Pleiadian starseeds are alien beings with light bodies which originate from the Pleiades Star Cluster. Their evolution began millions of years ago and we can consider them as one of the first races of what we call humankind.

Their DNA has been used to develop many human beings throughout the Universe including our solar system, Mars, Venus, Maldeck, and Earth.

The Pleiadians exist within multiple dimensions from which they can communicate with other worlds, including our own. They are compassionate and gentle beings with extraordinary healing abilities.

In this article, I want to give you a few more background information about these fascinating entities. Keep on reading.

A Few Words About How Pleiadian Starseeds Look like

As far as their appearance goes, Pleiadian Starseeds can resemble that of exceptionally-beautiful Earth humans. Although they can easily blend in with other humans, they have certain physical traits which show their extraordinary nature, such as:

  • perfect bodies
  • appealing symmetrical face features
  • a mesmerizing glow which indicates their higher dimensional frequency.

Pleiadians embody the divine feminine energy. This is why, in their human expression, they will often appear in the female form which better enables them to reveal their elevated, ego-diminished, peaceful state of being.

However, because they are extraterrestrial beings with light bodies, they can also appear in a form which projects what they have originated from.

Traits, Abilities and Needs

Pleiadian starseeds are connected to the Source light and are highly-evolved beings which possess exceptional knowledge and abilities. One of the main things you should know about them is that they are outstanding healers.

They can heal on multiple levels. They have the mystical ability to identify and relieve different pain points and blockages through a soft transfer of divine light and energy.

pleidians starseeds

They are easy-going and empathetic, which allows them to make friends and connect with others easily.

These luminous beings are also known for their incredibly-intuitive nature, mystical allure and calming presence.

Their vibration is loving, soothing and sensual and they have a strong desire for beauty, nature and upliftment. They thrive in loving environments where their need for peace, communion and sharing can be met.

The Pleiadians’ Connection with Earth

As highly-evolved entities, Pleiadian starseeds have a cosmic calling to seed new worlds with the essence of the evolved human form and spiritual awakening. They facilitate other world’s access to the collective knowledge of the Universe and its healing power.

Their purpose is to connect to other planets’ collective mindsets. As a result, Pleiadians will expand the planet’s awareness and infuse elevated ideas in a loving, supporting way.

Their involvement with the planet we currently call our home can be linked to the discovery and adoption of elevated concepts. These include energy healing and other alternative forms of healing.

Also, thanks to their transfer of knowledge and gifts on Earth, as humans we can refine our theories of the mystical elements of our collective experience.

Embrace Their Presence!

The Pleiadians walk amongst us and touch us in ways we are still not fully aware of.  They navigate using the human consciousness. However, there is no need to feel threatened or intimidated by this because we share the same DNA code.

The transfer of energy and knowledge is done in a natural, loving way.

Pleiadians give a lot of themselves and their loving, soothing energy and leave us feeling joyful and more grateful for our existence.

They facilitate the next stage of Human Evolution and help us get closer to experiencing Pure Love and Light.


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