“You are actually a starseed” are the words some of the people seeking spiritual betterment are likely to hear.

Confusion, insecurity and curiosity may show up concomitantly on their face upon learning the truth about their true nature.

And then an entire effort to understand and acknowledge this fact.

All these could be acknowledged way easier if people detected the starseed signs earlier. So this article is focused on helping you discover whether you are actually a starseed.

Not a Piece of the Puzzle

Starseeds come straight out of the galactic matter, so it takes time for them to accommodate to the Earth climate.

So they might experience symptoms like:

  • the impression of not fitting in
  • difficulty with understanding conformity and compliance with various systems (i.e. economic, educational, religious)
  • inability to consider people by a hierarchical criterion
  • a sense of longing for an undefined past life.

As a general indicator, Starseeds carry themselves with a melancholy demeanor.

This happens because they are more or less feeling ‘homesick’ for their places of origin. Even though they are not aware of their true astral descendance, they are still looking for a home they do not have any recollection of.

A Thirst for Learning

It’s less likely you remember your childhood years in detail, but at that time, you were undergoing an intense process of absorbing knowledge.

You were at that stage where a being is avid for enriching itself with everything surrounding them, where creativity was overflowing and luminous energies were fuelling a blossoming spirit.

Just like the pure and borderline-genius, a child is a starseed who aches to capture the infinite knowledge of the Universe. 

That’s why if you feel sudden urges to study the mysteries of the Cosmos, you are actually a starseed.

If you are gripped by documentaries about galaxies and hidden truths, you are a starseed.

If you sacrifice your spare time to finding all this information, you might as well be a starseed.

Not only that, but it’s highly likely you are also powered by a remarkable drive to always seek for more.

New Realms of Imagination and Perception

Having been endowed with cosmic data of a more complex nature than human beings, starseeds are capable of envisioning different facets of reality.

Hence, a starseed will begin to notice they dream of way more unusual topics than their peers. Glimpses of past lives or sacred symbols could appear in your dreams given you are actually a starseed. 

This happens because your energy field records an extraordinary amount of activity while reacting to the divine signals from galaxies afar.

As a consequence, your perceptivity is also elevated to new heights, thus allowing you to sense magnetic fields around other people. You may also experience strong intuitions regarding the future.

What to Do if You Learn You Are Actually a Starseed?

First of all, let that sink in – you are a blessed being. Not all are fortunate enough to have been let into this esoteric pool of knowledge.

Secondly, seek to open your being even more from a spiritual standpoint.

And if you haven’t already taken on meditation, it’s high time you did this, just like many other souls who tapped into the extradimensional aspect of their identity. 


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