You are made of divine light that is eternal and profoundly present. Find the stillness within you and connect to your light. This is the light of your soul, the light of your heart. It is the light that has always existed and will always exist. Light codes of information run through you and all of us. You are conscious living energy that responds to light geometry and codes of information transfer between you and set the wheels in motion to manifest your intentions.

Toroidal field

Transform Your Life

Drop the negative thinking and you stop wasting energy. You also stop attracting things that manifest as negative situations or illness. Surrender to the true resonance within you. Only you choose and decide your trajectory in life and hence your destiny in this brief yet precious human life. Knowing and feeling arises  from your heart and insight from your higher self through your third eye. The idea is to regularly lead a life that is a true reflection of your higher divine self. Connect with your inner essence, the light and love within, and know who you truly are. Create a practice for the small still voice of intuition, of heartfelt feeling, to come forth and lead your life. Remember there is nowhere to go and no effort to achieve.

subtle body

Breathe love through the channel of light that runs through you, that is you, and into the earth for healing. Dreams are based on more truth and the reality of modern life in this physical world is based on less truth. We live in energetic reality as all is energy (spirit). Master the energy flow by tapping into the light codes of information to master your life experience. Be in touch with the energetic essence of you. Delusions or demons such as anger, jealousy, attachment and laziness block or stop your energy flow. This is reflected in blocked chakras and physical and mental disease.

There is no need to protect your ego as it is an illusion. If you buy into your ego and become a slave to it you will experience great pain and suffering as a result. Move your energy without feeding your the ego. Apply the principles and practices and activate the energy codes that allow you to access inner self. Remember that your inner self is the ever present pure and strong being that chose to come into this human body. You chose this on the highest level of being. Integrating yourself with your inner self is about alignment with your true identity transcending the ego. Then everything flows and life becomes effortless.

Use body to anchor your consciousness directly and use your breath to move your energy. Avoid using your logical mind to change outcomes and experiences. Manage your internal environment and feel loved and okay all the time. Then people will start to treat you differently and they will respect and love you for being who you really are and not a puppet or your shadow self. You are here on earth to master your life in line with nature. Anchor, centre, ground, and integrate your awareness deeply and fully inside your body and observe the shift and flow of energy through our life. Your vibration increases and you feel full of energy and vitality. You feel younger too. Also your sphere of influence and engagement with others increases.

Kundalini Breathing to Free up Energy

central channel breathing

To bring highest level of consciousness into your human body and engage fully you lock your energies to your root of being and anchor them. Contract the muscles around the base of your pelvic bowel (the mula bhandha) and relax again. Repeat several times. This helps you remain centred and robust so life’s challenges don’t knock you off centre (out of alignment).  So keep your energy anchored in your  body and not in your head. Being in your head space thinking, worrying or going ‘out of body’ takes your power and energy away. As a result you are not grounded as you are not in your body. This can have serious health effects.

Learn how to breathe low in your belly to anchor your energy down in your body. Become familiar with your aura in the form of a quantum energy field all around your body. Your lower lungs innervate the energy to your nervous system which calms you down and oxygenates blood. With practice you become a creative genius and your energy is not lost in the ‘fight or flight’ response. Hold your shoulders down and breathe from navel your downwards. Breathe deeply.

Balance your attention between doing and not-doing and be in equilibrium between these two extremes. Then you remain fully grounded when engaging in all spiritual activities. Build up the muscle contractions to 1000 times a day.  Drop your energy to the root of your spine and contract those muscles. Experience a shift in your thoughts and it becomes easier to filter and reduce them. This also improves the functioning of your stomach.

Your energetic system (aura) and chakra systems need unblocking so they can flow freely. Then you can harness more energy and step into your power more easily. Contract your ‘mula bhandha’ and relax it by  half so it is half contracted. Then raise your hands up and look at your hands, with fingers snapped together,  and look into the space above your head. Picture chakras above and below your body.

Mula Bhanda

Now picture a tube of energy, or the toroidal field, from the top of your head down the central channel to earth. Take a breath from above your head and imagine a blowhole running from your crown chakra that opens like a camera lens, or a wormhole inside a stargate. Then breathe all the way into your belly, contracting the muscle, and then down into earth. Inhale from deep in the earth and into your belly and exhale up and out of your crown. Now breathe into your belly and out into the earth, and repeat. This opens your awareness to your central channel of energy. This exercise also pierces the veils between all your chakras and your energy winds.

This essential practice accesses more power by focusing your energy through your central channel. This runs  from above your crown to below your root chakra which grounds the energy. Begin by taking 20 breaths like this each day and then increase to any number up to 1000 breaths. Your body positions synchronise the areas of your brain and activate different body circuits when engaging the above exercises.

Clearing, Healing & Grounding

Let go of and clear past memories that do not serve you so that they do not interfere with new things. Your dreams and life targets must resonate with your subconscious mind. Once it agrees that this is not dangerous then the self preservation protection mode is transcended. Your subconscious is in charge so ask for the healing of your subconscious so that your body can be healed and remain healed. Also, connect with your guides and ask for the light codes for healing at a deep level.

Grounding Protection

Pierce through the veil of delusion and move to new cellular level to achieve and attain more and more in your life. Let your subconscious process the love and light in the healing information you receive. Eat right, exercise, meditate, and use positive affirmations such as ‘I love myself unconditionally’. The  subconscious must be included in your practice, or if you prefer the heart feeling space which is intimately entwined with your subconscious.

As a result you feel grounded, in flow, intuitive, centred, have more energy, and do not have to think so much or know the details. This frees up your energy for healing, digesting, filtering and cleansing functions for your physical and energetic body. You are not wasting energy grinding thoughts in your the mind like a hamster running on a hamster wheel.  Now you are relaxed, feel more alive, sleep better, and wake up more rested.

If you do the breath work last thing before bed then you will feel refreshed in the morning. Allow the high frequency energy and light codes of information to enter your body. Your mind will also feel spacious and inspired because the clutter of thoughts and memories will vanish. You will also look at life differently and know who you are. You are the creator of your chosen life experience and have regained your own power. Flow into your inner calm and feel the energy flow in alignment with your soul.


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