When you set onto a self-discovery journey, you may come across plenty of abstract notions you might not know how to approach. One of these is cosmic perception. 

Because it does not take a finite form, the Cosmos is a complicated aspect to relate to. It does not have an identifiable reference in the concrete world, nor does it manifest itself in the form of natural phenomena.

So then, how can you perceive it and access that superior layer of wisdom and knowledge?

Truth is, you don’t need to take on astrology or physics studies to understand its dynamics. However, you do need to reconsider the way you perceive the cosmic realities – and this is what this article is all about.

Cosmos vs. Universe – Is There Any Difference?

First off, before attempting to perceive the cosmos more deeply, it’s best if you draw a line between the notions of Universe and Cosmos.  The best way to go about it is to have a look at the root of the matter, namely the etymological value of each term.

Universe comes from the Latin universum and stands for ‘all things/the whole world’, while Cosmos has Greek origins in the notion of kosmos – ‘order, orderly arrangement’.

cosmic perception

So, when you want to understand the Cosmos and have a cosmic perception, you basically try to connect to the dynamics of the universe, not just to understand the nature of its elements.

You want to be wired to its energy, not to get a rationalized perspective on it.

The Underlying Philosophy

Sages of ancient civilizations were much more aware of the differences between these notions – this is what their wisdom focused on.

Luckily, they left us enough morsels of wisdom which can round up our knowledge and apprehension regarding the cosmic dimension.

What we know as the art of self-realization originates in the philosophy of Paramahamsa Yogananda, which postulates that:

  • everything in the Universe is regulated and dictated by energy and vibration.
  • the human being is not the centre of creation, but rather an entity of energy which is as important as other forms of energy. In other words, we are drops in the infinite ocean of cosmic matter.

An Entirely Different Dimension

When you immerse in cosmic perception, you practically give up on the unidimensional view upon life.

It’s because you open your being to a superior order and you allow your energy field to be permeated by the same vibration the Universe emanated from. This vibration is called the Frequency of Love.

Once you connect to the true cosmic perception, you invite cosmic beings to get in contact with you and transfer their energies and wisdom to your subconscious. This way, light can permeate all your layers and ingrain the codes of creation it carries.

cosmic perception

The Journey to Cosmic Perception Starts with Healing Yourself

As I was putting this article together, I realised it all sounds too good to be true. But in order for you to get there, you have to commit to effecting a transformative change in lifestyle.

One way of making this change possible is to consider a deeper preoccupation for soul-searching. This requires an understanding of the language of light and the way it renders the elements of the universe into cosmic order. 

This website is dedicated to those who understand the importance of going beyond the limitations of human perception, so I warmly invite you to explore it more in depth.


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