For manifestation of your dreams and desires to occur you need to align your energy to attract or match that of what you are choosing to manifest. This requires a degree of trust with knowing about your energy and how to use it to connect to the universe and ask. Without asking the universe does not know how to answer. Also it helps to be specific about what you ask so that what you ask for is for likely to happen as long as it is aligned with the divine universe and for the greater good. Remember that we always vibrate and are connected to the universe.

There is scientific evidence that the subconscious is 95-97% of the human mind. The conscious mind is only the tip of iceberg. The subconscious mind is part of your emotional being together with your heart. When you feel emotionally great you will feel a boost to your physical health too. The energetic output of your heart is hundreds of times stronger than your brain. Its energy field radiates 3 km outwards in all directions whereas your brain ‘s signals reach only a few metres.

heart field

Intentionally focus on what makes you feel better emotionally. Tap into your intuition to guide you and learn to monitor and be aware of your feelings. Improve your emotional tone. Human intelligence or consciousness is non-local and not in the brain. Consciousness is everywhere in all existence and focused in the position of your energy body (aura) in the same moment. Your emotions are powerful energies that run through your whole system. Light runs through body and transmits information chemically and through light codes from one cell to another.

Body Energy System

Your emotions are completely connected with your body’s energy system. Tap into your physical body to feel emotionally great. Work through your body to feel consistently great. Connect to your body when you wake up and get out of bed, interlace your fingers and stretch your hands over your head and bring them down. This feels great. Contracting and expanding muscles works the network of blood vessels (lubricates them with nutrients) which benefits the system and takes pressure from the heart. Also, you tune your nervous system so your central nervous system operates more efficiently. There is an energetic fascia (tough elastic) layer that wraps around all muscles and organs.  This lubricates and prevents fat cells from accumulating.


Chinese doctors have solved human emotional issues through applying their knowledge of the energy meridians and organ systems. Twelve main acupuncture meridians run through the energetic fascia layer. Needles are used to go to a shallow depth to tone the body’s energy system. There is a range of motion and huge emotional connection. Each meridian is related to an organ system and each of these is related to an emotion (positive/negative). Joy is related to heart energy system, courage to lung, fairness and justice to spleen, patience and kindness to the liver and confidence to the kidneys. Energy flows easily and emotional blockages clear.
alignment visualisation

When you create we feel really good when in a creative space and are empowered and in touch with who you really are.  Feel in flow (loving and calm) and not out of flow (fearful and anxious). Acknowledge that you are a creative being and feel consistently great. When out of flow you don’t feel good. This creative state will cause you to manifest what you want all the time. Close the gap between your logical and creative states by changing current emotional tone. Be in touch with your feelings, your emotions, not your thoughts or analysis. Feel the difference as resistance and let it go.

Four Emotional Traps

The first emotional trap is feeling wound around the bend. This is where you are emotionally compromised and experience negative emotion whenever you think about a situation. When you worry about or are fearful of something such as not having enough money, your physiology goes into defense mode, also known as the fight or flight response. This toxifies your system and compromises your ability to make decisions. You feel instant resistance and are knocked out of alignment and you feel trapped and helpless. Learn to become a master of flowing naturally like water without resistance in an environment without pain or consequence. Use a safe sandbox to play in and learn to listen with your heart and build confidence. Practice manifesting desired outcomes without fear or resistance until this becomes organic and automatic.

The second trap is attempting to manifest without aligning internally first. To overcome this trap imagine a time as a child that you loved doing. Ask yourself what activity you love to do so much that time stands still for you? Mentally travel back in time using your imagination and memories and remember how you loved this activity. It could be art, collecting things, or being good at sport or play.  Totally enjoy the moment as you relive it creating something wonderful. Feel focused and enjoy it in moment in full clarity and with no internal resistance. You could keep going on for hours and your energy remains or increases because you are in alignment and divine creative energy flows thorough you. Recall and recover that special feeling of being in alignment.

