Have you ever wondered where you came from before you were born? You are a spiritual being living a human journey. You live in the world but do not originate from this world. Beyond our world of space and time is a timeless place where everything is known and perceived at once in the moment at the zero-point of creation of all that there is. The Universe is in perpetual growth and creation never stops. Life comes under various forms and there are as many possibilities as universes.

You are an eternal soul, a living energy or spark of divine awareness, which decides before birth to experience life in an ephemeral body. You are conscious living changing energy that enters a developing foetus before birth. You learn and develop from your experience of life on earth. This knowledge and experience is channeled through your higher self. When your body dies you return to the spiritual dimensions from whence you came from.

Soul Development


On earth there are souls living at various levels of spiritual development with many different contracts, coming from various densities of consciousness. There are many immature souls and also many misguided souls living on earth at this current time and throughout history. Then there are other souls who have impure intentions or are controlled by negative emotions (such as anger, jealousy and ego), shadow parasites (beings without a body whose intentions and evolutionary process are unsavoury), or through ignorance act like robots under the control matrix of the limiting beliefs and systems of this world.

These souls are immature and allow these energies and beings to manipulate them from time to time. Many of these souls only connect with their mortal and limited intellect. They are cut off from their higher self, guides and any degree of higher consciousness. They are slaves to our society as they are not consciously aware of their unlimited spiritual potential. In time these beings will become conscious enough to evolve into higher dimensions. These are the ones who are not aware of their higher self, but they are given the experience here in order to make them aware of their potential.

A developing Soul on earth develops like a child does on earth. When the child grows they develop physical attributes, awareness, feelings and understanding. Their physical and etheric (auric) body systems are in formation. Souls undergo a similar development and need various experiences to mature and develop consciousness. New information and better comprehension periodically transforms humanity into more conscious beings and a new awareness cycle of thousands of year’s duration is now commencing.

Alien Creation

On many other worlds and dimensions the incarnating beings are aware of their spiritual roots and use those experiences to develop without the veils of ignorance and delusion that we have on earth. Many souls volunteered to experience life here in order to further their understanding of your world or of their own world. You are one of these living beings coming from a higher plane of existence. You long to return home to a higher dimension where you were created.

Human beings have a mission to consciously work on all aspects of their being to release them from their own soul karma, ancestral karma, purify their energetic DNA, and upgrade their holographic blueprints (codes and information) to that of the divine template. Damage to their multi-dimensional energetic DNA is also caused by others including extra-terrestrials and energy parasites. Their DNA has also become infected and abused through negative influences from past incarnations. This impurity or damage manifests at various levels as veils obscuring their perception of themselves and life. They need to clear their karma in order to ascend to higher dimensions and levels of existence.

Genetic Manipulation and Experimentation

Your planet has a heavy history of genetic manipulation and experimentation. Your human life developed around a soul in order to experience a 3D level of density.  Your soul descended through an octave of creation to experience separation and duality. Many of you previously lived in much higher densities at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. However due to the fall of Atlantis you learned to adapt to this 3D world of space and time which was never meant to be your natural home.

Alien Beings

Although all humans look alike, their inner abilities vary greatly. Also, some civilizations are so old and advanced that they can create beings without a soul or soul group. These range from thought forms to energy parasites, robots in bodies, and clones. These beings do not possess a soul because they were not created by the original creator who can give these beings the spark of divine awareness and consciousness. They are the results of psychic projections or through genetic engineering. Some humans have had their DNA by beings with agendas such as the Annunaki or the Greys. They too lack a higher self and their altered genetic material has led to much DNA damage and limitation to a narrow band range of spiritual development. They are often controlled by etheric implants and mind control technologies with the intention of controlling others.

Your physical body is terrestrial. It is made of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether, and the chemical elements). Your subtle consciousness or soul is extraterrestrial. The body you use has a conscious experience or memory. You are that consciousness not the memory of that consciousness.

The physical world and anything in it has never created conscious awareness, only intelligence like lizards and spiders. Some people feel that the human body evolved a conscious awareness and soul by the process of evolution and natural selection. Whilst the physical brain has processing ability, a degree of self-identity, and local memory there is nothing physical that transfers after death. Yet there is insurmountable evidence of experiences people have near death of verified instances of past live recall providing accurate details.

All the physical effects in your life are only the effects of the thoughts of your conscious mind. Poor decisions and bad actions, or sins, are arise from the thoughts that you think and the words that you say. Your soul is accountable through the imprints or ripples of cause and effect (karma) and will reap its own harvest. All actions and words of your body are directly or indirectly the effects of your thoughts and also from the energies that you allow in that influence your decisions.

Knowledge and Free Will

We are all individual seeds of creation linked together as reflections of the mind of creation. As such omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence are centred in the consciousness of each and every person.  Through history we live through millennia in many bodies before we know the oneness of our soul with our creator who is also us. Each cycle of rebirth brings us nearer to our awareness and union with divine light.

We live in a bewildering complex world of effects of which he don’t know the original cause. Due to its illusory nature and seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity we fail to see or visualize the simple underlying principle of all things. We complicate truth and half-truth until its many angles, sides, and facets have lost balance with each other. We have lost our way in life and are possessed by our own ignorance.


All knowledge exists and is available and will come to us as needed. Enlightened Souls and messengers periodically come and give universal knowledge. When we know enlightenment we will know no limitations. We must know the light within, the love of the creator in our hearts. We must want to know and experience it ourselves. Light knows light intuitively as a feeling, a knowing, and a remembering. When we know the Light and experience the remembrance of oneness we will know all things.

What little knowledge we have acquired during these last few thousand years has been given to us by the very few geniuses, prophets, mystics and other messengers of the Light who have come to re-inspire humanity with their insight and knowledge. From these rare few the beginnings of our culture have sprung. Without them there would be no understanding of beauty in this materialistic world.

The silent voice within each and every one of us is ceaselessly whispering to our awakening consciousness. Every desire written upon the heart of each of us is carried to the source of the original cause. Its answer will come but only to those who ask from their heart. Our consciousness is insulated from Source consciousness by the sensations of our pre-conditioned intellect and selfish personal self. What we call our objective human mind and intellect is mortal. What we call our subjective mind is our sub-consciousness, our spiritual storehouse of memory of all-knowledge, all power, and all-presence.

The electrically vibrating network of nerves which operate our physical bodies act almost entirely through automatic reflexes and instinctive control and to a very little extent through mental decisions. Each cell and organ of his body has an electrical awareness of its purpose and each fulfills that purpose without any mental action. Thus each cell and every atom in our body is also alive.


Our free will is a gift to everybody and not something we give to others through beliefs or culture. Many have surrendered their free will to the will of others by being followers and joiners of religions, man-made social constructions, and materialistic trends. Then we become a product of other people instead of making our own cause in life by being loving co-creators. Just like the Buddha, you then have the power and sovereignty to make up your own mind about what is real and good and what is not.

There is much good in all of us so use it generously and unselfishly toward everybody. If something doesn’t make sense or sounds out of alignment with your core values then it is likely nonsense or double-speak. If you don’t research and investigate you won’t find discover and evolve. Light comes from within your own consciousness, your own heart. It is already there waiting to escape.

We are extra-terrestrials because we come from the stars and beyond. We are made of stardust and we live on a world with elements forged in a supernova. Our genetics have been altered by other extra-terrestrials over periods of time through our history and our higher selves and souls originate from other worlds and other dimensions. We are God, we are humanity and we are everything else inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial.


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