The light body, also known as Merkaba, is a “vehicle” of light through which you can travel through time, space and dimension in order to elevate your consciousness and reach the next stage of evolution.

It’s something which provides the means to high knowledge and it touches all levels of our existence:

  • the physical
  • the mental
  • the spiritual.

By working with the energies in your body, you will get to alleviate energy blockages, remove pain points and therefore develop your Merkaba. By doing so, you can effectively accelerate your shift into higher consciousness and superior DNA activation.

On your journey towards Ascension, you will experience different light body stages. Each one of these spiritual metamorphosis phases will reflect your changing perceptions.

In this article, I want to share with you four levels you can experience during this exceptional process which has the power to completely transform your life for the better.

1. The Initiation

This is the first level, a stage many people find themselves in. If this is the phase you are in right now, you are likely to experience flu-like symptoms, such as nausea and feeling tired all the time.

This is a symptom which indicates the chemicals in your body are already starting to change. The change is rapid, which is why you may experience a sense of physical discomfort and confusion.

Also, as your inner intuition awakens, you begin to question your purpose and direction in life more and more often.

2. Expanding Energies of the Heart

The energies of the heart begin to open to more profound depths. On a physical level, this can translate into mild chest pains and blurry vision. This is a sign your senses are beginning to adjust to a new dimension.

You will also feel the need to reach out and connect with other people for encouragement. You’ll want to spend more time with those who have an inclination for growth and who open up your perspective.

You will feel more emphatic, more compassionate and more loving towards others.

Some might experience episodes of lucid dreams and poignant feelings of déjà-vu, as well.

3. Connecting to Higher Dimensional Language

At this point, your light body activation is in an evolved stage. The energies align and fear is released from your mind and soul. You no longer experience unnecessary anxiety. In turn, you gain a new sense of purpose and peace of mind.

Some people experience pressure at the forehead or back or the head as an effect of the pituitary and pineal glands opening up to receive more awakening light.

In this phase, you will deepen your connection with your inner spirit and you will start to feel guided by a superior force with unlimited resources. This is a clear indicator you’ve managed to access the Language of Light, a universal galactic language used by superior entities including star races, angels and ascended masters.

4. Activating All Levels of the Light Body

The final level is where you experience the healing effects of elevating your consciousness, igniting your light and moving towards infinite love and compassion.

Your frequency is elevated, your energy field shifts and you become one with the infinite Source of knowledge and wisdom. You are taken over by a feeling that everything is possible because you know an abundance of love, good health and wealth is available to you.

Your perception of time and space change and you no longer see any barriers to being your true, happiest self. You become your true essence-who you were meant to be.

Ready to Begin Your Light Body Activation Journey?

The levels I’ve included in this article are by no means the only stages you will experience in your Ascension journey.

The main idea I hope you will take from this article is that you can access multiple dimensions by awakening dormant aspects within your DNA.

You get to choose which energetic frequency you live in.

Deep meditation and pranic breathing exercises are just two examples of techniques you can use to activate your Merkaba


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