law of attraction

The third trap is feeling out of your depth when faced with big issues. Don’t panic if you feel thrown out of alignment. Return to your safe sandbox and learn to apply manifesting methodology and experience alignment repeatedly until you can repeat and recreate at will. Develop a feeling for this and be sensitive. Evaluate where you are if you notice you are out of alignment. Pay attention at a deep level to the lovely feeling that arises and feel it easier to go back into alignment. Once in alignment you experience a great unique feeling. For example an idea may come out of blue, you felt great, and everything comes together. You know you are on the right track and loved how everything came together. Every day is different. You can learn to spot the little signs that indicate you are on the right track and pay attention to them.

The fourth trap is experiencing doubt that throws you out of alignment. Whatever you ask for with knowing, or focused belief, you receive. Be positive and bring the result into the path by seeing yourself already with your dream partner, job, spiritual goal, etc. When you use this principle and fail you fail because of a lack of faith or trust. Belief needs to be  a 100% knowing and realizing your goal in your imagination. Otherwise problems occur.  The law of attraction is like a law like gravity but is invisible so people do not fully believe it. Develop a belief in the law of attraction that is so strong without resistance or doubt. Experiment and see the evidence build up from your own daily experience and scientifically prove to yourself why it is absolutely real. Like a child at play let this be fun and intuitive.

Change Your Worldview

The old Newtonian worldview is the heart of suffering of the world and affects us at a daily level. This male-orientated reductionist paradigm has dominated the 300 years in the west and existed for many centuries before this. There is no correlation between consciousness and physical reality so consciousness has been relegated in favour of the tangible and verifiable physics, chemistry and biology. Schools reinforce this in the way science is taught and the consequence is feeling a passive victim and keeping your head down and accept passively. This is a most dis-empowering and emotional low and feels like being bullied at school. This feeling immediately throws you out of your creative space and out of alignment. Then the stress and despair creates the causes and conditions for poor health that destroys us as human beings. Remember that physical matter does not exist except as an emanation (manifestation) of energy. Everything is energy and mostly empty space. The Newtonian view is of a hostile, impersonal, clockwork universe where logically the how is hard to find.


Change your worldview to one of the ancient spiritual traditions. In reality you do not need to know the how of solving your problems. Imagine the burden taken off my shoulders and you can literally stand in front of an audience and say “I don’t need to know the how”. All you need to know is the solution you want to experience and how it feels like. This is most liberating! Now the sole focus is what you want to experience and how it feels like. Know what you want to experience, be emotionally clear, in alignment, and in creative space. Then things flow and actions feel wonderful. This is an entirely different life approach. Have a safe place to play. This is all you need.

Exercise for mind body integration

Create total harmony with your environment. Use a glass of water or water bottle and place it in front of you. Take a drink and put it down. Repeat it. This is a disconnected movement of your arm and a little shoulder. When you observe an animal move you see it move its entire body at one time. Now drink the water with your whole body movement. There is no right or wrong way as long as all parts of your body move. Notice how this feels great like having a morning stretch. Repeat again at the point just below your navel. This is the centrifugal centre and ocean of energy (Dan Tien). Try this twice. Everything originates from this part of the body. It feels very balanced, controlled, and strong.

Dan Tien

Then use spinal column and use your whole spine for the movement. Repeat the movement twice with the spine originating and controlling the movement. Where are your thoughts, mind, and attention when doing these movements? Then do whole body movement with your breathing synchronized with movement. Drink again twice with breathing and whole body movement. Notice how it feels different to be focused on breathing.

To create excellent life and health you want to unify and coordinate your breath, movements and mental attention. You combine them all synchronized together to conserve and store energy. In the west these operate on different levels and is the reason why we have low immunity, run out of energy, feel exhausted, and our health declines. We waste our energy as these three actions are uncoordinated and we do not cultivate or nurture our energy.


Remember to avoid trying to manifest when you don’t have clarity on your life direction and what it looks like. Manifest simple things first to build confidence. Without resistance you experience alignment all the time.


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