For centuries, humankind has believed in divine intervention and celestial realities which lead a parallel life.

So how come it’s so hard for people to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial beings? 

The answer lies in our nature: it’s hard to accept realities which scare us. Unexplained activity of unidentified extraterrestrial objects and manifestations definitely falls in this category, even though there is evidence of their attempts to communicate with our species in numerous occasions.

To be sure, the establishment doesn’t want you to possess this kind of knowledge, but extraterrestrial beings exist nonetheless. A few of them are listed and described in the lines below.

1. Martians

Thousands of years ago, planet Mars is believed to have been inhabited by both human-like and non-human creatures.

They were all called Martians (also known as Utopians or Cydonians) and experienced an asteroid cataclysm proved by signs of a thermonuclear explosion on the current surface of Mars.

2. Draco Reptilians (or Alpha Draconians)

Their name comes from the colonies they set in Alpha Draconis. These reptilian beings claim to have originated from our planet, a few hundred years ago, so they claim the earth for themselves.

That’s why they carry occasional invasions when they infiltrate in our dimension. 

They are also the main impediment in humanity having access to advanced means of deciphering cosmic secrets. Draco Reptilians’ mission is to keep humans in the dark in regards to technology which would allow us to visit and colonize other places in the Universe.

These reptilians have an imperialistic agenda, therefore they’ll try everything in order to stop Terrans from attaining superior knowledge about extraterrestrial forms of life.

3. Grey Aliens

They are the best-known extraterrestrial beings and the ones we have most evidence on.

Also called ‘the Greys’, these extraterrestrial creatures are grey-ish in colour and have large dark eyes, a small-sized nose and a slit which serves as mouth.

They’re mostly associated with alien abductions of humans and are divided into two main categories: 5-8 ft tall bodies with telepathic abilities (they’re the leaders) and the average 3-4 ft tall creatures of lesser intellectual abilities.

4. Hybrids

A genetic accident in human and reptilians genes gave birth to this extraterrestrial species.

Having no matrix for humanoid psyche, their intellect operates on a premise which is similar to collective consciousness.

Their genetic material manifests unevenly – they either present human features like round eyes/five-digit fingers or reptile traits like black, opaque, oblique eyes accompanied by 3-digit fingers.

5. Leviathans

This is a quite well-known species due to the legends which circulate about them and about the Monster of Loch Ness which is believed to still inhabit the Loch Ness lake.

Leviathans are a race of the sea serpents branch which are used to induce occult manipulation upon humans.

6. Lyrans

Lyra is a constellation which humanoids started to inhabit approximately 6 million years ago. They became Lyrans and started migrating to the Sirius star system and ultimately to the edge of our solar system.

Lyrans are the first extraterrestrial beings to possess humanoid consciousness.

Can You Establish a Connection with Extraterrestrial Beings?

You may have already been visited by one of them, but it takes spiritual wakefulness to detect these contacts.

They influence life on earth at a much higher degree than we’d be capable of imagining, so it’s a wise move to be in the know about extraterrestrial activity. This site is an ideal platform to start doing that and opening your eyes to the hidden realities of this world.


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