Have you wondered why we appear to be alone in the universe, or why we cannot find them with our science and technology? Continue reading to discover why there appear to be no aliens in our galaxy and what we need to do as a global civilisation to prepare for first contact.

The Fermi Paradox

No scientist has confirmed any intelligent signals from any extra-terrestrial cultures. This is despite our technology becoming more advanced. We can now find Earth-like planets around other stars. Our instruments can detect a wide variety of artificial extraterrestrial signals emanating from space.

However, our religious texts and our mythological stories often match contradictory archaeological evidence and ancient artifacts. These indicate that our ancient origins may have been entangled with the destinies of beings from other worlds. So, where are the ancient astronauts today?

Our Milky Way is a galaxy that is 10 billion years old. The Milky Way is also 100,000 light-years in length with over 100 billion stars. Our galaxy would have been colonized thousands of times if extraterrestrials could travel even at 1% of the speed of light. They may be too primitive to detect, destroyed themselves on their worlds or space wars with their different countries or another emerging local space-faring species.

The Fermi paradox is a contradiction with the prediction of the Drake Equation. The Fermi paradox has sparked many debates concerning the quietness of outer space. The Drake Equation predicts that we have many galactic neighbours. However, modern science has not discovered any extraterrestrial civilisations yet. There are many ways to explain the Fermi Paradox.

The Fermi Paradox and why no extra-terrestrials

The Fermi Paradox could be the result of ‘cosmic optimisation’ in our universe. For example, allowing an average of one or two advanced civilisations to co-exist inside each galaxy. This gives each species the breathing room to develop and evolve in isolation. Large distances will also minimise conflict with other civilisations.

Also, many civilisations develop cloaking technology so that they cannot be detected. Many other civilisations may not be physical anymore. Instead, they are in ascended dimensions beyond the physical universe.  They may transform into pure light and energy and explore other universes and modes of existence well beyond most people’s imaginations.

The Drake Equation

The Drake equation was created by Frank Drake in 1961. The Drake Equation is used to estimate the number of technologically advanced extra-terrestrial civilisations in our Milky Way galaxy.  It uses a series of variables which are multiplied together as shown in the illustration below.

The Drake Equation and alien life

Astronomers are unsure of what to plug into the Drake Equation. So, it can only be used to estimate the probability or chance of the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations. Scientists are making progress and have found ‘super earth’ planets orbiting the nearby Alpha Centauri and Tau Ceti star systems. The planets around Proxima Centauri, and TRAPPIST-1, for example, orbit red dwarfs which are very unpredictable stars. Life may still be possible, but it would struggle to evolve into any complex forms due to radiation from the stellar flares.

The chance of First Contact with a more advanced civilisation is greater than with a less advanced civilisation. This is due to how long a civilisation survives for. We have some idea of longevity from analysing ancient civilisations. Most Earth cultures lasted only a few hundred years. More advanced cultures may last for millennia or longer. Less advanced cultures may have only had technology for decades or centuries. Also, less advanced civilisations would not have developed the sensitive instruments that are required to detect other civilisations.

So, it is likely that three quarters of civilisations are less advanced than humanity. First Contact, when it happens, will be with an alien civilisation that is more advanced than humanity.

The Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev Scale is a measure of the amount of energy that an entire civilisation can harvest. The picture below shows the five classifications of civilisation or culture. They are global, stellar, galactic, universal, and multi-versal cultures in terms of their scope of energy production.

Kardashev Scale for advanced alien civilisations

Type 1 civilisations can use the energy output of the entire planet (about 1015 Watts for the Earth). Type 2 civilizations can use the energy output of their entire star (about 1026 Watts for the Sun) and have interstellar travel. Type 3 civilisations can use the energy output of the entire galaxy. Civilisations at levels 4 and 5 can access the energy of an entire universe or multiverse. A Type 0 civilisation is one, like the Earth, where the species is still living in separated cultures on their home planet.

We are currently at level 0.7 on the Kardashev scale. The aim of humanity should be to reaching a level 1 civilisation by the end of the 21st century. This is within the timeframe of a human lifetime. However, we have a long way to go before we become a true global society with our technology aligned and in harmony with the Earth.

