Arcturian healing technologies are used for healing of the physical, etheric emotional/astral, mental and spiritual bodies. Their healing works in all dimensions of space and time so that a healing in the now will ripple out to all of your lifetimes across all dimensions. This actually equates to a degree of healing of all living beings. So by healing yourself you are healing everyone and everything in this universe and all others.

The Arcturians are very advanced healers who use a number of elegant techniques to reactivate forgotten and dormant chakras, and fully heal damaged and forgotten strands of DNA. These methods involve cosmic codes of consciousness, which work together with Star Magic, that act as keys the unlock portals to all 13 Chakras and all of the 7 subtle bodies. These codes also plug you directly into the earth’s chakra system so that you become attuned to earth and more effectively aid in her ascension.

Receiving healing from the Arcturians also brings a much vaster perspective on life, the universe and everything and brings increased spiritual awareness in the direction of transcendence. This is the synthesis of liberation, enlightenment and full body to energy ascension without any amnesia.  Arcturians are experts in assisting with human soul ascension. Their knowledge and of chakra and DNA regeneration are the most highly advanced in the galaxy, and one of the most advanced in the entire universe.


Preparing to Receive Healing

Limit your exposure to violence, negativity, attachments, and stress. Also avoid, like the plague, any foods that are over-cooked, over-processed, mouldy and genetically engineered food. Ensure you have enough sunshine, fresh air, and drink lots of fresh water. Other addictions must be avoided or limited including sugar, alcohol, smoking, and limit intake of all drugs. Be mindful and eliminate addictions to arguing, greediness, controlling of others, and overcome laziness too. You may not receive the full benefit the healing you have requested if these activities and addictions, or your other addictions or attachments, are not moderated or completely eliminated from your life.

To prepare for any healing find a relaxing place, sit or lie down, and set your intention. It is advisable to focus entirely on connecting or opening your channel to the Arcturians for healing by desisting from any worldly activities. Healing is powerful and the meditative state where its full potential is reached is deep meditation or the twilight zone between waking and sleeping. This cannot be achieved engaged in a job or whilst driving! In order to receive healing from these technologies you must simply ask and allow.

Arcturian extra-terrestrial healing continues to work throughout the night and even into the next day if you call upon them regularly. Call on them twice a day, for example just before going to bed and first thing in the morning.  Before falling asleep each night call on Lord Arcturus and the Arcturian collective and ask for any specific healing you require for your body. Ask and you will receive.

Arcturian Healing

A useful tip to boost your connection with the Arcturians is to spend a few minutes daily clearly visualising with your heart and all your senses that you are greeted by the Arcturians and you are then taken to a healing area on their spaceship Athena or to their temple on Arcturus. Feel the healing happen. This makes the experience more powerful.

Core Fear Matrix Removal Program

This is a matrix of light that is anchored into you by the Arcturians to pull out all negative ego programming from your conscious and subconscious minds, and from your etheric energy fields. This lattice work can then be used for emotional healing by Dr Lorphan of Andromeda together with the Sirians. Call on them for help as you would call on the Arcturians for healing.

Light Synthesis Chamber

This special chamber contains advanced light technology that builds up your energy bodies and hence your light quotient. Request to be transported to an Arcturian lightship, such as the starship Athena which is currently in our solar system. Of a similar function to ascension seats, this chamber also assists beings with synthesizing and harmonising your levels of awareness and higher light into all levels of body. Ask to be taken there during meditation in your etheric body. Alternatively, you can ask for the energies of this technology to be sent to your body on Earth.

Light Healing

Holographic Matrix Integration

Request this healing technology while in the Light Synthesis Chamber. Here, high frequency light from the Arcturians is run through your etheric body’s holographic grid in a specific isolated manner. You can specify what part(s) you want a particular focus of healing. Then wait for the magic to happen.

Light Infusion Techniques

Call on Lord Arcturus and request for a tailored stream of light to be sent to a specific place in your physical body or for your entire physical body if you prefer. Arcturian light computers will very precisely infuse that particular region and any other area of the physical body you requested with high vibration healing light.

Love & Joy Chamber

Ask to be taken to this emotional healing chamber on an Arcturian lightship, through meditation. The light it generates fills your entire being with an intense frequency of love and joy in meditation, often lasting throughout your day.

Energy Wind Clearing Device

This is an advanced light technology which is anchored into a chakra, usually the solar plexus chakra. This device clears etheric mucus and debris from your etheric meridians, chakras, nadis, veins, arteries, and capillaries. It rotates clockwise like a fan moving in ever wider concentric circles until all you energy winds and associated energetic system are healed.

Physical Healing Mechanism Chamber

At night while one sleeps and bi-locates, ask to be taken to this chamber whilst in your own soul body. Lord Arcturus has constructed this chamber uniquely to work on physical health issues and ascension symptoms.

Arcturian Golden Cylinder

This golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus and acts like a huge magnet drawing out impurities. It is lowered down over you. The golden cylinder will remove all kinds of toxic energies including unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, shadow parasites, and other imbalances on any level. As the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. The combination of these two methods completely clears your energy field of all stuck and stagnant energies.


Arcturian Implant for Teleportation

It requires superhuman effort to teleport your etheric and physical bodies. The degree of focus required is normally gained through many years of meditating, learning and remembering how to do so.  To make things a little easier you can ask the Arcturians to place an invisible superconducting crystal plate to be anchored into the third eye. This reflects high vibrational light, aligns you with your higher self-aspects, and increases your capacity for ‘magical power’. This painless procedure improves and amplifies your connection with your higher self and helps with psychic development including telepathy, psychokinesis, and bilocation. It also aids in the facilitation of the teleportation of your etheric and your physical body by converting matter into etheric energy and back again at the point of bilocation.

Receiving Further Healing

You can request Lord Arcturus to cleanse any residual physical toxins in your body. Also, ask the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical etheric makeup to ensure it is in resonance with your physical body structure. Balancing the biochemical etheric makeup creates consistency throughout all levels of your body.

Use these tools and technologies any time you feel yourself feeling confused, unclear or contaminated from life lessons or during the sleep state. As part of a protection routine, these methods also help protect you from intrusions whilst asleep when most vulnerable to psychic disturbances.

You can also call on the Arcturians for clearing emotional, mental and physical trauma, stimulation of the immune system, to help facilitate healing of cancer, heart imbalances of any kind, increased vision, losing weight, clearance of addictions, and for treating skin and digestive disorders. In fact the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Each time you receive a healing the Arcturians will continue to work on your problem areas and ensure all subtle energy bodies are maintained and remain energised.


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