Activating your 12 DNA strands is a process which many have already tried and succeeded. It’s a process which will help you find your sacred geometry and let it influence your body, mind and soul.

The benefits are incredible, which is why today I will explain how you can do it too. After this process you’ll experience:

  • Clean Aura. You’ll peal down all the negative energy which comes from other people and with the 12 DNA strands activation, you’ll unleash your Life Force.
  • Psychic Abilities. They will help you understand the world at a higher level.
  • Disconnection from the Mind Matrix. It will release you from the belief we are essentially physical beings.
  • Mastering of Your Relationships. You’ll be able to leave the baggage of past connections behind and only you manifest love.
  • No More Fear. You won’t be stopped by it anymore in moving forward with your life. You’ll leave up to your full potential.
  • Financial Abundance. You’ll be able to find and resonate at the frequency of financial and material wealth.

Let’s move forward and start the process of healing.

How to Activate Your 12 DNA Strands?

You’ll first have to find a quiet and comfortable space. You can choose to sit down, on your back or even on a chair.

The process of activating the 12 DNA strands starts with closing your eyes in falling into meditations. You’ll have to visualize how from your feet strings of energy come out like roots of a tree.

And they go down from you into the Earth, lower, deeper into its energy. They will pass the crust of the planet and go deeper in the Mantle and reach the core.

In the 12 DNA strands activation, you’ll feel the energy of Mother Earth’s heart chakra. You’ll experience it as a glowing abundant energy and you should connect with it and receive it.

Then, you will come back up through the layer back through to your body. Feel the flux of energy go through your feet, legs, hips up to your root chakra.

Let it climb up through your heart chakra and third eye, all the way up to your crown chakra. Let the 12 DNA strands energy out, to form a bowl of light and energy.

Connect to the Universe

The next step is to guide this energy throughout the Universe. First, see yourself in that bowl of energy. Then, take it up through the roof of your building and reach the sky.

Pass the moon, go further and faster and pass all the planets of the solar system, into the wider galaxy. Past the stars and go all the way to the edge of the universe.

In this first step of the 12 strands activation, you’ll start to go through one bright light, then a slightly darker light. This will happen several times. At the end, you’ll go through a golden light.

Then, you’ll go through a jelly-like substance with all the colours of the rainbow. Notice the iridescent notes and its beauty. Keep going till you’ll reach a sparkling white doorway.

Go through it and you’ll feel the energy they move through the bowl of energy you are. You might hear noises, just relax and receive that energy. Let the energies merge and become one with you.

The Completion of the 12 DNA Strand Activation

This was one of the meditations of the 12 DNA stand activation. The process might not be easy at first on your own.


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