What happened to the Ancient Astronauts?

There are countless stories and myths in our ancient history about ancient astronauts who descended from the heavens. They may have influenced humanity in our past, and even fought with each other on Earth 1000’s of years ago. Today, we are discovering more and more ruins of ancient cities under the earth and deep in our oceans. Archaeologists have found several ancient artifacts they defy scientific explanation or which we don’t have the knowledge and technology to replicate today.

Ancient astronauts and ancient science and technology

Our ancient texts describe parts of what looks like an ancient global civilisation. This may have been seeded by a prior advanced evolution of humanity or an extra-terrestrial race. This great culture proliferated thousands of years ago. Key locations appear to be Atlantis, Lemuria, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Easter Island, Ancient Egypt, and many other places. The hunt is on for Atlantis, which is a name Plato gave for the lost continent of Atlantis. Atlantis may have been destroyed by a great environmental cataclysm. This apocalypse may be linked to nuclear or other advanced technology that raptured the tectonic plates below Atlantis.

Since the Great Flood, the only reports of extraterrestrial astronauts are through UFO sightings and abduction experiences. Earth and the Solar System may be protected by a cosmic veil or energy field. This would hide us from ET’s or even protect them from us. When we have interstellar spacecraft and warp travel, we may discover this Great Filter.

The Great Filter

Some scientists think the cosmic silence is the result of The Great Filter. This is said to be an evolutionary wall which most life cannot penetrate. This Great Filter may be behind us or in front of us. It could exist to protect humanity from extra-terrestrials or be more like Star Trek where a friendly advanced extraterrestrial race like the Vulcans will only make First Contact when humanity cleans its act up and warps out of the solar system for peaceful exploration.

The Great Filter and human evolution

It is also possible that events in our ancient origins have resulted in our solar system been filtered from extra-terrestrial civilisations. For example, the region around our solar system may be a playground or school for new souls to develop by living many lives on Earth. Or it is a quarantine set up for humanity’s protection.

Great filter, human evolution, and spiritual ascension

Something happened in our ancient past that appears to have removed all the ancient astronauts and nearly all their ancient technology from our visible universe. This is in the face of archaeological evidence which indicates that ancient astronauts have visited us in the past on many occasions.

It is also possible that ancient astronauts never left the Earth. Perhaps the unexplained UFO’s that we see in the sky are descendants of them. They many live inside the Earth, or in a 5D hollow Earth, and under our oceans. These descendants of ancient astronauts may be peaceful and scientific. They love to monitor the Earth and its people. Their flying saucers, or vimanas, are often seen by people in certain locations around the world.

Also, the great filter may be ‘how we show up’ when we cross the threshold between the solar system space and interstellar space. Once a point on the heliopause is past, then the holographic veil of illusion is lifted, and you are surrounded by extra-terrestrials! Will humanity be ‘all guns blazing’, or will we be ‘peaceful ambassadors’ like the Vulcans when we meet our galactic neighbours?

Preparing For Official First Contact

Many scientists thought that there would be thousands or millions of extraterrestrial civilisations across the Milky Way galaxy. They also thought that First Contact would happen in our lifetime. Now this is less clear. Humanity is curious and we will continue to search and hope that the first ones we talk with are friendly and guide us forward.

Preparing for extra-terrestrial first contact

To get ready for official first contact we need to evolve as a human society. We must stop fighting with each other and let go of many of our old economic, social, and political systems. The conscious use of science and technology also plays a role in global society and peaceful space exploration.

We must adopt conscious living worldwide free of suffering and inequality. This world would then have clean transportation, holistic education, and medicine, and environmental regeneration. With a truly global society, all people are involved. This would lead to a new peaceful global culture.

We now live at a tipping point in Earth’s history. If all the billions living on Earth worked together, we could heal humanity, repair the planet, and use technology that is clean and sustainable. Global healing starts with every individual, with love, and with integrity. This happens when we align all our actions to the divine plan. We become true citizens of the universe. Then peaceful First Contact is inevitable for each and every person.


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