.

Energy healing, sound healing, bio-photonic healing, and other healing approaches will become widespread. With adoption by the mainstream medical sector, you may even be able to receive energy healing at your doctor’s surgery or local outpatient’s centre. What we need right now is irrefutable scientific evidence of energy healing techniques. Then social media and the internet will spread the word.


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