Humankind has proven a particular propensity for destruction – not only upon the environment, but especially upon itself. It got to this point as a result of an assiduous cultivation of negativity.

The questions we should be asking are: Can this amassing of negative vibes be reversed? Can healing spiritual awakening techniques like DNA activation be effective in these circumstances?

Can a soul get rid of built-in layers of energy blocks?

We can begin a universal healing effort by going hand in hand on a path of healing through light and love. The best we can do is try, at least.

First, we start with ourselves and sow the seeds of cosmic light around us by radically changing our approach to life. And DNA activation is one of the most transformative healing processes, so it’s in your highest interest to learn a few aspects of the techniques it involves.

Guided Meditation

I am mentioning this technique first as it has a direct action upon the human DNA.

It implies a meditation session wherein the healer moulds the aural field of the patients and helps them access their higher, cosmic selves. Once this stage is activated, the healer tries to operate a consciousness shift and align the subject’s energy to the frequency of the Universe.

Naturally, all physiological functions will be altered, especially due to the activation of inactive DNA strands. DNA activation

Energy Healing

The reason energy healing is considered among the DNA activation techniques is because of its action at a quantum level.

The quantum level is a state wherein limitless energy exchanges take place. Once your spirit is elevated to this state, you are in perfect synergy with the Universe, thus enabling the healer to influence the energy flows, unlock energy blockages and ensure optimal DNA processes.

3rd Eye Activation

This technique activates DNA due to its powerful effect on the pineal gland (which is the location of the 3rd eye). As small as this gland is, it can influence the overall state of mind of an individual.

Its hormone, melatonin, is responsible for the circadian rhythm – the way your organism responds to daily and seasonal changes.

When this gland is activated, the production of melatonin is regulated to optimal indices, thus positively influencing the DNA processes at cellular level.

DNA activation

DNA Activation and Healing for Accessing Your Higher Self

Our whole lives, we seek for truth, for love and for peace of mind thinking they’re to be found somewhere around us. When, in fact, they’re all within us, inside the seeds of light we carry with us since our birth.

In order to access them, it takes the bravery to operate a drastic change – and I’m not talking about diet changes, dynamic lifestyle, sports and the likes of it. These are just a canvas for further growth.

In order for you to get a brand-new canvas which completely shapes another narrative for you, a major shift like DNA activation is needed. As seen throughout this article, there are 3 basic techniques which help you attain a deep metamorphosis. 


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