The Arcturians are one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations in our galaxy and are a very loving and compassionate extraterrestrial civilization.   They came from Arcturus which is 36 light years away in the Bootes constellation which is a fifth dimensional civilization, a prototype or blueprint for earth in the future. Arcturus is an energy gateway  or stargate through which humans pass through during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.

They can travel across dimensions and also through time. The Arcturians are here in our universe to bring peace among the people of earth and other worlds. They also help earth with soul technologies and provide an etheric framework to assist us with earth healing and ascension. Arcturian lightships, such as the Starship Athena, encircle the earth to monitor our progress and help us with our spiritual evolution. They will not intervene directly in our 3D reality as they fully respect the law of free will. They will help us by channeling information and have sent starseeds to earth. When these starseeds awake they naturally have the selfless wish to share their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with humanity.


The Arcturians have also placed a network of etheric crystals at strategic points around the earth and made certain healing and etheric technologies available to aid in earth’s ascension. They know that love is the most fundamental ingredient for ascension and living in a fifth dimension. The Arcturians are also guardians and protectors of our solar system and stop negative beings who would otherwise invade and violate our free will.

The blue Arcturians are around 4 foot tall and look similar to the small greys except for their deep blue colour and the shape of their eyes. The life span of these bodies and individual incarnation is around 350 to 400 earth years and after this the incarnated Arcturian becomes one with the collective, ascends beyond to pure divinity, or/and agree to be reborn again. There are other forms which their consciousness can enter including horse-like Arcturians, pure light forms, and etheric crystalline beings.  In general they are composed of a synthesis of organic, etheric, and crystal-light systems.

The Arcturians are a collective with shared knowledge stored and they access an energy matrix of crystalline energy, geometry, and light codes. Each Arcturian is an individual like us and also interfaces with their collective consciousness. Thus they have individual and group consciousness which is also linked to the group consciousness of other extraterrestrials, ascended beings and the source energy of the universe. They also have a strong common purpose and  telepathic ability.

These beings are pure love, they have advanced knowledge and are of an extremely high vibrational frequency. They often communicate with humans by telepathy and possess some of the most advanced healing techniques available to us. Ask them for healing and they will transport your etheric body to their healing capsules on their planet or one of their spacecraft. There they can work on your etheric, emotional, and mental bodies if you ask for them to.

They are very powerful healers and have the technology to convert physical into etheric energy and back again using teleportation. This can also be used for healing by re-patterning the holographic blueprint at the etheric level and thus repairing the physical body also. Set intention for this and imagine teleporting to their spaceship or planet. In fact their spaceship is a portal to their world, or their world is ‘within’ each spaceship. This dimensional space is like the ‘bigger on the inside’ experience of Doctor Who’s TARDIS. If they feel this and your intention is pure they make teleport your physical body too. This requires free will as they will never abduct people against their will.

The Arcturians can also transport themselves and their lightships long distances in short spaces of time using a subspace travel that is unlimited by our laws of physics. Their common purpose is exploration, gathering of knowledge, scientific discovery, and assistance with less developed civilizations.

Arcturian Motivations

The Arcturians connect with source energy continuously as a collective and also individually through the collective energy of Arcturus. There are naturally peaceful and contemplative and are eager to help us with our ascension and the earth’s ascension. Usually in alignment with the divine plan they also have a strong passion for experimentation, experience and exploration. Many are very silent and aloof and can and will keep very much to themselves. As a group have achieved much to help raise the overall levels of consciousness in our universe and many others.

Arcturians have much influence in the galaxy through their advanced technology and knowledge and their highly developed spiritual culture. Like many good scientists on earth they may overlook the details to attain information in order to achieve their goals. With all the information at hand they look at things from every angle in a lot of detail and will test their ideas in simulations before applying strategies to physical realities. They love to verify results and collect additional data for further corroboration no matter how many decimal places the data is already accurate to.

The Arcturians generally play an observer role in the current battle between extraterrestrial groups over Earth and her population. However they have at times being known to prevent negative extraterrestrials from interfering with human affairs. They are the extraterrestrial race most responsible for crop circles. They use variations of sacred geometry and encoded messages usually of a scientific nature. Geometric crop circles are intended to inspire humans with the possibility of extraterrestrial communications and to warn negative extraterrestrials of the consequences of their actions to control and manipulate humanity.

They have intervened in the ancient past to help resolve very serious conflicts in our region of the universe. They achieve this by sharing their unique ability to show others how to resolve conflict through the synthesis of their belief systems and feelings. As such they can be great teachers to those that listen and act wisely. Their affinity is to the future of the earth and healing of the whole earth.

The main focus of Arcturian assistance is with the integration of spiritual values with advanced technologies. They give strategic advice in transforming planetary systems and inspiring humanity with the positive idea of extraterrestrial contact, much like the vulcans in Star Trek or the Asgard in Stargate. They contribute information and channeled advice for the seamless integration of global society and will encourage an open transparent collective global governance. They also assist humanity diplomatically to effectively cooperate with all extraterrestrial races that are aligned with their cause to help earth ascend.

Arcturian Channeling

When successfully connecting with the Arcturians you will feel a great wave of love wash over you. You may also be able to detect that their energy has a clinical logical undercurrent, as their focus is with healing sciences and technologies, which can interpreted as masculine. Also, the amount of information that comes through in terms of light encoded geometry, graphs, equations, multi-dimensional simulations can be overwhelming. This information flows effortlessly when you connect with the universal field of love and allow rather than analyse. It helps to focus and develop skill with slowing down the flow of information and seeing it clearly (symbols, light language, words, equations, visions) so that it can be described and recorded to share with others.

The Arcturians have focused their science and technology in the healing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. They can help make reality regenerative healing a possibility. It would be cool if this is observed by doctors and recorded on video showing the healing of physical injuries and internal diseases in real time. They also aim for cessation of mental, emotional, and other issues. They are also willing to share processes that heal and upgrade the human system and aura naturally. Call on them and channel through their healing.

They are very efficient and creative in doing the least amount of work for the greatest effect. They can teach you how to play, be patience and wait for the right timing, and how to do the very few important things essential for your success in life, science, business and spiritually. For example, you can use an indexing system instead of remembering all the information this is transmitted and stored in the subconscious, or in their energy matrix, or Akashic records. You feel their love and use your intention and imagination to create a pointer to that information.

Also, channeling with the Arcturians may come through computer aided automatic writing or through geometric grids. The information is very direct and detailed. You can ask them to decide and heal using healing techniques that will most benefit a client without you needing to know the details.  Additionally, you can get ‘Matrix training program’ fast downloads from the Akashic records by connecting to the Arcturians.

When information is gathered, processed and transmitted to the Arcturians they will check to see if the scenario has played before, run a simulation that is very accurate, and apply it in our reality if it is in divine flow and in accordance with the laws of free will and the laws of physics if affecting directly or indirectly the physical reality. They cannot interfere with  free will or our decisions but are here to educate and help raise the vibrations of all who ask with pure intentions.


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