Are you concerned that your headaches, migraines, and dizziness are caused by the new 5G base station down your street? Or you may feel that wireless technology is causing cancer, ruining your aura, making you feel ill, or poisoning the air you breathe.

Read on to discover the truth about 5G and artificial electromagnetic energies, and the simple things you can do to minimise their effects so your body can heal.

The Electromagnetic Science of 5G

Fifth generation (5G) networks appeared in 2019. 5G is the most recent wireless technology used for transmitting data between devices. 5G provides faster mobile communications for most networked devices including mobile phones and laptops, remote cameras, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data hungry virtual reality devices.

5G is mostly for data sharing such as uploading and downloading via Cloud servers, and streaming video, running online conferences, and playing multiplayer games online. 5G allows everything to talk to everything else. This makes the Internet of Things (IoT) more of a reality and facilitates the emergence of interconnected artificial intelligence (AI). 5G allows governments and organisations to capture more and more personal information about you.

EM Spectrum and 5G science and technology

In 5G, electromagnetic transmissions use a higher band of frequencies than with earlier wireless networks including 3G and 4G. The frequencies of 5G are in the microwave region of the EM Spectrum. They range from 3.5 GHz to 10’s of GHz. These frequencies are in the non-ionizing zone of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that any photons emitted will not mutate or destroy your DNA.  This is because microwave photons lack the energy of Gamma or X-Rays.

As with radio, TV, satellite, and 3G and 4G networks, 5G generates electromagnetic radiation to function. Waste EM radiation is called electromagnetic pollution or ‘dirty electricity’. The emissions from previous electromagnetic networks have already affected the migrations of birds and the global navigation of whales and other sea creatures.

How Does 5G Affect Your Health?

Science has shown that 5G causes no known health risks, but some still believe that electromagnetic frequencies can harm health. They are concerned about how 5G affects their health. This includes the health of the human electromagnetic field and light body. It is likely that these artificial electromagnetic fields affect our energy bodies. These effects are much harder to detect by our science which is only just awakening to the possibility of a human energy field.

5G health effects on your body and aura

You live in a wireless networked world that is immersed in an invisible sea of signals. Today your body has being bombarded by more artificial electromagnetic frequencies. As their number rise, the chances of some frequencies harming you increases. An unholy mixture of these frequencies is emitted from overhead power lines, mobile phones, home appliances and security systems, as well as from Wi-Fi routers and base stations.

Electromagnetic pollution will surge as 5G is being rolled out. 5G also requires far more mobile phone base stations which are located close together.  Experts feel that our aging electrical infrastructure is being overwhelmed by new technologies. There is a danger of a high rise in exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Some believe that 5G can create higher energy photons which can alter our bodies and environments.

Studies on electromagnetic pollution’s impact on human health disagree and it could be because they have relied on observational data. Careful testing is required of how these artificial frequencies impact human cells, and whether electromagnetic pollution is causing disease and stress. As the Internet of Things becomes more and more popular, then so will electromagnetic pollution emerge as the new major public health issue.

Health Risks of Electromagnetic Frequencies

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have conducted a small number of studies, with mixed results. Most of the members of the EMF project’s core group are potentially affiliated with businesses that use wireless networks such as the telecommunications industry. So, it is possible that some results may be doctored to favour the telecoms and energy companies at the expense of human health.

The risks to health of EM radiation and 5G

There is some indication that electromagnetic frequencies may affect your health in several ways:

Brain Function – The WHO have done no research into 5G’s possible effects on brain function. Independent researchers have discovered that mobile phone use for over 90 minutes a day causes difficulties with focus and attention as well as addictive potential.

Cancer Risk – After study and agreement by thirty scientists from fourteen countries, the International Agency for Research on Cancer advised that electromagnetic frequencies are possibly carcinogenic to human beings. Further studies with inconclusive results have examined a possible connection between brain cancer and electromagnetic frequencies.

Heating of Tissue – According to the WHO, the 1.8 to 2.2 GHz frequencies of mobile phones can heat of bodily tissues. Tissue heating happens when your skin absorbs electromagnetic energy. The temperature increases were low, and the temperatures returned to normal shortly after. Then a 2021 study discovered that EMF-related tissue heating is felt more with older people who have a lower blood flow and reduced skin thickness. The higher the frequency, the more radiation their tissues will absorb.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity – Alternative research has indicated that prolonged close-range exposure to EMF radiation can cause various biological changes in some people. Electromagnetic sensitivity can arise with symptoms including fatigue, headaches, rashes on the body, and tingling sensations. The biological changes may include cell damage and oxidative stress, fragmentation of DNA, fertility issues, and changes to brain structure.

Can Orgonite & Shungite Protect You?

Orgonite and Shungite healing and protection

Orgonite is crafted from a mixture of resin, quartz, and metal shavings. The quartz crystal inside the orgonite gives off a charge when a pressure is applied. Then the metal scrapings repel or deflect the unwanted Orgone energy away. Many believe that orgonite can balance the vital energy of the human body. This is a subtle life energy which is emitted by all living things. It is also known as Orgone, Chi, or prana. The founder, Wilhelm Reich, so far is the only one to have discovered any results.  All attempts at repeating his experiments have failed to see any results.

Shungite for healing healing and EMF protection

Shungite purifies water by absorbing toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Shungite can reduce the oxidizing and inflammatory effects of UV and Infrared radiation due to its conductivity. All living things have an energetic field, and Shungite can realign your chakras and optimize your energy field. It works by countering disruptive energy not from blocking it. A material cannot alter an electromagnetic frequency.  Thus, Shungite is unable to alter EMF radiation or shield you against it. Also, no scientific research has shown that Shungite can block or even counteract radiation from mobile devices.

Energy Healing and Conscious Living

It is very difficult to eliminate 5G and electromagnetic frequencies from your life. You can balance your use of technology and lifestyle to minimise the effects of EMF’s and to maximise your energy healing. You can easily lower EMF exposure through using a synthesis of several EMF reduction methods and energy healing techniques:

  • It is important to turn your Wi-Fi router when you are not using it.
  • You should also stay ten feet away from Wi-Fi routers if your environment allows it.
  • Replace your wireless devices such as headphones with wired versions.
  • You can also use a wired keyboard instead of Bluetooth models.
  • Minimise time using mobile devices and computers and note how close they are to you.
  • Try not to use mobile devices that lie directly against your body.
  • Use an EMF radiation protection shield or cover for your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. With this you can block up to 99.9% of emissions in the direction of the shield.
  • Use an EMF blanket to protect you from a range of EMF emissions.

Energy healing and living consciously

In the future all our devices will and must become compatible to the human energy field. They will resonate with the natural 40Hz vibration frequency of the human body.  Architects will build smart cities, communal and work areas, and homes to maintain a healthy human energy. Engineers will create solutions to shield you from any dangerous electromagnetic frequencies.

Mind, body and spirit centres and forward-thinking builders are incorporating EMF shielding into their designs. Copper is the alloy of choice to line rooms to block electrical signals including Wi-Fi. Also, cables are shielded to stop exposure from electromagnetic fields and a switch box so when you switch off the lights, you also turn off all your Wi-Fi signals. Then you can spend your time with the minimum of interference for your meditation or energy healing session.


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