Time is a fundamental part of nature. Your experience of time’s passage is unique. You have a different mix of DNA, ancestry, upbringing, and memories to everyone else on the planet.

Since humanity invented tools, we have been obsessed with time and the measurement of it. There are many perspectives of time and how the ‘sands of time’ pass in our lives. Many ideas about time from the experimental to the abstract have abounded human culture over the ages. Today many branches of modern science are researching time as it passes on Earth, in the universe, and perceptibly by your own consciousness.

Nature of time and why we measure time

Perceptual Time

As you grow up and get older, your perception of the pace of time changes. It appears to you that time speeds up or accelerates. This may be due to your brain slowing down when you’re learning slows down in adulthood. When you are young, time flows slower, as your brain has more to learn and integrate new information and experiences. A baby has so much to learn and experience. To a young child a day may feel like a month to an adult.

It is true that time flies when you are having fun. When you are absorbed in an activity your focus on the activity will divert your attention. Then you may lose track of the time. For example, a few hours may feel like a few minutes when you are enjoying computer games or a night out in the town. When you slow down and relax, such as when you meditate and focus on your breath, your experience of time also slows down. You become more aware of your surroundings, and you feel in the moment. Time also runs like a snail when you are bored with something or are stuck waiting for a bus.

Everyone has a unique experience of reality. This is a part of what makes you human and what gives you meaning to your life. You have the freedom to spend your time in what you choose to do. What you choose to do with your life and your time is important. Spend it wisely on your spiritual awakening and ascension instead of wasting it on watching TV or playing computer games. Choose to be a guiding light for humanity by revealing ancient knowledge and awakening humanity whilst you are on this beautiful Earth.

Perception of time changes in a black hole

Physical Time

It is easy to be confused distinguishing the different between actual time and the measurement of time. Scientists have accurately measured time, and a watch, sundial, or clock represents the motion in another dimension that we call time. Physical time is the movement of a frame-by-frame sequence of the evolution of space. This is experienced in many ways, through the passage of each day to the cycles of the seasons. This direction of the universe is given an arrow of increasing chaos and decay. It is the flow of entropy, the direction of order turning to chaos, that you feel as the flow of time.

Physical time is affected by the gravitational warping of the space around it. This warping is much greater around massive objects like black holes than around planets like Earth. It is noticeable on Earth because our GPS satellites are very sensitive. They require continuous corrections for miniscule relativistic effects. Einstein’s theories of relativity show that time will slow down when the space is warped around a massive object. Time also slows down for a person travelling near the speed of light relative to a stationary observer.

Albert Einstein and relativity

Imaginary Time

Imaginary time is the flow of time internally in your mind. This is experienced in dreams and visions, when journeying, and during psychedelic states of consciousness. Time may move in an instant or last for an eternity when you dream at night. When you experience dreams and visions, you create and influence the flow of time within them. You have the freedom to do what you like.

Imaginary time is fluidic, malleable, and flexible. Your experience of time is linked to your brain activity. It is affected by cognitive changes arising from a shift in consciousness, the effects of psychedelic substances, or in meditation. More information is processed by your brain when you learn new things or engage in new situations and environments. This can give you a new lease of life. It may feel like you are a young child again. So, time is experienced in many ways including a real tangible feeling of a ‘different dimension’. Indeed, you can flow into interdimensional realities and paradigms where time behaves in an alien way.

Origin and evolution of the universe over time

Relative and Absolute Time

Without time, nothing in this universe could change let alone evolve. You would not exist, and space would be compacted to zero. This is the origin point of zero dimension. It is a ‘zero-point’ stable vector equilibrium which is unchanging and eternal.

The relative flow of time is described by relativity. Everything that is contained within the web of space and time follows the law of cause and effect. Where time flows forwards, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. In fact, there are many beginnings and endings with one moment in the present. There are also many present moments too reflecting shadow pasts and futures. All physical things are ephemeral, or impermanent, because they arise and dissolve inside of time. Three-dimensional space is the stage where physical life evolves because it spiritually awakens and ascends to a higher dimension.

The absolute flow of time is non-linear, eternal, and limitless. Outside of the universe of space and relative time, an eternal observer would see the universe pop in and out of existence in an instant. They could access any moment inside a universe in an instant too. Consciousness without time is an experience is all and nothing in an instant. You create something like time to experience being.

There is a chaotic quantum space-time domain where our space and time originate. There is a fractal network of timelines and pocket universes. From that domain any that can exist will exist including universes with intelligent beings of all types. Science is indicating that the greater universe has relative bubbles or domains where physical laws operate independently to ours. In each bubble universe is a variation of physical laws, constants, and time. In some time runs backwards and in others time runs sideways as well as forwards.

M Theory and fractal network of pocket universes

Time May Not be a Dimension

Time is the ordering of the sequence of events, frame by frame, that occur on the stage of expanding space. Time allows you to experience reality as it moves from one frame to the next. Each moment of time, at the frame rate of one Planck time, always moves to the next moment. The Planck time is the smallest unit of time that is possible.

Every frame of your life can be stored in a fourth spatial dimension. You are embedded in space-time and experience life like a character in a movie or game. If your body kept on shrinking until you reached the Planck scale, you will enter the quantum realm of chaos. In that moment you are truly quantum and can travel to other realities via quantum tunnelling. To do this, meditate and tune into a certain frequency with the power of your imagination and resonate with that energy. This type of interdimensional travel is known as ‘sub-space’ or ‘wormhole’. You can literally surf the astral waves through a ‘quantum stargate’ to another universe!

Time is where the fourth dimension moves away from you and into the past, or it moves towards you and into the future. Time is a component of a fourth spatial dimension where its expansion is felt as time moving forwards. A fifth dimensional analogue of time can exist too. This is spiral and complex with cycles and loops. It is felt by beings or travellers in fourth-dimensional parallel universes. In this extra dimension, all parallel universes, or realities are offset moments apart. These offsets interact and act like bridges or phases morphing into a new world with minor differences to the world you left behind.

Time Travel

You don’t have to physically go anywhere to travel into the past, the future, or a parallel reality. Instead, you travel with your heart and your soul through higher-dimensional pathways, portals, and astral realms. To do this practice spiritual awakening tools like meditation, visualisation, and spiritual journeying as tools of exploration. Your experiences will be much richer, real, and immersive than you would experience from a movie, VR, or a computer game.

TARDIS and time travel

To travel in time, build a fast spaceship and battle with relativity, use your Merkaba and travel energetically, or travel directly with your spiritual light body, your energy body. Or you can create your own temporal warp drive, temporal stargate network, or grow a TARDIS if you can actualise the technology.

Imagine surfing on the waves of folded space-time. Picture yourself flipping in and out of the universe from below light to above light and back again. Experience space shifting and folding beneath you as you surf the gravitational waves between universes. For a moment there is no space and no time. Then you see everything running backwards, with slower and faster gradients, and faster away from you as you zoom towards your destination. Let go and let your imagination and your love for all things guide you.


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