The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron comprised of two tetrahedrons, one facing up the other facing down, that spin in opposite directions. In ancient Egypt the word Merkaba refers to a rotating light that takes the spirit and the body from one world into another. In Hebrew it means the God’s chariot (divine vehicle of ascension) and in the bible it is the way that Ezekiel ascended into heaven (5th dimensional or higher reality).

The Merkaba is considered to be a light vehicle for space, time and inter-dimensional travel. It is the vehicle of ascension designed to transition you into your light body and it assists you in attainment of higher levels of conscious awareness. Once activated the energy field emanates out in a saucer shape that is around 55 feet wide. This energy field take your consciousness directly to higher dimensions as well as facilitate ascension.


What is the Merkaba?

The Merkaba is a vehicle of light which facilitates ascension and travel into the higher or lower worlds. It is a composite of three words. Mer means a kind of light that counter-rotates within itself, Ka means the human spirit, and Ba means the human body as the emanation of of the divine blueprint that spirit holds.

In ancient Egypt this is interpreted as a rotating light that takes the body and spirit from one world into another. It extends through all possible extra-dimensional and parallel universes extending into the 5th dimension and beyond. Your Merkaba is is a geometrically balanced electromagnetic field that is your aura too. The Merkaba field involves the five platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. Your Merkaba is one of the limitless forms your energy field can take.

The Merkaba acts as the vehicle of light that takes your spirit and body into the next world. In most people the Merkaba is situated around their body like a three-dimensional geometric web which is static, dormant and not-working. A great change begins when the soul inhabiting the body remembers that it is there and begins to change aspects of itself so as to be connected with divine light and higher self.

Spinning Your Merkaba

Your Merkaba field can become alive at a specific moment in this life or another. When this occurs an electromagnetic change creates a disc of energy that comes out from a tiny place near the base of the spine. This rapidly expands to a diameter of 50 to 60 feet around the body. To spin your Merkaba you spin the upper tetrahedron clockwise and the lower tetrahedron (point down) anticlockwise faster and faster until light speed (as below).

spinning merkaba

This disc can easily be detected scientifically and the military can see them via satellite. The military can see people with expanded auras and activated Merkaba fields and track them  as they move around earth. Millions have activated merkaba fields although many only activate in dreams, in deep meditation, and through pranic breathing exercises. So it is very likely many people with activated merkaba fields are unaware of this or misguided into feeling it as something else such as an expanded aura or a large increase of chi energy. Scientific instruments see the enormous magnetic burst that results from the disc expanding.

Most ancient civilizations, such as ancient Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, believed  there are certain moments in human history where there are great leaps in human understanding. We are the wake of a great leap in human evolution and understanding now. The Merkaba opens a dimensional window into a higher level of consciousness and ascension.

Your Merkaba is a living field and responds to human thoughts and feelings. You set your intention (thought) to activate your merkaba and place your feeling of universal love at your heart. Your merkaba is guided by your human mind and heart. Set your intention and use your imagination to navigate the multi-dimensional possibilities that unfold.


The Merkaba can assist you in your connection between the physical and ethereal bodies, allowing you to see the psychological patterns and programs that may limit you and society. Also, it is a constant reminder to remember your true, loving, compassionate divine nature. Meditating on the Merkaba to merge with source energy, the Divine, All That Is. It truly is a powerfully amazing piece of light technology for ascending through the dimensional shifts and transitions of density from 3-D to 5-D we are currently experiencing.

Activating Your Merkaba

Merkaba travel

You can power up your Merkaba in many ways including the very male multiple breathing pranayama technique of Drunvalo Melchhizedek, using Star Magic and the constellations (Sirius, Orion and the Delphinus star), or powering it with divine light along counter-rotating toroidal fields. Imagine spinning your Merkaba to light speed or use currents of light travelling already at light speed.

You use magical energy (prana) to power up Merkaba. This is source energy that has been reflection through the prism of Lyra into the rays that our light bodies use. Also you can build up prana by raising your kundalini energy which amplifies through energy currents or winds around your light body.

You may feel the spinning motion, hear a hum that increases in frequency or intensity, or see colourful light codes and energy currents streaming around the geometry or light. Also you may feel a tug or pull at the base of your spine. If you feel an expanding field shooting out for about 40 metres like a saucer then it is fully activated and you can take off. You may imagine this to get a feel for it as well. Once spinning your Merkaba will keep rotating for a long time, and indefinitely if no energy is lost or energy is added to spin faster.

merkaba torus

Your Merkaba is your aura. Your etheric field can be molded into anything such as the form of an animal or other being as used for shape-shifting. Ask your guides to teach you and also ask your Merkaba to take you to other worlds, temples and to meet guides. Let this happen.

You can also program your subconscious to wake you up in a dream and whilst lucid ride your Merkaba. Your can enter delta wave with slow deep breathing or induce lucid dream when you fall asleep already visualizing your Merkaba. Or meditate and journey into a deeper altered state of consciousness.

Merkaba Geometries & Crystals

Platonic Solids

There are five geometric shapes which each have faces, edges, and angles of the same shape and size. They are the tetrahedron (fire, 4 faces), cube (earth, 6 faces), octahedron (air, 8 faces), dodecahedron (cosmos, 12 faces), and icosahedron (water, 20 faces). Each of these Platonic Solids produces specific energetic effects.

The tetrahedron symbolizes harmony and equilibrium. Each of its corner points is equidistant from each of the others. Also there is no strain or tension in a tetrahedron because it is in equilibrium.  By contrast, the corner points of the cube lie at different distances from each other which results in a condition of everlasting stress.

Using the sacred geometry crystals on various areas of your body or in your life can open up higher levels of awareness and inner wisdom. Each shape has its own meaning. For example, the sphere makes energy flow and an octahedron can manifest things. Depending upon which type of crystal the shape is made from (clear quartz, rose quartz, etc.), it will take on those qualities as well.

spinning Merkaba

  • The hexahedron (cube shape) is great for grounding and at the same time raising your vibration.
  • The icosahedron is representative of water and is good for enhancing creative thoughts and unblocking some of the stuff that often holds you back in life.

  • The double-tetrahedron represents the fire element. It is good for stepping into your personal power and acceptance. It is also good for directing energy away from you or bringing energy towards you. This is ideal to bring energies to you to manifest something or if you are eliminating some of the negative energies from your body, mind and spirit.

  • The octahedron represents the element of air. It is similar to a crystal with a double terminated point so it can direct energy in two directions. This is great for forgiveness, closure and emotional healing and helps you to be more compassionate in your everyday life.

  • The dodecahedron represents the element of spirit (ether). This is good for raising your vibration, meditation, letting go of ego, and accessing your higher self. It is useful in meditation to open up your third eye and when focusing spiritually.

    Placing one of these shapes in the form of a crystal into your vessel of water infuses those particular qualities into your body and allows them to penetrate you at the cellular level.

    light body in Merkaba

Planetary Merkaba

Everything in our reality possesses a star tetrahedral energy field.  The points of the bases of the two tetrahedrons in the star tetrahedron touch an enclosing sphere at 19.47  degrees. At each planet’s 19.47 degree latitudes we have the intersection between the light body of the planet and its surface, and since light-bodies have the ability to connect us to other dimensions, at these latitudes we have an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experience.

Earth Merkaba

At these latitudes we find the massive volcanoes on Mars, the great red spot of Jupiter, two volcanoes on Venus, a dark spot on Neptune, dark cloud bands on Saturn, sun spots on the sun, and the volcanoes of Hawaii.


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