Our minds can do cosmic things, and remote viewing which can be described as an extended characteristic of the mind is just one proof of that.

Without relying on their usual physical senses, remote viewers can perceive a distant or unseen hidden target – be it a person, an event, or an experience – by solely using extrasensory perception (also referred to as sensing with the mind).

Remote viewing procedures are hardly anything new. In fact, the U.S. government has been conducting advanced psychic functioning experiments for military and espionage purposes since the 1970s.

There’s evidence that proves this practice is real.  But how effective is it? The information below will answer this question, so keep on reading.

remote viewing

Remote Viewing Is about Seeing the Unseen

One of the greatest things about this unique practice is that it allows individuals to accurately perceive information that is inaccessible through ‘conventional’ senses. Among the best examples I can give you here are the spiritual entities that you can access using your mind potential.

So, in addition to events, persons and experiences, those who engage in this practice can also reach ancient spiritual masters, light beings, angelic beings, cosmic beings, star seeds and more.

So, through remote viewing, you can perceive and sense the ungarbled presence of the astonishing loving energies manifested by these entities.

Also, you can connect to those moments of spiritual enlightenment that have shaped up our Universe’s spiritual development.

The great beauty of this is that individuals get to directly and deeply experience any form of energy present in this Universe and beyond.

These transcending connections are profoundly moving, healing experiences that have the power to transform and give new meaning to your life.

Sensing with the Mind Transcends Time and Space

One of the reasons remove viewing is so effective is because the practitioner can gather descriptive information about an experience independent of the limits of time and space.

In this practice, distance does not decrease the accuracy or the authenticity of the gathered data. Looking into the distance, time-wise, can be as easy as looking into an experience occurring at the same time as the perceived present.

It’s the same with space. Remote viewers can describe an event taking place behind a closed door just a few feet away from them with the same precision as an experience located 6,000 miles away.

remote viewing

You may be thinking that this concept is in direct contradiction with all the established ‘laws’ of quantum and relativistic physics. And you would be right.

But the way science relates to this idea has evolved.

Now, the concept of non-local connections is accepted in the physics community, with more and more modern physicists taking an interest in exploring non-locality (the idea that we live in a non-local space-time dimension).

Now You Know

As you’ve seen, the potential of remote viewing is immense.

What’s even more incredible is that all the related procedures involve an innate psychic ability that we all have.

We all possess this extraordinary ability to quiet the mind and connect to targets that exist across different time and space dimensions.

It’s just a matter of activating this potential by engaging in practices which allow you to lose the noise and chatter associated with everyday life and come to your senses.


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