Our universe is envisaged and manifested by creator consciousness. It is much more ancient than science accepts to an extent beyond 50 trillion years and likely without beginning. Our big bang is one of many cycles and many permutations and time flows differently in each cycle. There are countless parallel earths that run synchronously with ours as they are laid out with time orientation matching each moment yet different spaces. Then there are ones with different times and countless others based on other planets. spatial dimensions, and laws of physics.

Our millennia we have looked around us, up, down and inside and developed increasingly complex ideas about our universe and reality. Science looks at the universe from maths and develops a picture that is very masculine and intellectual. They see the physical universe as the only real one and then extend it to include 10 (or 26 dimensions) as in string and M-Theory. Cosmologists like to develop more and more elaborate and complex models of everything. Yet all we need to know is that we create our own universe and our imagination leads us to experience others. We create what we observe whether physical or not. Manifestation occurs at different levels corresponding to the frequency and vibration of your own heart, mind and soul.

Planck Universe

We are born with the ability to create, or co-create (as God creates). We have enough free will to make us creators through the power of intelligence and thought. Everything is imagined and with power and energy what is imagined manifests in some shape or form. We are living as points of consciousness vibrating in an infinite ocean of global particles we are vibrate. We are at certain frequency locations. This ocean of consciousness is like a matrix, but not space-time as we understand them, and the brain decodes certain codes sent by that level to give the illusion of physical substance. This is what we normally accept as our reality. Beyond this the world is consisted of pure light emanating out of pure love by ourselves as our divine true selves.

Structure of the Universe

We live in collective hologram and emanate or manifest according to our beliefs. Below is a picture of the cosmic egg of creation. In this picture we see many levels of reality, each with a cascade of parallel realities. All the living beings in all these other realms/dimensions are us at different reincarnation cycles. If you take time out of the equation it is all at once superimposed in the zero point with infinite extent and eternally now. The simplest picture is actually one cosmic consciousness dreaming or creating all paradigms as countless beings.  We remember and then focus until our inner awareness or feeling of love projects pure environments and universes, also known as world systems, lokas or realms.

cosmic egg

Remember that we are all creator ‘gods’ (Elohim) and we can meditate, dream, or be what we choose to be. We may even dream each other into existence. One way to start visualizing things that can easily get very complex it to see it as a virtual environment, role play game, or computer game and let things unfold from a singularity (breathe out) to maximum diversity and back again (breath in).

Below is a picture of the universe as pictured in Hindu cosmology. This gives an idea of a whole universe through the dimensions reflected or based on the material universe we live in. There are many levels and tiers all connected or immersed in a sea of ether (dark matter) called the Garbhodaka Ocean. Then there are many others in parallel and this illustration does not include the countless non-material universes.

Our Universe

Note that there are many other depictions of the universe including the wheel of life (the continuous cycle of rebirth in samsara) as well as modern scientific ideas of parallel universes arising from the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. This is the idea that each decision or action creates a new universe that differs from the original by the ‘fork in the road’ decision. There is also the observer effect meaning what we observe (intend or imagine) becomes real for us individually and collectively.

Fragmentation from Source

When the creator is aware of itself and creates from itself then the energy of all becomes one living manifestation that is aware of itself (God). The dream it reflected and a holographic reality results. The One creates the many through dreaming us into existence together with space, time and everything else.


We all have a bubble reality which intersects with others. Imagine a multi-dimensional point or dot, creating 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc (aka the flower of life expanding outwards with further geometrical components). This happens through conscious and subconscious levels to create our reality.  Since we are embedded or immersed within we have sense of total separation to each other. The process ends with humans.

We are like facets of a diamond which is one whole. However the facets are speaking to each other not knowing they are part of a whole and reflecting each other through the diamond. At the core is the one original mind or creator. The ripples of creation expand outwards as far as possible until a maximum separation between individual realities is reached. That is where we are now. We lie at the periphery of creation and feel totally disconnected  from our core understanding that we originated from the source.

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic egg of creation has expanded as far as it can. Any further and the periphery will implode as thoughts persist for eternity as records in the Akashic field. This includes an accumulation of our dark thoughts. These thought forms block us from going back to the creator because there will be no more world to play in.

Source consciousness (God) has cascaded down and is now collecting disconnected elements and merging back up. It is like one being with pure intention fragmenting to many levels of awareness until the facets or copies are so far away or fragmented that the individual crystallizes from the whole but is still the same nature as the whole.  This vast awareness (emanating or manifesting as all) compresses again (cosmic inhale) to bring the children back home. The focus was an outward bubble of light (cosmic expansion and soul dispersion) and now it is an inward bubble of light (cosmic contraction and soul retrieval).

Our Individual & Collective Divinity

We are all different levels superimposed together into one perceive collective hallucination that we call physical reality. This gives us the magnificent ability to live and experience nature. We all have the unique quality of the creator to have and express unconditional love. This is the gifting of ourselves to enjoy the act of gifting ourselves to help others without any desire to receive anything.

The creator gave us life force and the ability to sustain ourselves and the information we require. This is so we can flourish and reach higher levels of awareness by remembering how we truly are. We realize our superhuman or godly qualities and share with others our knowledge and technologies. We all have the individual and collective potential to expand our environment in a beautiful way and enjoy life. We have no desire to suffer and all this suffering arises through negative sub-realms in our subconscious. This occurs whenever we feel angry, disillusioned or disconnected from our enlightenment of knowing who we are.

Galactic Web

Look within to our connection to oneness, love and compassion. We carry the spark of pure divinity within us. This is our ‘seed’ of light. Align to the origin of self and focus like the creator and share happily with everyone. Never kill or hurt others. Energy is all around us as the creator’s creation and our life force is like electricity that runs through us all. There is a biblical flood of consciousness that is happening now as we enter the fifth dimension to open the waters beyond. The lower dimensions and upper dimensions and sideways dimensions are bleeding together or merging. It is very easy for us to connect to the centre of it all, the zero point of focused awareness that abides in universal love.

Nature cannot be contaminated by the thoughts of humanity. This is because it operates at a higher level. Nature is God manifested in the now, a reflection of source (universe), and is always connected to the light. It is a support mechanism with higher level of manifestation, now called to create too. Hug a tree or hold a rock or crystal and talk to it. Ask a tree to please connect me to the highest level that my soul can connect as close as possible to source. No darkness is possible in that rock or tree. Instantly you will feel uplifted and may experience the miraculous.

Keep connecting and your life is transformed, and your relations, and much more will be transformed too. The more you give, the more you receive. Become a conduit for divine energy. Dance with the creator and the creator will dance with you. Manifest something that helps fellow human beings or that helps creation and you will receive optimal help to do this and transcend karma.

Love is the key and all of creation rejoices when we love all.


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