Everything is energy. This includes thoughts, dreams, emotions, space, time, and Buddhist emptiness. Even the vacuum of space has energy and it is energy many magnitudes greater than any we can harness.

Each form of energy may transform into any other form. A thought resonates and manifests through human endeavour into words and actions. This energy ripples outwards and influences or inspires others. The invisible becomes visible when our perspectives become clear. Our clarity and focus convert an indeterminate probability into a determinate actuality and the impossible into the possible.

Matter is the most resistant and densest form of energy. It is required for the full spectrum of experience.  Transformation of energy from one form to another occurs all the time. Sometimes this is spontaneous like the chemical reactions in our stomachs or the melting of snow in the sun. Others require a push such as  intense pressures and temperatures that result in fusion in the centre of the sun.


We cannot see a direct physical correlation between the energy we expend as thoughts, the subtle energy of our aura, and the physical energy we observe with scientific instruments is due to a weak interaction between these forms of energy and the mediums of transmission. Some of these processes and energy transformation mechanisms have either not been discovered yet or are not yet fully understood by human beings who sill only believe in the tangible and observable. Currently we have a limited understanding of the processes which are vaster than our physical universe.

Energy is Eternal

In the universe there is no beginning, only a transmutation of energy from one form into another. Even thoughts transform into energy forms which coalesce and influence others or maybe become intelligent energy beings of various capacities.

Energy is what is always there and it does not always require a spatial or temporal dimension. Ultimately we all share our energy and are interconnected at a very deep level, a level that is pure love and light and emptiness reflecting as any and all things. This is the nothing which holds everything, the non-space which holds the space. Or the energy in the gaps between the gaps of objects, thoughts and moments. Eternal energy is also the whole which holds the parts, the Akashic field that holds everything together. Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form and everything else. It is the zero point of no dimension reflecting all configurations and phases of realities in the real and imaginary (inverted) fields of dimensionality.

zero point field

This is a simultaneous arising, being, and departing of phenomena with an instantaneous probability of manifestation for all and nothing and everything in between (the quantum wave-function of all creation).  All phenomena are imprinted in this field of emptiness which is simply what is underlying and permeating all else that is named or known. This includes formless awareness, or consciousness, as an embryonic luminosity that is unborn in the void. This mind, known as God or The Creator, decides to experience being other than itself, by moving from one point to another.

From this emptiness arises form. In the manifestation of the big bang universe this is literally spun as ‘let there be light’. Another manifestation out of quantum emptiness, the empty set, is iterated to get all natural numbers. These are manipulated by conscious intention to generate irrational numbers, geometry, dimension and form.

The Akashic Field

We are information fields constructed out of pure divine energy. This is our holographic blueprint. This blueprint including the original divine template as well as all memories of all lives and all realities are stored in a field of universal energy known as the Akashic field. This is synonymous with the quantum field of emptiness. Within this field are memories and constructs of information that we all have access to. When we think, dream, speak or create we are actually adding to this vast storehouse of living information. We can ask it questions and seek guidance via its many keepers and guides.


The Akashic field is teeming with energy in the form of light codes and is also known as the multi-dimensional or universal information superhighway. It is many times more complex than our internet and all of our brains put together. It can be accessed through meditation, dreams, channelling or working with guides and is often visualised as a vast library, energy matrix, or digital storage system. In a way it reflects who and what we are and is aware of us interfacing with it. Updates are instantaneous and information flows to us as and when we require it. Everything we need to know or feel about energy healing or scientific discovery, for example, can be accessed provided we have permission from the higher selves of clients, creator gods, extraterrestrials or other beings who created or are actually that information.

Zero Point Energy & Geometric Origin

Picture a dimensionless point of indeterminate energy within a space of indeterminate volume. This has zero volume until the point in space is moved to form a line of dimension 1. This is called zero-point energy as it is the energy of source or creation from which all else arises. It has no dimension, hence it has zero extent and maximum potential. In a way it can be said that zero point energy is a potential energy that arises from the distance moved in another dimension from the point source. This direction from zero point can be in multiple dimensions and the energy in expanded space can also contract back into the zero point.

To access or feel zero-point energy meditate on your third eye. Visualize it as a minute point of light in the centre of your forehead just above the line of your eyebrows. Trace a boundary around this point like a circle or sphere that is equidistant so that the point may move or turn around in one direction. You can visualise this is the first circle of creation in the flower of life from the origin (zero-point). Its physical extent does not matter but you can if you like see it an inch from the centre this vibrates in unlimited radial directions. This is also the definition of a perfect circle that you can draw with a compass.


This rapidly vibrating energy creates an illusion of density of holographic appearance. The faster the point moves from the centre to the boundary the denser and more solid the line becomes. Extend this into another direction and the oscillation that generates vibration becomes a string that stretches into a flexible membrane or a solid circle. Add a third dimension and the membrane flexes and warps to become a solid sphere as it vibrates faster. From this imagine directing the process into a geometrical skeleton and the flower of life.

True energy healing originates from the zero point energy field also known as the space of infinite possibility or source energy. From this space we immediately align with the most authentic, whole, and powerful aspect of ourselves which creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. This healing operates at all levels of being as it emanates out from the zero point of energy and is facilitated by high-dimensional beings of light out of a space of pure love.


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