When you want – or need – to change your life, it’s not enough that you take on a bunch of personal development courses. Sure, this kind of approach could get you started, but it can only get you to a certain point.

In order for you to really be awake, you need a deeper shift in your existence.

Even though it may not look like it, this shift is within your grasp. You just need to try to connect to the Universe – the instance that holds everything into place and from where every other object and being originates.

And then, if you listen closely enough, you’ll be able to decipher what the Universe is trying to tell you. On the whole, it will tell you that you’ve always had a more important place than you had ever thought.

Here are the top 3 signs of the Universe trying to wake you up to the true meaning and purpose of your life.

1. More Time for Soul Searching

When you are waking up from prolonged apathy towards your spiritual nature, it may not happen all of a sudden.

In most cases, you start feeling less content with your current situation and start looking for solutions to make it improve. This requires soul searching – and soul searching takes time.

be awake

That’s why you usually start to take more time to reflect upon where you’re coming from, where you’re heading towards and how you can uncover as much of your potential as you can.

In short, you’re trying to expand your consciousness. What you may not realise is that this endeavour is fuelled by the Universe trying to connect to your frequency. 

2. Significant Encounters

As much as the effort to be awake is made by yourself and yourself only, you still need to get in contact with souls that have begun on the same path.

The Universe will send providential people your way. When these encounters start happening more frequently, you’ll know you have to pay attention to what they mean.

Why does the Universe want these souls to meet yours?

It’s because of the amount of vibrational energy you’ll be able to get from these meetings. Your frequency will be elevated to new heights once your energy field resonates with more elevated fields.

And who possesses these fields? Spiritual, stoic, open-minded people or souls who have attained a superior level of purity.

3. Outlandish Sensations

One of the most obvious signs the Universe wants you to be awake is the presence of weird sensations.

Physical symptoms without explanation (sudden tingly sensations, tachycardia) or mental states you have never experienced before are decipherable signals that something is happening. And that you should be paying attention to it.

be awake

Don’t fall into the trap of indifference – start investigating these signs by engaging in meditation and soul searching. You could discover wondrous truths about your being (past life experiences, unconscious contact with celestial beings, revelations etc.).

Can You Be Awake All of a Sudden?

Some fortunate individuals can experience revelatory, shattering reveals of truth during their lifetime. But there is another kind of revelation: the one where you slowly take away the artificial layers accumulated throughout your lifetime.

At the end of this process, you will be a strong entity, fully aware of your potential and purpose in life.

It only takes a bit of preoccupation with the signs the Universe sends you.


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