Violet flame meditation is one way you can access your self-transformation resources. 

It is part of the ancient practices of alchemists who were striving to find a way of turning lead (negative, human energy) into gold (positive, divine energy). Their efforts were aimed at obtaining the right formula for the so-called ‘philosopher’s stone’, which was ultimately supposed to bring eternal youth.

While this might seem like an utterly utopian endeavour to us nowadays, it still carries an age-old ideal of humankind. That of transforming and elevating the soul towards a superior self.

So it’s time we learned more about the spiritual significance and benefits of violet flame meditation.

Accessing Self-Transformation

Beyond the physical spectrum, there’s a spiritual one which was the object of exploration to many mystics and sages throughout time.

This spectrum is generated by the divine energy emanating a different kind of light. More purity, more radiance and increased frequency are properties which are specific to each of the spiritual lights within the spectrum.

violet flame

But out of all spiritual rays, the violet flame is the most powerful since it resonates with most of the nature spirits and alchemic elementals. Moreover, the colour violet has long been associated with spirituality since it has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum. 

All the above can explain why violet flame works so well as a meditation enhancer.

Invoking a flame in the name of a divine entity takes repeated practice of specific chants. They’ll activate that flame on a particular frequency which is able to operate transmutations upon your energy fields.

Violet Flame Meditation – Powers and Benefits

Because the violet flame is a manifestation of the divine power, its range of beneficial effects includes varied effects like:

  • Fixing past mistakes by erasing the cause and even the negative memory of that error
  • Vitality and clarity
  • Increased sensitivity to vibrations in your surroundings
  • Less friction in social encounters with people
  • Control over impulses and emotions
  • Enhancement of the creative spirit
  • Better focus and career drive
  • Spiritual practice enhancement
  • Removes the karma related to physical vulnerability, thus contributing both to preventing and alleviating some physical conditions.

violet flame

The violet flame conjuration resembles the majority of other mindfulness techniques, the subject sitting on a chair, with hands resting on the upper leg. Then, a chant has to be repeated and visualised several times.

It’s essential you picture the undulations and colour of the violet flame.

This violet flame meditation technique, if iterated frequently, will help you channel your self-healing powers any time, in any context. Whenever you feel tense, you can realign and fix your chakras. Practically, you can carry the violet flame with you all the time. You just need to ignite your inner fire.

Why Is the Violet Flame so Powerful?

Just like alchemy was trying to elevate matter, violet flame meditation helps you undergo a deeply transformative phase and reach your ‘golden’ self.

Its whole premise lies in the self-affirmation it cultivates within your daily routine. Once you start mastering it, you’ll feel your whole being resonating with much more intensity. You’ll pick up previously unseen details.

You’ll start seeing what really matters in a whole new light.


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