You’re decided to take off on another path to improving your life. And so you start looking for answers and ways to achieve this goal.

You come across terms like DNA activation, matrixes or meditation. While they may give you hints as to how to understand them separately, it’s not always clear why you need to incorporate all of them and what sense they make in the whole ‘becoming a better self’ scheme.

That’s why it’s necessary they are presented in connection to one another, which is the purpose of this article.

The Universal Matrix

This is where it all begins: the original kind of energy where all other forms of energy and vibrations come from.

The universal matrix constitutes an enormous storage containing:

  • prints
  • energies
  • ideas
  • thoughts.

Even wishes are part of the matrix. Whenever a wish is made, it is turned into an impulse of ‘shape-thought-energy’ which activates and accesses the matrix in order to find completion.

DNA activation

Everything which was created and existed in the Universe leaves a trace. Every cell is a micro-universe which vibrates at a certain frequency and is also permeated by the macro-universal one.

The structure of the universal matrix is multi-dimensional, allowing for multiple planes and times to coexist and influence each other’s vibrations. This is why ‘connecting to the universal matrix’ is such a powerful action one can take – it can connect a being to its previous traces and lives.

DNA Activation

The human DNA is organised into two main parts (helixes) which create chemical ties to bond.

But apart from the main strands, there are 10 which are thought to have been dormant since the beginning of time and which, upon activation, may develop abilities for extraordinary accomplishments. That means we are not using our entire genetic potential and we are not aware DNA activation can partially change that.

But what does it take for someone to access their DNA activation?

There are certain healing techniques aimed at healing some blocked DNA functions. These, once cleared, will start working according to the universal matrix, thus leading to spontaneous healing and increased mind-body functioning.

DNA activation


Whenever you hear about mindfulness techniques, meditation is almost sure to be mentioned.

Why does it seem to be everywhere and what does it truly do?

In short, meditation helps tie all other spiritual techniques and practices together. It prepares your aura for energy shifts and transformative occurrences without which you cannot build your further growth.

Depending on their needs, one might approach two main kinds of meditation:

  • samatha – seeks to develop samadhi (concentration) and is aimed at bringing calm and peace
  • vipassana – practised when the subject wants to grow insight and wisdom.

It All Works in Your Favour

We know all the Universe is synergy. So, the same dynamic applies to practices of meditation and DNA activation when employed to access the universal matrix.

The whole process starts with a steady meditation routine to heal your energy fields and realign them with the universal matrix. Once you gain control of your vibration, it will start operating changes in your DNA due to increased abilities of spontaneous healing chromosomes will possess.

It is not a super-human that this whole dynamic creates. Rather, it is a ‘homecoming’ for each being who strives to find the light towards its real place in the Universe.


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