We live in a reality that appears to our senses as three dimensional space that is vast and finite plus a dimension of time that emanates or flows forth through the three dimensions of space. Yet the reality we believe is real and which we build sensors and technology to investigate with science is one we do not actually see. Our brains are locked in our skulls and all information is processed from sensory organs that are limited and which pass information to our brain that is in perpetual darkness.

Beyond our reality are a limitless array of similar and different realities that lie in different configurations in higher dimensional spaces. These spaces overlap and merge with each other via interactions in the ethers that link them together. It all depends on perspective and awareness.

parallel universe

Synchronisation of Realities

All matter we perceive is synchronised with our own reality. There are many other parallel universes that are superimposed upon our own differing only in frequency or phase of synchronisation. Each physical universe is a single sheet or membrane. Particle-waves, objects and people move on this sheet or film and believe it is the entire physical universe. They are embedded or immersed in their reality and do not see beyond this.

Other physical universes possess differing frequencies or phases. Living beings in these universes only know the reality they live in. Others are invisible to them. To travel from one reality, world or universe, to another all you need to do is shift the phase or frequency a little. This is like turning a dial on a radio or tuning into a different, ideally higher, vibration of energy. Then you or whatever you focus on (such as an object, vehicle or environment) will disappear in one reality and appear in another.

Parallel Universes

This explains why ghosts and UFOs appear for a few seconds or minutes and then instantly disappear as well as teleportation through walls and crossover of realities. Here the realities overlap or merge and then split off again. You can also use your third eye to focus and connect with a parallel reality where a wall is in a different position and travel there. Then align this reality with the other one by aligning the 3D position in 4D or moving aligning both realities to zero point.

Subtle etheric energy arises from the motions which are entangled or linked across many layers or levels. Many of these parallel universes are entangled across many layers or realities like frames on a film that are sequenced or synchronised in time.

Walking Between Realities

At zero point we understand that all realities are one and can occupy the space that we live in. The ascended and enlightened beings that we connect with and call to help us with healing, guidance, and for channeling lie in these other dimensions. There are countless dimensions (lokas or planes of existence) and other types of realities that are as real as the reality we live in. This is where the vast majority of extraterrestrial UFO’s, ghosts, devas, angels, dragons and any being that can be imagined, and any more beyond our imagination, exist.

zero point field

We are subtle energy, light and soul expressed through geometry and light codes. When we vibrate our aura or resonate to a higher frequency such as that of the divine feminine/masculine or channel beings from other dimensions, then we are interacting with one or more of these dimensions. The familiar physical dimension is offset or phased into a fourth physical dimension (or higher). Many of these realities are holographic or etheric and are not physical from our point of view. Everything in our universe including us  is holographic. The ‘physical’ is purely our perception of the interaction of a few rules that allow our universe to exist in the way it does now.

Picture the extra-dimensional space as a series of moments, like a timeline, but with each ‘moment’ a distance from this reality to another self-contained spatial reality. In each of these realities, like frames on a video, you see yourself living a different life because of a decision you made when younger is different.

Bubble Universes

In another direction there are the realities where you are the same and someone else or a world event is different. You can tune into and channel information from these realities. As with lucid dreaming and astral projection you can transfer consciousness over and experience other lives as you experience this one. The tendency is to be bounced back to your physical body as if there is a ‘higher guidance’ or process that shields us from intrusion of other realities externally. This may also explain why extraterrestrials and other beings can appear for brief periods in the ether and then disappear again.

To travel beyond this reality, past space and time, you use a field within this reality which is shielded from gravity and the remit of the laws of physics without changing them, and slide or fly across. This is the Merkaba or ‘chariot of the gods’. When spun correctly and up to light speed and powered by prana running through your energy field  it can dissociate from this reality and safely take your body anywhere and any when. Picture two tori rotating counter-clockwise at light speed that interact energetically and create a bubble or disk. This appears like a flying saucer or the shape of some galaxies. If you change anything in these realities you create more parallel realities and so need multi-dimensional guidance to navigate yourself home in this one or an exact duplicate.

M Theory

Parallel Lives & Healing

When we look at time we see the past as fixed and lives we remember before we are born as past lives. They are only past in the way we perceive them as linear. Actually there is no such thing as past lives as you will feel when we recollect more and more of them. They are happening now and it is easy to dimension shift and connect with ourselves in different realities. They are other lives running in parallel to this one. All concurrent moments are mapped in the Akashic field and  laid out or stacked up in configuration spaces. It is like a box you unlock with a key and then all the contents become available all at once. Perhaps this is the real meaning of Pandora’s Box.

You can heal another human being by stepping through spaces, changing realities and creating new scenes in your current reality. Everything is happening now even each moment of you when younger. All this can be accessed for healing. You can eliminate diseases by exploding them in white light in another reality by working with whatever comes up in your right brain or heart. You can also see the space between the spaces and communicate with the beings there. The world is an energy field vibrating with the high frequencies of love and light with geometry, colours and symbols. Healing occurs by connecting with your heart and that of the place or person you want to heal. Various imagery pops up related to a past life or a different time. You time travel there and intuitively heal what comes up or heal with light.

energy healing

With parallel dimensions the possibilities are endless. For example, you can eliminate all the karma and imprints of karma and traces of all delusions. You can go back or travel sideways by tracing the causes and conditions of a disease such as anger or jealousy which you or a client has a particular issue with and be guided to clear or purify this through infusion of light and love. You can bless all your incarnations with pure divine light that shines through and purifies all levels of your soul in all of your lives. In fact you can do this and much more for every living being in every realm and dimension thus disentangling all souls from suffering. Then all would awaken as the veils all lift, delusions vanish and enlightenment is remembered. You can even ask the Buddhas to help you with this.


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